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Lessons from NA-249

Irrespective of who won in NA-249, there are lessons to be learned by PTI, which won this seat in 2018. PTI can no longer live in Alice in WonderLand Syndrome and think that all is well.

Starting with their choice of a candidate who wore leather jackets, drove big bikes but could not relate to the basic issues faced by the constituents, who voted him to power.

Faisal Vawda, elected from this constituency in 2018 was Federal Minister for Water but he could not resolve basic issue which residents of NA-249 face, which is that water does not flow through taps in their house.

Water is available through tankers sold for Rs6500. Browsers are located in Karachi.

For decades, this Water Tanker Mafia is a multi-billion rupee business, monopolised by few in nexus with powerful elements who have been involved in this business, irrespective of whether there is martial law or civilian rule.

This Water Tanker Mafia is as powerful as the Land Mafia, which can defy even the Supreme Court and continues to occupy land, although it has been restricted by judiciary.

In the rare instance, when a Land Mafia Don is penalized BP-192 Million in the UK, the money, instead of being deposited in national exchequer, is given back to him.

Hundreds of thousands of victims of DHA Valley Islamabad have waited for more than a decade now, with no hope for justice.

Those who have assumed the role of political engineering must see the writing on the wall and fear the wrath of people driven to desperation. It is time they heed to the advice of Quaid given on 14 June 1948.

Pakistan cannot afford such desperations to be vented angrily. Nobody wins, if Pakistan suffers.

Online learning and health

The outbreak of pandemic throughout the world has paralysed all activities including the education system. It has impact on students’ health as it triggers changes in mood and mental health.

Attending online classes without a break is said to be causing problems like dry eyes, burning sensation in eyes while prolonged use of earphones can result in noise-induced deafness. Online classes for young children can cause stress on their growing brain.

Weak eyesight, overweight, sleep deprivation and behavioural issues among students are found to be higher owing to online classes.

Get united to save world

Celebrated every 22 April, Earth Day has been accepted as a form to protect Mother Earth from pollution and other threats.

Our earth is enriched with natural resources and has been home to all human beings, crop cultivation and industrial activities to name a few.

Unfortunately, humans on earth today have been fighting with the Corona Virus for more than a year now.

New COVID waves, diminishing enthusiasm about vaccines and oxygen in short supply have been unleashing unexpected woes on humanity.

To top it all, frequent media pictures of mass cremations of Corona victims have been heartrending to the core. Let there be no discrimination.

Let countries join together. Above all, let us stand up to current difficult situation with firm commitment.

Finally, the WHO, media and healthcare professionals should come to everyone’s rescue discarding all rumours and focussing on sensible facts about the situation.

Up ahead, we have huge tasks to be carried out like saving education sector, boosting agriculture, creating jobs and improving world’s economy.
Maharashtra, India

Share your Eid joy

Eid is day of happiness, joy and cheerfulness. But does Eid bring happiness to all. When Eid draws near some people get worried day by day because they are deprived of basic necessities.

We all know that due to pandemic and frequent lock downs many people have lost their jobs and sources of incomes, many businesses have been closed and many people got unemployed.

They are no more able to enjoy their Eid in the way it is supposed to be. Our little contributions can make their days better.

We have many things more than our needs that we must give to needy people. We can spread happiness of Eid among those people who really need our support and contribution.

We can distribute some new clothes and other accessories of Eid as well as some dry grocery in some shelter homes in which helpless and innocent people especially orphan kids are living as well as in backward areas.

Once we take initiative of spreading happiness in our society it will have very positive impacts not just for those who are being helped but also for ourselves. It will be a sadqa-i-jariyah for us.

Unemployment in Balochistan

According to 2017 census population of Karachi city is only 14.91 million, which is almost 2.57 million greater than population of Balochistan. With such a small population, the province is still facing very few jobs.

Main reason of unemployment in Balochistan is lack of awareness, poverty and paralysed sector of education.

According to a report each year nearly 25,000 people graduate in Balochistan but hardly 2,000 of them get jobs.

If we compare federal government quota of Balochistan with other provinces of Pakistan, then as a result it stands the lowest in number, which is only 6%.

Provincial and federal governments both need to increase job quota for Balochistan.
Hub, Balochistan

Will economy improve?

One of the most important slogans in PTI manifesto was that it will improve economy of the country and foreign investment will come after Imran Khan takes up office. But even after almost three years, the situation seems to be worse if not better.

Optimism although is always good as recently the IMF’s Deputy Director Research Gian Milesi-Ferreti in a press conference stated that Pakistan has started implementing an ambitious plan with IMF.
In short he said that Pakistan’s economy will turnaround soon.

Now we can only hope that PTI government somehow improves the economy and create jobs and other opportunities for welfare of our citizens.