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Ceasefire for more killings!

Terrorist Israel and Co started again airstrikes at various sites in Gaza since the ‘so-called ceasefire’ announced after 11-day crush-down on Muslim worshippers in Masjid Al-Aqsa.

They martyred over 243 people when they were crying for help. 57 Muslim countries having 50 lakh army and atomic power as compared to Israel, 1,70,000 (instead) rebutting, appreciated to ceasefire.

Ceasefire does not mean destruction was/is stopped, neither does it mean that all losses will recover nor will it mean that Palestinians are truly free — instead cordoned — for more atrocities in each home — ‘Oh Allah.

Who is taking care of 1.8b Muslims in UN. Nobody! Logically/legally Muslim representation in UN (is must) being second largest religion.

Oh’ all is going on by a well-planned plot of hypocritical and deep-pocketed Jews in Palestine like Hindus in IoK. Honestly penning, this is going on in the presence of “so-called UN”.

So, now 99.99% people are (surely) understanding about ceasefire between terrorist Israel and Palestinians.

Certainly, history is proving crystal-clear that why Hitler crushed Jews and left a few as proof of nimak-harami — disloyal and inhuman.

So, US, France, Cuba and Canada refused to shelter Jews-refugees yet, Palestinian-Muslims did so.

Oh’ now, same generation is claiming as owners of this pure land. And their national anthem prefers success through terrorism.

What crime/terrorism didn’t (do) with Muslims of Palestine/Kashmir by Israel/India, ceasefire is solution to stop terrorism or exert more atrocities, ceasefire will give back 3000 homes destroyed by Israel will ceasefire return back beloved crushed by terrorist — definitely “No”. So, war is permitted in such a situation according to Islam.

The UNO, UNSC, ICJ and UNHRC still not awakened from deep-slumber despite ruthlessness of Israel against bare hand/foot Muslim-civilians. So, it’s confirmed now that all is going-on with well-planned (plan) of these Organizations.

Because, if war goes-on, people around world (definitely) come out for criticizing against so-called UN. So, ceasefire was/is arranged for more killings.

Tatrinote, AK

RIP Fr Stan Swamy

Fr Stan Swamy was a humanitarian and a man of God whom our government could not treat with humanity.

He was not a part of the Bhima-Koregaon violence and had been arrested by the NIA (National Intelligence Agency) under false charges.

He will live in our hearts as a hero, the brave dissenter who stood against the fascist Modi government at the cost of his life.

Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have Fr. Stan Swamy’s blood on their hands. The country will never forgive them.

The death of Fr. Stan Swamy on July 5 will haunt the Indian judiciary forever. May his soul rest in peace.

Mumbai, India

of Paris of
the East

Today I am writing about the problems of Karachi, a topic which will cast a gloom on any Karachiites – a fancy name attached to anyone ‘belonging’ to Karachi face even on a bright sunny day. It has not been long since the situation in my beloved city started worsening.

Once the city of light was then overtaken by load shedding and the city of peace suddenly started being associated with terror, target killing and various other crimes.

Decent, educated people were replaced by people who would harass women at work and other places.

With the rapid increase in settlements and businesses on one side, we saw the alleviation in poverty on the other.

It was and still is the business hub of Pakistan which means that it’s more ethnically diverse than any other city and people from all over the country would come here for employment but some of those people found illegal means of earning money and grouped into water mafias, drug mafias.

It’s also an irony that a city by the sea is faced with scarcity of water. It has become densely populated which means that it’s heavily polluted as well.

It was once called the “Paris of the East” because it was considered “the cleanest city in the whole of India” so Karachi has not been in the current condition since forever.

It’s high time now that we reclaim our love for Karachi once again and work together to restore its glory. We shouldn’t forget that our tiny steps would count a lot.



Poverty refers to a condition of not having basic human needs like clean water, nutrition, healthcare, clothing and shelter.

Poverty is a condition having fewer resources or less income than others in a society. A poor man fails to maintain a living standard adequate for a comfortable lifestyle.

Issues that poverty may create include insecurity, powerlessness, exclusion of individuals households and communities, low income, dependence, drug abuse, starvation, illness, mental issues, high crime rates, adverse working conditions, poor housing and working conditions, spread of diseases, increase of probability of conflicts and wars, terrorism and child labours etc..

There are adequate solutions to overcome poverty like better social security, better health insurance, more subsidies for education and childcare, minimum wages, better access to credit lines and create financial incentives for firms to create job etc.


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