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Eid amid pandemic

AS Eid-ul-Azha draws closer, herds of sacrificial animals can be seen on roads and streets. There is hay and particles of animal dung in the air, and so are the viruses of various kinds.

In the middle of resurgent Covid waves, any infection is bound to have a twin edge to it, and with the disregard we have been showing recently for the Covid SOPs, one can only hope for the best, knowing well that it may be a case of hoping against hope.

Although the festival is celebrated throughout the Muslim world, it is not as mismanaged and messy as it is in Pakistan.

The influx of sacrificial animals and their subsequent slaughtering on streets and pavements pollute the environment as many people leave animal waste, blood, offal, horns and hoofs on the site.

The government should designate special sites for slaughtering animals, devise effective animal slaughter and waste management strategies, and prohibit street slaughter of animals.

According to some reports, camels are infected with viruses which cause Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS).

This disease has travelled from Saudi Arabia and Jordan and there is no treatment available for it in Pakistan. The sale of camels should be stopped, while other cattle should be tested for viruses.

The task of slaughtering of animals should be completely delegated to trusted non-governmental organisations and mosques.

The festival should be celebrated as it is done in Saudi Arabia to curb environmental and health hazards, and a fine should be imposed on bringing and slaughtering animals on streets and pavements. This will be a great step to contain the virus and keep the cities clean.


Delhi Church demolition

The entire Christian community in India are deeply hurt over the demolition of the Little Flower Church in South Delhi.

The priests of the church say that not even a day’s notice was given to them before it could be demolished.

CM Arvind Kejriwal says that DDA comes under the Central Government and that the Delhi Government is not involved in demolishing the Church.

While the Congress spokesperson says that both Central and State governments are responsible for it, PM Narendra Modi is silent over the matter and watching the tamasha with a tongue in his cheek.

The entire Christian community in India should unite till justice is given to us and the Church is built on the same land again.

With this demolition, can we trust any more India’s ruling political party, the BJP to give a feeling of meting out justice to the Christians in particular and minorities in general?

Just because we Christians are peace-loving people and do not retaliate, the government keeps taking an upper hand on us.

Now (before it’s too late) it’s high time we the Christian community took out our sandals and threw them on Narendra Modi and Arvind Kejriwal faces and also burnt an effigy of them.

We all knew Narendra Modi is a liar and a crook. Now we have come to know that Arvind Kejriwal too belongs to the same family as Narendra Modi — a liar, a crook and a cheat.

These two people — Arvind Kejriwal and Narendra Modi — are living on the tax payers hard-earned money.

Mumbai, India

Drug issue

Drug addiction hinders the development of a country and is one of the most dangerous evils in any society.

Drug addiction has become a serious threat in our country, because many young people across the country are suffering from this deadly disease.

Approximately 5 million drug addicts in Pakistan are not only destroying their lives, but also affecting all sectors of society.

There are many reasons for widespread social evil. The most terrifying thing is unemployment. The young mind is too gentle to bear any injustice.

When young people see open violation of the judicial system, they feel frustrated. This disappointment is very dangerous. Due to which most of the people become drug addicts.

Nowadays, it has become a fashion for actors and singers to indulge in drugs. Therefore, the entertainment industry is not spreading the good values of young people, but spreading the use of drugs.

In addition, students have become the target of major drug traffickers. These drug sellers do it out of their own interests and do not pay any attention to their lives. Due to the harmful effects of drug use, students who use drugs are more likely to commit suicide.

It is the need of the hour to take some bold steps to stop this menace in our society. For ending this, everyone should play their due role.

The government, parents, institutions and media must make contribution, especially the government should ban drugs and stop the smuggling of drugs from the borders of neighbouring countries and also government must set up rehabilitation centres for those who are drug addict so that the future of children, students or our country will be more beautiful and bright.


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