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Supremacy of Constitution

This is with reference to Federal Minister Fawad’s statement that ECP is “an administrative body, mandated only to implement the laws, enacted by Parliament”. It is the Constitution which is the supreme book of laws and principles.

The Constitution creates Parliament, through a process of elections which are to be conducted by an independent constitutional institution called Election Commission of Pakistan.

The ECP is created through a process defined by the Constitution and it is their constitutional responsibility to ensure the tools used in the balloting process are to its satisfaction and secrecy of the ballot ensured and not compromised.

The Executive has no role in the conduct of elections, except to provide them with every assistance required to accomplish their task and in the interim period of elections the ECP assumes administrative authority over state institutions to ensure transparency and integrity of the process.

Similarly, there exists another independent constitutional institution called the Judiciary with powers to interpret the Constitution and adjudicate in case of a dispute to ensure that the letter and spirit of the Constitution is not violated etc.

The Executive branch of government is one of the three pillars of the State which derives powers from the Constitution.

Parliament, Judiciary and Executive have to work within their defined confines laid down in the Constitution. When the Constitution states that ECP will be an independent constitutional body, the matter rests there.

ECP exists to carry out free and fair elections ensuring secrecy of ballots and transparency of the process of elections.

It is the moral and constitutional responsibility of ECP to ensure that the tools used to carry out free and fair elections must be secure and their secrecy ensured, unless the law states otherwise.

KP conducts
a successful 5G trial

Telecom companies in Pakistan, along with the national leadership, are striving hard to enable Pakistan with the 5G technology.

It is heartening to see that PTCL Group has conducted another successful 5G trial in a controlled environment in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), an achievement worth celebrating as we need such initiatives that can put our country on the path of prosperity and economic development.

To reap benefits from this revolutionary technology, the local companies must accelerate their pace and equip themselves with right knowledge, tools and expertise.

The recent pandemic was indeed an eye-opener to the traditional businesses that had to suffer immensely due to inability to adapt to new reality and switch to digitalization.

This successful 5G trial can be considered game changer for the people of KP and they should prepare themselves and posterity to be able to harness such new technologies for a better future.


Pakistan on the road to success

BY redefining how we assess success, we must reform how we address our country’s most significant challenges.

With limited resources, the PTI government is seeking to improve the life of ordinary people by providing better health and possibilities for growth in safer and more productive surroundings.

By concentrating on areas where the Pakistani government has succeeded despite significant challenges, I have tried to see how this administration can make a difference against all odds.

Taking a step back: Taking off the blinkers and looking holistically at a problem can help us solve very intractable and challenging issues.

But, unfortunately, it’s easy to overlook the benefits of taking a step back and looking at the big picture in a world where we’re more encouraged to specialize.

When Imran realized that people were getting impatient with the government and questioning the ‘Naya Pakistan’ existence after just one and a half years, Prime Minister Imran Khan came up with Langar Khanas across Pakistan to feed the poor.

Not strictly financial reforms, but Imran Khan tried to convey a message to the people of Pakistan that he cared and kept ordinary’s faith in his govt.

Those Langar Khanas will not elevate poverty but give ordinary people a hope that things are getting better and there is someone who cares them.

Social progress as “The factor of growth.” During the last few decades, most of the development thinking has gaged growth as a tool to raise the living standards.

Yet formulating the raising of these living standards would pave the way for faster economic development.

Persuading social policy as a priority rather than monetary policy would lay the foundations for long-term growth.

Without healthy and well-educated citizens, adequate infrastructure, effective legal system, peace and tolerance, economies cannot thrive.

Sustainable development will follow where people are ready and able to engage in the economy with the resources they need. Social policy is thus the foundation of a robust economy.

Imran Khan’s vision of justice for all is not a short-term success goal but a goal to create sustainable and long-term growth for Pakistan.
Faheem Malik
Saudi Arabia

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