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Pak-Afghan peace process

The People of Afghanistan suffered a lot from the war on terror, political and economic instability and security issues since the US invasion on September 11, 2001.

Pakistan has been supportive of an Afghan-led peace and Afghan-owned process with the Taliban.

Both government of Afghanistan and administration of the US demand Pakistan to use influence and force Taliban for table talks.

For bringing peace in Afghanistan Murree talks have been a crucial moment in deciding the future pattern of security not only in the region, but closely hinges to it.

Peace is need of the hour not only for Afghanistan but for the whole region as well.

Pakistan needs to continue his support to the Afghanistan stability and play its due role in peace negotiations in greater regional interests.
Bagh, Azad Kashmir

Ban on TLP

The question arises, will the notification to ban TLP be enough. In the past such extremist, sectarian and ethnic organisations were banned only to emerge back in some other identity, often with the implicit patronisation of powerful elements within corridors of power, who have used them for dislodging governments.

Can any sane person explain how sensitive matters like foreign policy, involving relations with a major European country, could be negotiated by members of an extremist organisation.

Foreign policy and state sovereignty are too sensitive a matter to be decided by mediocrity but require collective brainstorming by men of intellect.

For over 72 hours, all institutions of the state, created to protect citizens were not visible while citizens lived in a trauma.

Many uniformed officers of law enforcement were brutally beaten to death and over 500 were injured.

If those activists of TLP, easily identifiable, involved in massacre of policemen and harming the lives of citizens are not prosecuted and given exemplary punishments, then mere banning of this organization will only be an eye wash. The Writ of the State stood challenged and compromised.

Enough damage has been done to national security and economy of this country, in this battle for turf, over who calls the shots in Islamabad.

Ego and vested interests may have been served by these Machiavellian intrigues, but Pakistan and its citizens have suffered.

Quaid-i-Azam had given his vision to achieve modern democratic welfare state, where Muslim majority could live in peace with members of other faiths, with basic fundamental rights clearly ensured under the constitution.

Instead of adopting his vision, we have embarked on a course of self-destruction. Will national interest prevail over egoistic pursuits of few?

Distributing free food

PM Imran Khan wants no one in the country to go to bed hungry by distributing free food on city streets through mobile kitchens.

While there is no doubt that the cause is noble, the motivation behind such a farfetched idea seems to be purely political in nature.

Apart from the obvious logistical limitations of such an undertaking with less than ten food trucks operating in limited areas, there is the financial cost that the cash strapped government has presumably overlooked.

It does not bode well for the future of this latest initiative that similar philanthropic work, run through a public-private partnership like the Panahgahs and Langar Khanas have been largely unsuccessful and inefficient.

Such initiatives have so far only been used to peddle a holier than thou image of the PM & Ministers and his party through photographs and a liberal peppering of religiosity while distracting from more serious matters that require immediate attention.

Inflation for example, particularly prices of basic food items such as wheat, sugar, lentils and vegetable to name a few, have become practically unaffordable for a significant majority of society over the past two and a half years.

Apart from bold statements threatening a crackdown against ‘mafias and hoarders’, tangible and effective action has not been taken to arrest the steadily rising prices.

A third wave of the pandemic is ravaging through Punjab where the positivity rate and daily deaths have reached an alarming level.

The many challenges posed by the economy remain unaddressed and it seems no one is at the helm.

Mere replacement of Finance Ministers without solid economic policies, is no solution of the problems facing the country.

It is high time Imran Khan shifts his focus from impractical schemes towards using the remainder of this time in office to deliver on promises to create “ Nya Pakistan”

Using elevator during Corona

Social distancing is one of primary measure of the prescribed SOPs to prevent spread of Corona Virus and it is greatly urged to follow it but it seems quite difficult to practice it, as people are unable to follow it in some places such as elevators.

Government has imposed stringent restrictions to curb the spread of more aggressive third wave of virus and asked business community to wind up their business at 6.00pm while marriage halls and banquets are closed to celebrate any sort of ceremony.

Restaurants are closed for dine-in and schools from class nursery to class-VIII are closed just to curb the spread of virus as a preventive measure.

In this scenario, masses seemed to have failed to keep social distancing whenever they go out to a shop or a market, restaurants and offices.

Some people are oblivious of SOPs to follow while those who are cautious to follow SOPs and also failed to keep social distancing in some places.

One such example is elevators to reach any floor of the building and to keep social distancing in elevators is out of question.

It would be much better to close down elevators for healthy people who desire to go up to 5th floors and allow only elderly and disabled people to use it.

Elevators should only be allowed in such buildings that are consisted of more than five floors provided that social distancing is made sure in these elevators.