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Protect our world

Our beautiful world has been going through numerous problems out there. For instance, climate crisis, climate migration and crop failure have been nagging the world and the human race for quite sometime. In the recent “one-on-one” on CNN, Bill Gates was seriously talking about the climate crisis across the globe and immediate steps needed to stop the problem escalating into a catastrophic form.
On the other side, I had recently bumped into an informative yet heartrending article about the climate migration in the New York Times Magazine online. That serious article was shedding light on the climate migration caused by climate crisis and also talking about the people affected – called climate migrants/refugees.
In particular, countries from Central America and Latin America like Mexico and Guatemala have been facing issues like crop failure and climate refugees. Many reports have confirmed that such countries have been literally in the midst of those climate change-related issues despite being home to the vast green areas and natural vistas. One can say that the long-lasting political impasse and ineffective regimes have only added to the masses’ problems.
Thinking of the crop failure due to the climate crisis, it is really high time to stop overlooking such serious issues and take steps to mitigate. The food we have been taking and the economic boom each country has been pining for are all interrelated. They have been the direct results from robust agriculture activities.
Despite various issues and possible challenges, people in parts of Tamil Nadu have been able to do their agricultural activities – because of reliable water sources and financial backup. Should we really want to protect our planet, then it is very crucial to save countries like Guatemala and their inhabitants from the clutches of climate crises. The international community should work towards this “one goal” taking all the steps possible and following strong green strategies.
Maharashtra, India

Lahore driving licence mechanism

To obtain a driving license in Lahore, it involves a series of steps, first you must get a learner license and after 42 days you can apply for a permanent license. For a learner license it requires a copy of an ID card and a ticket of Rs.60 and a picture of applicant which one must submit at the nearest traffic police office. For a permanent license, an applicant will visit driving centres in Lahore with required documents: Application Form A, Original learner’s permit of at least 6 weeks, medical certificate for citizens aged 50 and more, three attested passport size fresh photographs, an attested copy of CNIC, Paste the fees ticket on the document. Submitting the document applicants test will be conducted and if he passes license will be issued after a few days.
It is observed that several years, private agents have basically run the Licensing Division of the Lahore Traffic Police. Not only do they assist police officers to mint money, but they also allow applicants to satisfy legal formalities when applying for a driving license. The provincial government has initiated multi-billion transport schemes in the metropolis in recent years, but the city traffic police have not realized them.
It was discovered during an investigation undertaken by the Daily Nation that 90% of the applicants applied for driving licenses through agents or intermediaries. On footpaths outside the traffic police headquarters in Lahore, many agents could be seen. And without participating in the driving test, they help untrained and incompetent people get driving licenses in connivance with the police officials. The process is very difficult because the traffic officers’ “file requires signatures.” Of anyone who wished to bypass the lengthy process for obtaining a driving license, one will have to pay eight to ten thousand rupees, otherwise his dream of getting a licence would never come true.
Via email

Zimbabwean women

It is grateful that South Africa is still funnelling 300 MW of electricity into Zimbabwe as gateway for sea ports since Zimbabwe is landlocked. South Africa has the economic muscle and strength which can help influence Zimbabwe. It is sorrowful to hear that South Africa is overburdened by estimated seven million Zimbabwean migrants. ANC and ZANU-PF have strong relationship as Zimbabwe imports goods from South Africa.
I am now calling the world and women to pile pressure on careless, clueless and corrupt President Emerson Mnangagwa and his cruel ZANU-PF Party to end persecution of women as people are still digesting the celebration of women. South Africa should lead the way in condemning Zimbabwe for persecuting women. Please also demand Zimbabwean government to stop harassing nurses. Please stand in solidarity with women workers of Zimbabwe who are suffering more devils than the vast help can accommodate.
Most Zimbabwean women are experiencing women violence which include sexual violence and rape, stalking and harassment, denied education and forced marriage. Three Zimbabwean women activists were innocently arrested. Persecuting women activists won’t end in Zimbabwe and the only solution is for the world to force President Emmerson Mnangagwa to resign.

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