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PM Imran live phone calls

I have been an ardent supporter of PTI because Imran Khan promised relief to citizens and bring about change in the institutionalized corruption indulged by various cartels, especially the powerful real estate land mafia.

Hundreds of thousands of citizens have been robbed of their life long savings through various housing schemes, including those which offered plots through general computer balloting schemes advertised in the various newspapers.

In the recent live telecast of PM Imran Khan’s Live Calls, he helped an old lady whose house was illegally occupied by an influential tenant related to a police officer without paying rent. I was unable to get a call through to the PM from Malaysia.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the gross irregularities and injustices which unfortunately citizens have been subjected to by private individuals and state institutions like CDA etc.

One year before my birth, my mother was amongst those who were declared successful for allotment of a plot in CDA E12/4 measuring 356 sq yds in 1989.

Even after a lapse of over 32 years, having paid all instalments required, except the last instalment to be paid at time of possession, my over 60 years old mother is still waiting for the possession.

In the interim period, governments have changed and so have CDA Chairmen and thousands of schemes launched and plots given to the privileged paid elite.

DA does not even bother to reply to numerous letters written to them, including informing change of residence.

It is not just CDA but even DHA Valley Islamabad which advertised in 2008-9 for 8 Marla plots, but those who have paid all instalments are still waiting for the promised plots. Why such blatant injustices?

Food insecurity

When some of the people living in a place don’t get enough food to eat; it is called food insecurity. There is considerable food insecurity prevalent in Pakistan where around 3.1 million people are facing food insecurity, according to a study in March 2021.

And Pakistan economy has been hit hard by the shocks of Covid-19 due to which high risk of food insecurity and hunger has taken place in country.

However, we can reduce food insecurity by following these solutions: reduce food waste, improve trade policies, improving irrigation system and planting crops, work towards defeating climate change etc. If we act upon these solutions, we will, to a great extent, improve our lifestyle.

Stop fun of Covid-19

There are many people in our country who still think that the coronavirus is not dangerous because of this problem, don’t follow SOPs and make fun of people who follow precautionary measures.

There are so many people who upload funny videos on social media, which suggest that the virus is not lethal at all.

People should refrain from sharing and uploading such videos. It’s time we took the virus seriously.

The government should take all possible steps to control the spread of the virus so it must not spread.

Illegal dine
in services

Through the column of your esteemed newspaper, I am writing in order to draw the attention of authorities that I am a resident of Gulzar-e-Hijri and have seen many restaurants in my locality providing dine in services.

It’s not only illegal but also not safe for the people to go out of their houses and have a fancy family dinner at a restaurant especially during this pandemic.

In regards to the issue, highlighted above, it was my own personal experience that a few restaurants in Gulshan-e-Iqbal area were illegally providing dine in services.

During this pandemic, it is highly unethical from these restaurants to not only break the law but also not care for the safety and health of the common people.

Therefore, the authorities are requested to take meaningful measures to deter the people from coming out of their homes in such a peculiar situation and also take stringent steps against the law-breaking restaurants so that they don’t toy with the life of the illiterate people.

Equal broadband access

COVID-19 is holding the world in its grip. Many countries such as the US and India are still struggling relatively harder than Pakistan to control the lethal spread of this virus.

We have realized that the new reality is the ‘new normal’ and the challenges to overcome this situation require broadband access given to all citizens – be it rural or urban.

It was only due to internet access that the information regarding the virus became viral globally ensuring that governments to safeguard their countries and its citizens through lockdowns and safety awareness campaigns.

Moreover, vaccination drive is now on and people need to get vaccinated if they want to survive this wave.

Still, the internet is not equally accessible to everyone in Pakistan. Infrastructure, gender-based restrictions, technical knowledge, awareness to the public and many more challenges are there. We see PTCL network being upgraded to fibre network in some areas.

But is that enough? They must invest more and connect the entire country on a secure and robust network. The government’s focus on ‘Digital Pakistan’ can only be achieved if they are successful in bringing high quality internet to Pakistan with a wider coverage across the country.

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