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12 May massacre

The brutal massacre of over 50 citizens in broad daylight, by target killers and activists of Altaf Hussain’s MQM, while the country was under the unconstitutional rule of a military dictator (Gen Musharraf), is one of darkest days in our chequered history. Most of these gory scenes were recorded and broadcast by some private TV channels.

The Sindh Home Minister and other members of the provincial cabinet were shown rejoicing this show of force in Karachi, while the dictator in uniform raised his fists in Islamabad in a symbolic gesture of power exhibited by his political ally.

For almost 24 hours, law of jungle prevailed in Karachi, which is the financial hub of Pakistan.

The irony is that a man, who had pledged on oath to uphold Constitution and Rule of Law, was openly defying law of Pakistan.

He forgot that he had forcibly become a President with all powers, while Constitution remained in a state of limbo.

Known target killers and criminals could enter country and depart after committing crime to their destinations in South Africa etc.

Jinnah’s Pakistan was being mutilated. Over 4000 citizens were handed over to foreign troops for bounty.

The Junta had no shame or remorse in openly allying with Altaf Hussain who had called the creation of Pakistan the biggest sin and sought India’s help and sought their help to harm Pakistan.

It is indeed an irony and comedy of errors that not a single person has been prosecuted and punished for broad daylight slaughter of over 50 citizens of Pakistan.

Palestinian lives matter

Since 1948, our Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine are being dealt with cold-heartedness.

One tragic passing of a man named George Floyd in the US leads to worldwide condemnation: “All Lives Matter”.

Yet, what might be said about a huge number of Palestinian lives? Are their lives less significant by means? Are 73 years of perpetual circle of torment and mistreatment on armless Muslims of Palestine adequately not to awaken the heads of {supposed} superpowers? Where are their common freedoms and harmony keeping missions with regards to Muslims? It is melancholic to see that even numerous Muslim countries are not raising voice for this issue as though they are living under a stone.

They know very well how our kindred Muslims are being dealt with severely in Palestine, yet at the same time are quiet.

I demand all Muslim countries join together and not just speak loudly for the persecution being meted out by individuals of Palestine. We should not drag this issue until a whole new World War happens.

Astronomy Day

International Astronomy Day (celebrated on May 15) is a way for astronomy enthusiasts and professionals to share their knowledge and love of outer space with the general public.

It is also a way for everyone interested in space to explore their passion and increase their knowledge.

On this day, museums, societies, astronomical institutions and planetariums organise seminars, workshops and other fun-filled activities to spread awareness about the world of astronomy.

Mumbai, India

Why no let up in Covid-19?

The federal and provincial governments are doing their maximum possible including complete lockdown to check and control spreading of epidemic of Corona Virus and save as much precious lives as possible from becoming its unfortunate victims.

But the indifferent and irresponsible attitude of the people by a large here, there and everywhere is causing more and more Covid-19 casualties in cities and towns.

The other night I drove with my family members from Jauhar Town to Bahria Town in Lahore to pay the usual pre-Eid greeting visit to my elder sister. I ensured that only limited number of us are seated in my son’s car.

But on the way to Bahria Town and return to my residence in Jauhar Town, I regretfully and painfully noticed that though people were wearing face masks but still a sizeable number of them were not wearing masks and seemed least bothered in this regard in a very irresponsible manner.

Further, there was no checking of any sort, there were no street lights and shutter down stealthy business was also going on at some places. The only relief was no unusual rush and traffic jam on the roads.

I want to avail the opportunity to appeal to the religious scholars, Ulema and Mushaikhs as well as politicians irrespective of their political affiliation to persistently keep appealing to the people to strictly follow SOPs , wear face masks and maintain social distances to save their as well as others’ lives. Their silence, by and large, in this respect cannot be appreciated at all.

Opposition parties’ leaders should pause in lashing out at the government for the time being and keep exhorting people under their influence to observe SOPs strictly, regularly and punctually.

There will be a lot of time to criticize and lash out at the rulers if all of us survive COVID-19 pandemic with the continued blessings of Almighty Allah.

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