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Kashmir: Love for humanity

Apropos the letter ‘Arab-India ties ‘ (Sept 1) by Babar Ayaz and another on the subject (Sept 3), with regard to the award given to Modi by a Muslim country at a time when he (Modi) has broken all records of brutality against the innocent and defenceless Kashmiris in the India-occupied Jammu & Kashmir. The writer seems to have defended the award for Modi, arguing it is ‘economic interests that count in geopolitics rather than love for religion’. Perhaps he missed the point that the Pakistanis criticised the decision not because it did not show ‘love for religion’. In fact, people were expecting love for humanity. If one is not inclined towards religion, one must have love for humanity at least.
We have examples where non-Muslim countries showed love for humanity and hate for the brute, irrespective of the faith of the people being oppressed. For instance, when Israeli once attacked Gaza and butchered Palestinians, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez did not bend his knees for monetary gains for his country and responded much better than any Muslim country did. He denounced the Israeli government, broke diplomatic relations and expelled the Israeli Ambassador.
Chavez too had an option to appease the US and could have promoted trade between Venezuela and America but he instead chose to displease Washington and invite its wrath. It was a principled stand. China whose trade with India is expected to cross $100 billion this year, but it has not awarded a George Bush or Donald Trump a medal just for the sake of economic interests.


The IBA HMs joined the education department at the time when it was in tottering, dismal and an atremble position. They faced bitter internal as well as external opposition. The first problem came on the very first day when they were not allowed to give joining on the felonious directives of one organization denying the rule of law and rejecting the official orders. The power of organization can be judged here that they did not feel any fear to challenge the writ of government. But IBA HMs paid no heed to their slunk threats and started working diligently with heart and soul.
With their arrival the earning sources of mafia stopped and it was owing to the administrative skills of IBA HMs. They fought against all the evils e.g. ghost teachers/schools, drop out of children, misuse and disuse of SMC (School Management Committee), shortage of furniture and infrastructure, capacity building of teachers. Their doughty, courageous and heroic actions changed the gloomy picture of education department into bliss, heaven and benediction. Indeed, they have brought huge, colossal change in public sector. They are the reason of cheers and smile on the faces of poor parents because their children are getting quality education without paying any heavy fee like in private schools. Moreover, every body has recognized their services i.e. Minister of Education, Secretaries, civil society and all the stake- holders. In fact, they have proved their worth by showing an excellent performance in academic, administrative, managerial and financial management.

The sealed nectar

There are many books about the biography of the Noble Prophet, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). One of them is The Sealed Nectar. It is one the adequate and comprehensive book about last Prophet (PBUH). It is also well-known with the name At-Raheequl-Makhtoom. This book was awarded first prize by the Muslim World League in worldwide competition on the biography of the Prophet (PBUH) held at Makkah in 1979. The writer of this book named Safiur-Rahman Al-Mubarkpuri.
He earned a lot of felicitation in the world. He wrote seventeen books to explore vision of Islam. He was born in the year 1942, in Hussainabad, a prominent village one mile deep into the north side of Mubarakpur, a town famous for home industry in the northern province of India. Basically, the Sealed Nectar was written in Arabic language and later it was translated into different languages such as Urdu, English and Farsi.
The first Islamic Conference on Seerah (biography of the Prophet (PBUH) was held in Pakistan in 1976 sponsored by the Muslim World League (MWL). The League announced a orldwide contest for writing a book on the life of the Prophet (PBUH). One hundred fifty thousand Saudi Riyals (SR 150,000) (forty thousand U.S Dollars) was the grand prize for the best five books.
One hundred and seventyone manuscripts were received from all over the world. Out of these, eightyfive were in the Arabic language, sixtyfour in Urdu, twentyone were in English and one each in French and Hausa. A board of highly qualified scholars judged the manuscripts and announced the results. The manuscript of Shaikh Safiur-Rehman Mubarkpuri got the first prize grand of SR 50,000 (fifty thousand Saudi Riyals) for its splendid and sound collections of the narration. It is needed for all of us to read at least once for a time. There is no question that he has elaborated it very comprehensively.

Boris shutdown of Parliament

The judgement made by 3 Judges in Scottish Court of Appeal that Boris shutdown of Parliament is illegal and I praise Britain for mature democracy and good rule of law such that no one is above the law or influence court decision because of power, money or political affiliation. President Mnangagwa should absolutely learn from this judgement that no one is above the law. There has been instances when the constitutional court in Zimbabwe made judgement which was erroneous, arbitrary arrests in Zimbabwe, people released without charge, Judges favour ruling Party in Zimbabwe, legal demonstration are banned.
The judicial system is totally rotten and unfit for purpose in Zimbabwe, if Emmerson Mnangagwa is serious about reforming law in Zimbabwe and transform Zimbabwe democratically, he should then learn from UK mature democracy and rule of law where no one is above the law.
United Kingdom

Training must

One of the primary reasons of low standard of education is untrained teachers who are seemed clueless what to teach and how to teach. Teaching is an art which requires certain skills that cannot be acquired without training. To understand the mentality and IQ level of children, teachers should be trained first. Academic qualification is necessary but it does not mean that if someone has acquired bachelor or master degree can start teaching. Thus training of teachers is indispensable.
Government of Sindh has taken a very good step that if someone wants to adopt teaching as career he/she has to acquire one year diploma in ECE (early childhood education) which is specifically for teachers training and a mandatory requirement now. At large people opt to enrol children in private schools so the same policy for recruitment of teachers should be made mandatory in private schools so that education level may be improved in the country.

Worst condition of the area

Through the column of your esteemed paper, I want to draw attention of the concerned authorities towards a major issue in Sector 11-H Muslim Town Nagan Chowrangi. Residents of the area are facing serious health issues generating from sewerage water and encroachments, in addition to the worst traffic jams,
During the recent rains, sludge accumulated which is still present due to the continuous overflow of sewage water that can cause any serious illnesses. However, operation was conducted against the encroachments, but the encroachments have been shifted in residential area. The residents of the area had earlier brought the issue to the authorities’ notice, but the {urgent} issue still stands unresolved, which is a matter of concern. I request the Chief Minister Sindh, Murad Ali Shah & Mayor Karachi Waseem Akhtar to take necessary action on a top priority basis, please.