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Security lapses

Given the evil designs of our enemies across the borders and declared opposition by world powers to CPEC, there is a need to improve our security apparatus and ensure that they focus solely on dangers imposed by external known enemies.

Any additional role on our investigative and sensitive security agencies would compromise their performance on what is their declared primary role.

There should be no second thoughts, that real national security interests should override short-term internal political objectives of individuals at helm of affairs, and those assigned such tasks should have no conflicts of interest.

The handling of the Dasu incident leaves much to be desired. This tendency by certain ministers and spokespersons to issue statements within hours of any incident, has caused embarrassment in the past and has done so now in the Dasu incident.

No official statement should be made, till such time that investigations have made reliable conclusions.

This over-zealous activism by responsible individuals, including ministers, to issue statements creates doubts in the minds of our foreign friends, in case their nationals are amongst the victims.

The Chinese apprehensions are justified and we need to restructure the priorities of sensitive agencies and the role of spokespersons. Too many cooks spoil the broth.

Political obsessions seem to have shrouded the role of those given the task of ensuring our national security.

The recent incident of the alleged harassment of Afghanistan Ambassador’s daughter in Islamabad should raise from deep slumber, those responsible that all is not well.

We must realize the grave dangers that confront us and ensure that undesirable aliens are not allowed to enter our country through border check-posts, seaports and airports.

It is through these same loopholes that smuggling takes place, creating shortage in essential food items and weapons enter to facilitate terrorism.

Foreign involvement

I may be wrong, but I have a premonition that the abduction of Silsila Alikhil D/o Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan, Najeebullah Alikhil, in Islamabad on Friday, July 16, 2021 is an incident engineered by some foreign elements.

The possibility of foreign involvement in this abduction case cannot and should not be ruled out.

They may have done so with the expressed intent of further damaging the already strained relations  between
Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Bearing this possibility in mind, Pakistan’s security agencies must act briskly  and apprehend the abductors of Silsila Alikhil expeditiously.

Needless to say, by apprehending and exposing the perpetrators of this heinous crime the real reason behind the abduction will be known to the world. Not only this, it will also expose foreign involvement in the incident, if any.

Eid & improper waste management

The issue of animal waste mismanagement is going to be very hazardous in the coming days as Eid-UL-ADHA is being celebrated tomorrow.

The waste accumulation without proper disposal is a serious issue in third world countries especially Pakistan.

The animal waste mismanagement results in serious health problems as well as creates other life-threatening issues.

The irritating smell of this waste is harmful for human nostrils as they feel difficulty in breathing. Moreover, many dangerous bacteria and viruses are also present on random dumping sites which can cause Diarrhoea and other liver problems.

In addition to health issues the threat of bird strike is highly increased as flocks of birds fly up on this animal waste in search of food and strike with aeroplanes, usually this strike turns to be hazardous for several passengers as the plans lose their balance and ultimately get crashed.

As discussed earlier every year animal waste mismanagement causes serious life-threatening issues, so it needs to be managed properly by the government and public collectively.

Government must provide temporary dumping sites far away from human societies and after the completion of Sunnah the waste must be taken away from the dumping sites for proper disposal.

Municipalities must abide by the public to dump the animal waste to the temporary dumping sites allocated by the government instead of throwing the animal wastes to random play grounds. Such careful steps could save us from many dangerous situations.


Electoral reforms needed

Elections in Zimbabwe will be held in two years to come and the world is now beginning to think about the credibility of these elections. Zimbabwe is desperate to join The Commonwealth.

The first avenue for Zimbabwe to engage with other countries, join the Commonwealth and attract investor is by holding credible elections.

The situation on the ground does not show that Zimbabwe is committed or serious about reforming election process.

Zimbabwean government should be forced to reform election process and ensure that the forthcoming elections in 2023 are completely free from violence and rigging. The world should force Zimbabwean government to hold free and fair elections in 2023.

There should be pressure on clueless and careless President Emerson Mnangagwa to hold credible free and fair elections. If Zimbabwean government is not held to account, many Zimbabweans will flee Zimbabwe and invade other countries like South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and the UK in search of better conditions.

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