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SOP vs Covid-19

Standard Operating Procedures of Islamic religion are crystal-clear vis-a-vis viruses, since Adam (AS) shifted on earth through: namaz; roza; zakat. Amongst these namaz is on top which needs cleanliness for which the West is compelled for advising today (!). Every Muslim offers five-time namaz – so, in addition to clothes, does ablution for cleaning himself. What is ablution (Wuzoo)? It is to wash: mouth, nose, face, forearm and feet. It means that a Muslim has to wash these body parts five times a day – and, for tahajud/nawafil is in addition. Some Muslims remain in ablution always, because they know cleanliness is 50pc faith on Allah – according to Hadith (!).
The basic concept of ablution is to keep away from onslaught of all kinds of viruse (daily) on human beings. Hence it is mandatory for Muslims to do ablution; remove extra hair; do not take food restricted in Islamic-religion… It (certainly) curtails the pandemic like Covid-19, and improves quality of health and life respectively. Hence the role of Islamic/other SOPs in general and the way of cleanliness in particular remains helpful to curtail the spread of pandemics de facto. Even then, time-and-location is fixed for death of every living-being according to law of Nature (!).
The way we are following (West only) is not logical even. Let’s provide our generation education-cum-training of Islamic way, in addition to others; adulteration-free food/water; depression-free life; earning of rizk-e-hilal… Responsible heads are suggested to advise people to use Tib-e-Nabvi (SAW); homeopathy and then allopathy as and when needed. Let’s do not waste money and time on vaccine purchasing (only) instead, adopt Islamic-SOPs and produce herbs as “China” is already doing since long – certainly, basic-source of vaccine producing is (also) herbs. No argument (!!).
Tatrinote, AK

Traffic blockage

Traffic jam is the situation when the vehicles are stopped for some time on the road. This happens due to increasing vehicles and overuse of the roads. Therefore, traffic jam is becoming a major issue in every city. This is the problem through which a person goes in daily life. People can get psychologically frustrated and can also affect their health, as it is a cause of air pollution and wastage of fuel too.
The other negative effect of traffic jam is the emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere leading to the issue of global warming. So, government should increase the facilities of public transport as per need of the people. People should drive more sensibly and responsibly. Hence we all can work in this way to solve the big threat of the current time.

Zimbabweans never happy

It hurts that in Zimbabwe there is no justice, equality and freedom. Corruption in public institutions is too much and families are struggling to have basic commodities. Transport system in Zimbabwe is poor. Healthcare system is completely dead. The government of Zimbabwe is completely clueless, careless and corrupt. The sewage infrastructure is dysfunctional and there is acute shortage of electricity. Hospitals in Zimbabwe are under-resourced. Civil servants including soldiers, teachers, doctors and nurses are paid peanuts. Most Zimbabweans have migrated in large numbers to other countries because there is no happiness in Zimbabwe. This is most noticeable in South Africa which is overwhelmed by uninvited and unwanted estimated seven million Zimbabweans. The whole world should put pressure on Zimbabwean President Munangagwa to reform the country and make Zimbabweans smile again.

Hub University

A building stands strongly because of its strong pillars and a plant can grow with proper nutrition. Is it possible to imagine a building without pillars or a plant growing without the nutrition it requires? In the same way, a university in a city is as important as these above examples.
Education is the fundamental right of students given to the fact of Article-25; however, the residents of Hub city are being deprived of their fundamental right. Balochistan, the biggest province in terms of area, unfortunately, possesses only 8 universities with 11 branches which is the lowest number in comparison with Sindh, Punjab, and KPK. The more heartening fact is that there is not a single university in Hub which is the biggest industrial city of Balochistan. A university plays a vital role in any student’s life. Education without university is just like a man without eyes, a body without a soul, a vehicle without tires. It is estimated that 2.3 million children out of 3.6 million are uneducated which shows the higher rate of illiteracy in Baluchistan. Moreover, the rate of illiteracy in Hub city is higher than in other cities due to the absence of a university.
Besides, Uthal university is 90km far from Hub city and Karachi is 25km away from Hub. It is a tough job to travel 25km on each side on daily basis or 90 km on each side on daily basis. Most female students could not study after passing intermediate. An estimated 60 to 70 percent of students quit education because of financial issues or they are not permitted to travel to Uthal or Karachi for higher education.
Our neighboring country India is considered to be the strongest south Asian nation in the subcontinent just because the number of universities in India is the highest among subcontinental countries. Moreover, Molvi Abdul Haq sacrificed his entire life to build an Urdu university. This shows the value of a university in a region.
Education plays an important role and it is supposed to be the third eye of human beings. A university is the most powerful and the strongest est pillar of education. Hub city even deserves more universities, yet not a single has been built here. If a university is not established in Hub city, it will be a complete disaster for the city and for it’s people. Hub needs a university as soon as possible.

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