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Public morality

Blatant public display of affection by an amorous couple in a private airliner “Air Blue” flight from KHI to ISB becomes a hot topic of discussion at every forum across the country.

The news of a couple allegedly engaged in public display of affection (kissing) on a private airliner (Air Blue) flight from Karachi to Islamabad has been ceaselessly reverberating across the country for the past couple of days.

The referenced incident is being vociferously discussed at almost every forum, including the print, electronic, social media, and social get-togethers.

The question being raised/debated at all these forums is: Was the couple’s behaviour objectionable?From the discussions I heard on the electronic and social media, people seem to stand divided on the issue. Some considered the couples act to be a matter of no significance, and some indecent.

Obviously, both groups have the right to hold their own opinion vis-à-vis the issue in question.

Now, what is the crux of the matter? The crux of the matter is that public display of affection (kissing or otherwise) is considered to be a highly objectionable act in our society.

We have cogently defined cultural norms which outrightly disapproves acts that tantamount to public nuisance.

The alleged blatant public display of affection by the couple in the Air Blue flight indisputably tantamount to public nuisance.

It certainly interfered with public moral and, therefore, cannot be condoned under the laid down cultural norms of our society.

Some of you, I am sure, may be curious to know what public morality is all about? What does it refer to? “Public morality refers to moral and ethical standards enforced in a society, by law or police work or social pressure, and applied to public life, to the content of the media, and to conduct in public places”.

So, when seen in light of the foregoing definition of ‘public morality’, the incident which allegedly took place in the Air Blue flight was out and out against public morality.

No more closure please!

Since last year our education system has suffered a great loss because of COVID-19. Some educational institutions started online classes but it is not proved more helpful for all levels of students.

For university and college level students it was good but for school students it was a very hard experience since school students are almost totally unaware of online learning.

During online classes major issue faced by all students was internet connectivity. In cities it was okay but in rural/far flung areas it was very poor.

Here the thing which our government needs to understand is that the online classes are only being held in private institutions but what about students who belong to the government schools and colleges.

Government must think about students and should find alternative ways for opening schools in shifts.
Child marriage

The minimum age of wedding ought to be set at twenty years. One in seven women within the developing world is married before her fifteenth birthday – some as young as eight or 9.

Child marriage directly threatens health and general well being, complications from maternity and parturition are mostly responsible for death among adolescent girls aged 15-19 in developing countries.

Child marriage often ends a girl’s education forever.
Married girls between the ages of fifteen and nineteen with low levels of education are at a bigger risk of domestic and sexual violence from their spouses than older and educated girls.

Raising awareness of negative health outcomes of child marriage by implementing strict laws against child marriage will eliminate child marriages in Asian countries.

Teachers’ rights

As we all know that teaching is a noble profession. Even our religion gives more value to teachers by narrating that teacher is our spiritual parent.

Unfortunately in our Islamic Republic of Pakistan teaching is the lowest-paid profession. Even there is no law in our country that protects teachers’ rights.

There are so many schools in our country, but it seems like most of the owners set up their schools not to educate children rather set-up their business.

These small schools take demo from teachers before hiring, in which they mostly prefer their confidence rather than checking their concepts regarding subjects.

During Covid-19, teachers are the ones who suffered a lot. School owners of many small schools did not pay salary to their teaching staff.

Even there are no criteria with regards to teachers’ hiring. A girl who just passed her SSC exam with a D grade was hired to teach Science, English subjects at low wages.

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