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Social media addiction is real

Our social media usage since the invention of the internet has constantly risen but it has gotten to the point where we as teenagers and young adults are spending nearly 19% of our hours awake on a computer or a phone. Social media addiction is typically something that does not get much media attention, I suspect because people tend to hear that and think it’s not even a real thing. But it is very real.
I am as guilty as the next person of spending too much time on my phone, specifically on social media but change isn’t so bad, is it? I was not much of a believer in this “social media is addicting” idea but after paying attention to my own social media usage, I realized it is not as much of a joke as I thought it was. I find myself constantly checking my phone for updates on twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many other social networking sites, but I have never come to the conclusion that I was addicted to social media. How one is exactly supposed to know when they are addicted to social media?
First of all, the word addiction comes with such a negative connotation. To me, I hear addiction and instantly think of drug and alcohol addiction. I would never associate social media and addiction together. However, the definition of addiction is “physically or mentally dependent on a particular substance” and I thought, could I go without social media for a week? Much harder than one might anticipate. After failing to even go a day without checking my social networking sites, the thought occurred to me. Social media addiction is real. Addiction to social media is something that should be at the forefront of our minds, especially as technology is making it easier and easier to access these sites from a simple click or touch.
Wah Cant

Islam, basis of Pakistan’s creation

Pakistan was created in the name of Islam seventy two years ago. But, unfortunately, during all these years we did not live up to the true Islamic teachings and divided ourselves into many sects such as Sunni, Shia, Wahabi, Barelvi, Shafi, etc., for our vested interests. During all these years, our more focus remained on giving preference to our sects than on maintaining the true spirit of our “Deen” i.e Islam in our body-politic. It is because of our division into different sects that the Muslims of this country have never become a united force, as far as the question of holding fast the rope of Islam is concerned.
Islam clearly prohibits its followers of creating any rift or sect within their religion. The Quran says “And hold fast, all together by the rope which Allah (stretches out for you), and be not divided among yourselves; and remember with gratitude Allah’s favour on you”. The Quran further says, “Surely they, who divided their religion into parts and became sects, you have no concern with them; their affair is only with Allah, then He will inform them of what they did.”
Alas! We, the Muslims of Pakistan, have completely forgotten the above clear path shown to us for our guidance by Islam. If we want to please Almighty Allah in true sense of the word and be strong and powerful in this world, then all the Muslims of this country have to be united. This will be possible only after shunning all our petty interests and differences and by making recourse to true teachings of Islam. In it lies the real development and salvation of our nation.

Quest of fast bowlers

Pakistan has always produced some of very fast and furious bowlers who had dominated the cricketing world for decades and decades. There would be no single batsman in the world who did not feel fear facing them and our bowlers had not given them tough time. Who can forget the deadly spells of fast bowling by duo Wasim Akram and Waqar Younus. World would have not seen such deadly bowling spells from both ends ever and probably would never see it again as new quality fast bowlers are not emerging from Pakistani soil.
It was really a treat to watch the bowling of Wasim and Waqar who had innovative bowling skills while Shoaib Akhtar is still known as fastest bowler in the world. Reverse swing is the invention of our great bowlers. Banning bouncers cause by Wasim and Waqar who had bowled so much bouncers in a match that had enforced rule that no bouncer can be bowled in an over. Wasim and Waqar’s unplayable lethal yokers cannot be forgotten. The legend Wasim Akram used to say that he had more varieties than the deliveries in an over.
Our selectors should quest for some natural fast bowlers and groom their inborn talent and make them world heroes. Changing captains every now and then is not the solution to perform well and win all the matches all the time. Make a balanced side like having two fast bowlers, one medium fast bowler, one leg spinner and one off spinner to complete 50 overs match. We either could not quest for some magical leg and off spinners like Abdul Qadir, Mushtaq Ahmed and Saqlain Mushtaq.
Mystery bowl was the invention of Saqlain Mushtaq. World’s best ever pinch hitter plus leg spinner who bowled first ever fastest delivery being a leg spinner and made a world record of fastest hundred in one-day match which remained world record for many years. The one and only Shahid Khan Afridi heart beat of many cricket lovers across the globe. We wish to have such great bowlers again in our side who had changed game around in their favour on number of occasions and unexpectedly won the certain loosing ones.

Negative effects of advertising

I am writing this letter to express my deep concern over the problem of negative effects of advertisements on children. Companies spend millions of dollars on advertisements only because they are the most effective tool to promote sales and earn huge profits.
The products and services shown in the advertisements are presented in such an appealing way that the people watching them feel tempted to buy them. The target of these advertisements are children and adolescents. They are too young to think logically the pros and cons of the products advertised. These advertisements are made to attract them.
Most of the advertisements related to food items such as chocolate, biscuits, burgers, chips, soft-drinks in truth are harmful for children’s health. They are lured by these advertisements and ask their parents to buy for them. Prolonged consumption of these products harms their health.
Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I appeal to the parents and concerned authorities to look into these harms. I appeal to the authorities, especially the Food Regulatory Department to have the claims made in the advertisements about the products verified. Strict action must be taken against those companies whose products are found to be misleading.
Wah Cant

How can Pak switch to electric vehicles

The government will focus on converting 30% of total number of vehicles, mainly cars and rickshaws, into EVs, said Adviser to Prime Minister on Climate Change Malik Ameen Aslam. The press conference was held after the policy was approved in a cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan.
“PM Imran Khan has special interest in green and sustainable development, which is why the Climate Change Ministry was tasked to come up with an Electric Vehicle Policy,” Aslam said. Describing in more detail he said that local car manufacturers had already completed most of the preliminary work, adding that he was surprised to see the acknowledgment by the manufacturers who are waiting to roll out their electric vehicles into the market. The target set for next four years is to convert 100,000 cars and 500,000 two and three-wheelers to EVs. One of the key objectives of the policy is to offer affordable transportation to the people as the cost of electric vehicles is much lower compared to petrol, diesel, compressed natural gas (CNG) or other fuels.
Another major purpose of introducing EVs is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. “In developed countries, the greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles is around 20 per cent whereas in Pakistan it is 40 per cent, which the government aims to bring down with the introduction of electric cars, trucks, rickshaws, in order to reduce pollution and smog,” Aslam added.
But how can Pakistan switch to electric vehicles when it faces electricity shortfall? A 2019 report titled ‘Electric Vehicles in Pakistan: Policy Recommendations’ says by 2025, an excess of 15,000 MW peak generation capacity will be available in the system to spare for EVs and claims that “almost 500,000 EVs can be fully charged daily with a supply of just under 1000 MWs”. Researchers said introducing EVs in Pakistan can solve present and imminent problems of a number of sectors, including transportation, environment, economy and power.

Justice with Nimrata

Nimrata’s post-mortem report reveals that she was subjected to rape before being murdered. One fails to understand how one can conveniently get access to girl’s hostel and commit a heinous crime and escape. It certainly leads to many questions unanswered and exposes the security mechanism into our universities. All eyes are on the authorities to see how this high-profile case is dealt with.
It is a litmus lest for the authorities. Legislation should be enacted to ensure security of female students at campuses. Otherwise, many girls like Nimrata will fall prey to predators. It is demanded to expose the perpetrators, abettors and their accomplices. Authorities must also sack the VC of the said institute forthwith for failure to protect the students within the campus and tackless behaviour over the gory incident.

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