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FRC being a blessing in disguise

Pakistan is one of the most seismically active countries in the world, being crossed by several major faults. As a result, earthquakes in Pakistan occur often and are destructive. The Government established a Federal Relief Commission (FRC) to step up coordination in the massive rescue and relief operations like earthquakes. The earthquake that hit northern Pakistan on 8 October 2005 caused widespread destruction, killing over 73,000 people, severely injuring many more and leaving millions without shelter.

Majority of healthcare units and hospitals collapsed. Doubtlessly it was the worst calamity in the history of Pakistan. No disaster management organisation existed at the time to handle a relief operation on such a large scale, and the existing infrastructure was either very poor or totally destroyed. Realising the gravity of the disaster, the government immediately formed the Federal Relief Commission (FRC), with a mandate to manage the entire spectrum of the relief effort.

Within days, the FRC had taken charge of the situation. The scale of the disaster, the harsh weather conditions and the collapse of civil order in the affected areas called for a response mechanism which could provide quick decision-making, coupled with the efficient execution of directives on ground. The Commission conceived and implemented an elaborate National Action Plan to ensure a coherent response, spelling out domains, policies and end-states for all the stakeholders and key players.

Build up
our society

The latest incident of kidnapping of schoolchildren in Nigeria has sent shockwaves across the region and the world. Haunted by a series of such kidnapping incidents enacted by certain flourishing armed groups out there, Nigeria has once again been left to fend for itself in the security matter, thereby exposing severe security breakdown.

First off, Nigeria is a very beautiful country in African continent since this nation has been home to natural resources like wildlife reserves and rainforest areas in abundance. As a high school student, I had studied the greatness and beauty of various countries like Nigeria in geography during my 1990s schooldays.

Speaking of incidents like kidnapping and hijacking, our society has been travelling a long way in the fight with such social evils as hijacking. Right from my schooldays, I had been reading major news pieces of hijacking in most English newspapers all up till my 1998 college days in Tiruchendur, Tamil Nadu. In fact, ineffective governance, economic mess and social inequality have been the major reasons behind such social evils.

It is time for us all to grow stronger and also high time to build up our society from scratch. Agricultural and industrial activities across the board, education, technology, food security, employment, natural resources and, above all, good governance can be part of the game plan to build back the society.

Of course, countries like Nigeria and the beautiful world community, as a whole, can be saved from and even protected against social evils or any deadly disease through strong economic growth, strict law enforcement and advanced medical technology.
Maharashtra, India

Adventurous night

It was a calm and quiet night and the moon was glowing brightly in the sky. I was preparing for my exams. I had kept my window open to let some fresh air in as it was a summer night and after a while the clock made a sound of ‘’ting’’. I looked at the clock and it was 2 o’clock and all of a sudden I heard a noise behind the bushes and when I peeped out of the window to inquire that what the noise was of?

I saw a thief dressed black. I started trembling with fear and my heartbeat went high and became audible to me, but then I gathered some courage and went out of the room, followed the man and as he went to the kitchen then taking a huge risk, I closed the door behind. He turned around and found the door locked outside and he just started hitting the door hardly.

Taking the benefit of the situation, I rushed and made a call to the police station and they assured me that they will be there in a few minutes but unfortunately after a while the thief managed to break the lock. He was just heading towards me ,watching him coming towards me I lost my nerves and i just unconsciously ran towards the terrace and jumped into my neighbours house as a result of that I had got bruises on my leg due to getting hardly hit on the floor and meanwhile I heard the siren of the police car and I was relieved that the police is here.

Luckily, the thief was caught as well. The next day my neighbours appreciated me and the police department awarded me with a medal for my bravery and for taking such a wise step to catch the thief after that I really became brave and pretty much famous as well in my neighbourhood… So we need to be brave at the time of need.
Turbat Balochistan