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International recognition must

The forthcoming Taliban government in Afghanistan cannot succeed without international recognition and support.

Unambiguously, international recognition and support are two extremely vital elements on which success or failure of the forthcoming Taliban government would largely depend.
In this realm, the role of the US cannot be overemphasized.

International Financial Institutions (IFIs) such as the IMF, WB, ADB, IFC, IBRD etc. etc. wouldn’t extend any financial support to the Taliban government without the blessings of especially the US.

China could be a possible option with regard to the direly needed financial assistance by the government in making in Afghanistan.

It wouldn’t however be that easy, as hawks like the US and its ardent allies will do everything within its reach to decelerate/block this initiative of Beijing, come what may.

I am sure, the key Taliban leaders must be fully cognizant of this brutal fact. Needless to say, in order for their government to succeed they would need to play their cards judiciously.



It has been more than a week since PMC conducted MDCAT and many students appeared in the test throughout the country.

They took this online test through TEPS for the very first time. On the last day, a candidate did face an internet connectivity issue time and again.
He hardly completed the test and submitted all 210 MCQs but was notified that he’d only

completed 67% of the test.

He was utterly shocked and notified the invigilator who asked him to attempt and resubmit the test again, and he did accordingly. Then he was notified that he’d completed only 87% of the test. Correspondingly, he did so four times and finally submitted it.

One wonders, does one really need to submit a test four times to get the final results? Some questions were anomalies and out of syllabus. Numerous students complained about the same issue on different social media platforms.

Test is annexation of all provinces’ syllabus including federal. Although every province has its own rationalized pattern, this might be the reason why so many students obtain 30-40% in their tests.

Secondly, students are unsuccessful owing to first-time attempt on computerized online tests. To make things even more difficult, the system accepts the very first click, even if it’s completely random which is extremely adverse for the students.

PMC computerized system doesn’t accept second attempts for any question.We urge the PM to take notice of this matter and save the students’ careers and future.


Congratulations Inam Butt

Inam Butt’s confidence and winning attitude in Beach Wrestling has made his county proud. Butt won a gold medal by defeating Ukraine’s Oleksii 3-0 in the final. This isn’t his first win. He has successively been winning gold medals.

He won gold for Pakistan in World Beach Wrestling Championship 2017-2018 held in Turkey, a gold medal in World Beach Games in Doha in 2019 and each in Commonwealth Games in Delhi in 2010.

In the quarter-final, the pride of Pakistan, Inam Butt had Omer Faruk nearly dead with fatigue and similar was the case with Mihai Nicolae Palaghia during the semi-final. In an open fight, Inam defeated the world bronze medallist Oleksii Yakovchuke.

From 10th-11th September, Greece is hosting the Beach Wrestling World Series in Kaleriai and surprisingly, people are curiously waiting for Inam to take part in the Beach Wrestling World Series. Indeed, Inam Butt is a bright hope for tomorrow.


Uday Thackeray, please don’t harass us

On September 6, 2021, one of my family members was carried to hospital because that person was not keeping well.

I went to the ticket booking counter at Sion railway station and requested the clerk to give me a single journey ticket to Dombivili, as the trip was very urgent.

I even showed the clerk at the booking counter my vaccination certificate of having taken two doses of the vaccine. But the clerk would not listen.

He told me that he does not care if my family member dies. He wanted me to remove a monthly pass. When I told him that I don’t want a monthly pass but only want a single journey ticket, he would not listen.

He said that they have been given instructions by the CM of Maharashtra, Shri Uddhav Thackeray not to issue single journey tickets to people even if they have taken two doses of the vaccine.

Shame on this useless CM of Maharashtra who does not care for the common man but who only wants to live in comfort. This useless CM of Maharashtra does not even know how to take care of the common man.

Because of him, a lot of people are suffering and have lost their jobs. They have nothing to eat. But this CM of ours cares a damn as long as he gets three full meals a day to eat.

Mumbai, India

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