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Regime change in Afghanistan

Beating all predictions, the Taliban have secured control over Afghanistan at a lightning speed, and better still, without a bloodbath that the United States and its allies were warning of.

Also, their acts so far clearly demonstrate a skilful and peaceful execution of their plan to take over government, without display of any revengeful acts as regards their opponents.

They have already offered amnesty to government officials and to all Afghans, including their opponents.

Peace has returned to Afghanistan capital, Kabul, schools and markets have opened, and surprise, surprise, even female anchorpersons are reported back on their television channels.

Taliban have also promised no interference in the affairs of neighbouring countries, while assuring civil liberties to all Afghans including women.

And all indications so far are that they actually mean what they say. In any case, since the Taliban lack resources to run the government, they would need outside economic and technical help.

Therefore, it is as much in their interest as it is in the interest of the rest of the world that Taliban adopt a reasonable and peaceful stance and the world helps them as much as possible.

And when it comes to recognition of Taliban government in Afghanistan, Pakistan has expressed its intention to coordinate its action with that of the governments of friendly countries bordering Afghanistan and beyond.

However, Pakistan should not delay this issue too long, awaiting a favourable response from the US and its close allies. Pakistan needs to consider mainly China, Russia, Iran and Central Asian States.

I say so because if the US and its allies really cared for Afghans, they would have established peace there when they, together with their allies and civilian contractors, had a formidable military presence in the country.

Instead, they planted their stooges in Afghanistan, who had no interest in the welfare of Afghans and merely enriched themselves, and fled at the lightning speed when Taliban came.


Urdu as schooling language

I am here to give my opinion on a very serious topic that is “Urdu as a schooling language”. Slavery imposed many lasting impressions on the subcontinent and language is one of those impressions.

I ask you, what is the need of English language when Urdu is the most eloquent language? Every person has a unique attachment with their mother language and understands it better than any other language despite having being fluent in other language/s. So why is English so necessary?
Education should be provided in a language that a person perfectly understands, his national language. Almost every country uses its national language for training and teaching purposes.

As far as the matter of sustaining in the world is concerned, China, Germany, North and South Koreas still exist on the map.

Schooling should be done in Urdu and if one is concerned about communicating internationally, then other languages should be taught when one is able to understand it. The foremost duty of a countryman is to learn the national language.

If defined in culinary terms, then the national language is as important as salt in every dish, while other languages are like dessert whichare used to compliment a meal, but of course you cannot have a lot of it.

While other languages can be learnt to be quoted sometimes, they should not be given preliminary importance. The Government should should take steps to make Urdu our national language in its true meaning.

Via email

Religious minorities in Pakistan

Giving equal rights and protection to the minorities in any country is one of the primary priorities and responsibilities of the state.

But in a country like Pakistan where minorities make 5% of the total population, they are still vulnerable and the government seems unable and uninterested in protecting them from religious extremists. Since 2018, 31 deaths, 58 injuries and 25 blasphemy cases have occurred.

The most recent cases of blasphemy charges against a minor 8 year old boy and the attack on a Hindu temple are unfortunate reminders of what minorities in Pakistan experience

. They are at the lowest end of the pyramid in terms of economic, political and social welfare.

The father of the nation has a historical speech in this regard that everyone is free to practice their own religion and go to their places of worship.

Articles 25(1), 5 and 33 of Pakistan’s Constitution are for the rights of minorities yet they are not implemented on ground. However, a strong and robust measure from the government to protect minorities is desperately needed.

Karachi Malir


The HEC announced Undergraduate Studies Admission test (USAT) is a highly appreciable initiative for students which will not only promote competition, but also encourage students belonging to different strata of our society towards education.

There were demerits in most universities of Sindh and students with a background were prioritised over the poor and deserving ones.

USAT would definitely benefit all our masses, and the poor would get a hope of their bright future through this initiative. Sadly, not many know about this test though.

Similar to Law Admission Test, this initiative will also motivate students as there is no discrimination in this test.

Poor students are still ignorant and unaware about this highly-praiseworthy initiative. HEC, Universities and teachers must tell students about this test. USAT awareness campaigns must begin and led forward.

The application deadline should be extended so that the campaigns bring good result and no student misses this opportunity.


Extensive load shedding

Makran has been facing serious electricity shortage for the last two months. We know electricity is a basic necessity, but this issue is implacable, in division Makran and district Turbat which is considered the fourth hottest city in the world. It is unimaginable to survive at such a place with no electricity.

On the other side, people facing numerous complications due to load shedding including paucity of water and plants are dying due to lack of water.

Apart from this, Makran is besieged with many issues but electricity plays the best role by comforting lives and making tasks easier.

All these matters indicate that people of Makran are not considered citizens as citizens have the right to live in prosperity. The government must look into this important issue and hold Casco accountable for their selfish motives.


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