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Justice delayed justice denied

The voice of merit resounds outside Provincial Assembly for job security: Dual standard of Sindh Government towards IBA HMs is beyond comprehension.

These Head Masters are sitting in front of Provincial Assembly building since last many days demanding from the Sindh Government that their services be confirmed as they have been working efficiently, honestly and diligently for four years.

It is pertinent to mention here that these Head Masters went through hard test conducted by Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Sukkur in December 2015.

They twice appeared for interview before 5-member Scrutiny Committee constituted by Chief Secretary Sindh.

Consequently, in July 2017 they were posted in Government Primary and Lower Secondary Schools located in remote areas on 2-year contract.

By the passage of time their contract period was extended on account of satisfactory performance.

Undoubtedly, these meritorious IBA HMs brought visible change in their schools. IBA HMs took parents, civil society and SMC on board and improved infrastructure of public sector schools with their utmost sincerity and dedication.

Perhaps they were unaware of the fact that govt would reward them with termination of jobs for their outstanding performance. Sindh govt pays deaf ear to their legitimate demand of regularization.

It is mockery of justice to terminate the services of 957 employees who have been superbly working for four years.

The Sindh govt must negotiate with protesters to address their stance and make all-out efforts to redress their grievances in the best interest of justice, so that they can continue their services and ensure the quality education in public sector schools.
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Good Friday

Good Friday is a day of mourning and repentance for all Christians throughout the world. Prayer services are held in all churches in the afternoon.

Most of the churches have a bitter drink prepared from bitter leaves, vinegar and other ingredients.

This drink is given to everyone to taste after the service as a sign of remembrance which Jesus Christ was forced to drink by the Jews when he was nailed to the Cross because they found his teachings too hard to follow.
Mumbai, India

Covid-19 and Universities

With another announcement made by the Federal Minister of Education, Shafqat Mahmood, closure of all educational institutions in 9 big cities is extended.

What is the reason that only educational institutes are being closed while markets, business sectors and all public places are functioning as usual with huge crowds there, following no SOPs.

This pandemic has affected the educational sector of Pakistan to the worst.70% of the students population is affected adversely.

Due to this prolonged closure, students have lost interest in studies and are engaged in different activities.

Online classes aren’t the solution due to connectivity issues and students have found so many illegal ways to secure grades. Already students are at much loss. For how long can we close these institutes?

It is comprehensible that schools are closed due to higher risk of Covid because children can’t follow SOPs properly.

But university students, as are teenagers, can observe SOPs properly in the institutes and research has shown that teenagers are not at much risk to Covid as they have stronger immunity than people of other age groups.

Social distancing isn’t a big deal in university classrooms, which can prevent the spread of virus.

In my view, opening of universities with proper SOPs won’t be risky because the education sector has been affected badly.
Clumsy march

Aurat March chanting the slogans like ‘mera jism, meri marzi (my body, my will) has been in full swing for the last 3 years.

These women, mostly university students, are seen demonstrating and displaying posters of bodily autonomy in their protests. But Aurat March is silent on cardinal rights of women.

As everyone knows that females in some remote areas of Pakistan are not allowed to get education in cities but Aurat March is completely muted on this.

Moreover, Aurat March with offensive posters and slogans, is filling the hearts of these remote areas people with whispers and they are concerned about the education of females in cities.

Aurat March needs to take a firm stand on these preeminent rights rather than demanding for bodily autonomy of women.

Drug addiction

Youth is an asset of a country”. But unfortunately our youth is more inclined towards unpleasant things rather than participating in the country’s progress.

The major reasons behind this social problem are poverty, unemployment, emotional stress, frustration and despair among the youth.

People who are emotionally and psychologically weak are more likely to become addicted to drugs in order to feel at ease and to decrease their stress level.

Moreover, many young people who are not even aware of drugs or its addiction become druggies because of their bad social circles.

Nowadays, our youth is trying to follow the western culture and trends and their curiosity and excitement about usage of drugs led them towards the addiction of drugs.

Besides all this, exasperation and distress among the youth are the leading factors of drug addiction. Unfortunately, many teens become addicts due to their poor family environment.

Teenagers dealing with family problems are more likely to use such substances in order to escape from constant pain they live with. Moreover, now drugs are easily available in Pakistan due to the drug mafias.

I humbly request our government led by Premier Imran Khan to make tough decisions in this regard.