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Leader of Opposition

Any individual citizen of Pakistan, who is eligible to contest elections for National Assembly and gets elected, he/she is also qualified to be Leader of the House or Leader of Opposition, provided the individual enjoys support of the majority of the group he represents.

It is the Constitution of Pakistan which gives powers to parliament, (National Assembly, Senate and Provincial Assemblies) the Executive headed by PM, the President of Pakistan, Chief Ministers and the third pillar of the state namely the Judiciary.

No individual, including the Federal Cabinet and PM of Pakistan has the right to override what the Constitution has mandated.

The sanctity of Leader of House and Leader of Opposition has been decided by the Constitution and both play their respective vital roles.

This country was created through a constitutional political struggle waged by All India Muslim League led by MAJ who promised that Pakistan would be a modern democratic welfare state for all citizens enjoying equal rights and equality before law.

Pakistan has suffered enough because of the supra constitutional interventions and the decisions they made, such as our involvement in the Afghan proxy war by Zia.

Musharraf, another usurper, has in his own biography claimed that he handed over 4000 citizens to America and NATO in violation of the Constitution and patronized ethnicity by promoting Altaf Hussain with known links to India and his anti-Pakistan statements made in India and London.

We faced humiliation of surrender and dismemberment in 1971, when the will of people expressed through general election was not accepted by Yahya Khan.

Pakistan cannot afford any more supra constitutional interventions or abuse of power by any individual. We must respect the Will of People and Rule of Law.

Teachers are greatest assets

Every year (in October), we celebrate and acknowledge the greatest and most profound job done by teachers.

Teachers have been doing excellent work in teaching students online and have been resilient in navigating ways of teaching students during this pandemic period. We celebrate, value and appreciate the work done by teachers.

Teachers are provocative, thorough, knowledgeable, relentless, enthusiastic, stimulating, well-spoken, exciting and flexible. Those who fail to appreciate teachers are dismally failing common sense tests.

Teachers prepare learners for a dynamic and unknown future. Teachers have unique skills that enable them to discover how people learn at the most fundamental levels, how learning differs across individuals, cultures and content areas and the conditions that best foster educational success.


The unimaginable world will be chaotic, unstructured, dysfunctional, barbaric and unmanageable without teachers.

Teachers also pick up pieces from children with unbecoming when parents abdicate their parental roles.

Teachers have high levels of intellect, including honed emotional intelligence and the ability to master complex issues quickly and to relish the challenges thrown up by a fast moving and constantly shifting agenda.


Ehsaas for all

I refer to the response advanced by your esteemed Staff Reporter in your daily dated 6th Oct’ 21 on behalf of the Special Assistant to P.M. on Poverty Alleviation and Social Security on the subject of Ehsaas for all.

In response and to our article published in your daily dated 4th Oct’21. Their ‘Gol Mol’ explanation is very ambiguous and have tried to evade the subject of undergraduate scholarship meant only for Publically Oriented Universities and not the needy and poor students of the Private Universities.

We have tried many times to open the website portal of EHSAAS which is not approachable, what should we do?

I request your helping Staff Reporter and highly venerated Special Assistant to P.M. of Pakistan to read our article once again, in which we have requested to re-consider the financial help to the students of Public as well as Private Universities, equally as dictated by the Constitution and is obligatory for each and every Pakistani, we only need to impress the concerned authorities to treat the deserving and financially marginal section of the student-population of the country.

We, therefore, strongly exhort our kind Prime Minister and the President of Pakistan to intervene in this matter and help the needy students of both Public and Private Universities having equal rights on the Govt. purse.

An ambiguous and “Gol Mol” reply from the concerned authorities will not soothe our problems, they should be explicitly clear on the subject.

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