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Ministers without masks

The deadly third wave of Covid-19 has hit the country and according to NCOC statistics the third wave has been more deadly than the First one.

Also, it was stated that only 25% of the population wears face masks. Implementation of SOPs remained very poor.

Minister addressing press conferences are usually seen without facemasks. A few weeks ago Prime Minister Imran khan while quarantined after tested positive conducted a meeting of ministers and party members.

When criticised, government officials defended the PM rather acceding to the fact. How a nation is convinced to follow SOPs when ministers don’t bother to wear facemasks.
Malir, Karachi

The worst PM!

Here are some strong reasons as to why we should not vote for the BJP in the next elections.

Narendra Modi did nothing when people were dying outside banks during the demonetisations in 2015. He also did nothing when people were dying on the roads during lockdown last year.

And now he is doing nothing when people are dying outside hospitals due to lack of hospital beds, shortage of oxygen cylinders and Covid-19 vaccines during this pandemic in the country.

All he is busy campaigning for next elections which is still far away. He is the worst PM India has ever had since Independence.
Mumbai, India

Unfortunate masses

There is no denial the fact that even after more than 70 years of independence, lives of the people have worsened.

Majority of the population still lives under crushing poverty, social injustice, class system, while ruling class and their accomplices constantly take turns through revolving doors to govern. Repeatedly, these leaders have succeeded in fooling the ignorant masses at large.

Miseries and poverty have turned almost everyone to follow the path, by example of their leaders, towards corruption and dishonesty just to survive. That is why the leaders today remain representatives of their followers who help or support them.

Just because of poor leadership, deficient patriotism and farsightedness, our country, which is gifted with enough talent, is being exploited. Majority of the educated and qualified lot is exploited and consumed by big corporations of rich countries as brain drain.

Even educated, less educated and uneducated lot is further moving towards extremism and are often seen indulging in acts that greatly harms image of our country in the world. Prevailing unhygienic conditions and spread of diseases is further taking the toll.

Population growth rate is on the rise resulting in green and fertile land being consumed by housing projects like a moving locust swarm. Crime rate has gone up beyond imagination. Corruption is rampant right from the common man to the highest government official.

Thus, a cycle has been initiated that has no end in sight unless the people come to their senses, get united and force a change, first in themselves, then the leaders and the system.
Via email

Online education

Due to prevailing Pandemic online study or learning turns out to be more and more practiced.

Many universities started to share their courses online for free. Online education has become an alternative to traditional universities, especially for people who can’t afford time and money.

In addition, distance learning is cheaper and for some people is the best way of acquiring new information.

Competition between students can be very stimulating and students will only benefit from it. Not even the best online can fully replace the personal contact with a teacher.

So in my opinion, traditional classes shouldn’t be replaced with the online learning. Advantages Online courses convenient because students may log into the course material whenever it suits their schedule. Online learning can happen in any place, as long as there is device connectivity.


While we all must accept the lockdown and its purpose, I’d prefer to draw attention to a different issue.

Students in professional courses like engineering, medicine and business are now given a plethora of online assignments, tests and lectures. These online tests are even accustomed grade students in some cases.

This is where problem arises. Numerous students are not furnished with high-speed Internet connection that online quizzes require and failed to catch up with their virtual classmates.

Unfortunately service provider’s networks, whether mobile data or WIFI, including PTCL, are very slow causing all types of stress and fear.

Parents are concerned. Service provider should ensure that such issues are properly addressed in rural areas.

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