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Big-hearted people

In an inspiring twist to the mundane world conflicts, the UK and the international community have just been held spellbound by the big-hearted acts of Captain Tom Moore who has just passed away after stealing the hearts of many. A World War era British Army Officer, Moore had gone on the fundraising spree for a British charity in the times of COVID pandemic.

His positive gestures amid the pandemic-hit region, vibrant attitude to the difficult situations and positive thoughts to tomorrow, all in his age-old days, had inspired many a country worldwide and helped elevate the mood of the UK in the midst of the coronavirus.
Such people as Captain Tom have been the real gifts to the world affected by so many problems as they have been spreading a ray of hope through their great gestures.

This apart, there have been the real big-hearted and hard-working people who have been building and literally feeding this world through their activities in their fields like education, engineering, healthcare, hospitality and agriculture. There have been a plethora of such people in my native areas like Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu, having been inspiring others through their incredible and generous actions.

In fact, the UK has given perfect tributes to Captain Tom Moore by means of gun salute and other public graffiti in honour. Also, the whole credit goes to the media houses in the West and the East for their bits in this interesting life event, all meant to infuse new energy for a better tomorrow worldwide.
Maharashtra, India

Virtual learning

It is a famous proverb that every cloud has a silver lining, so yes it also proves to be true in this terrible pandemic situation. Initially, when this novel pandemic broke out, everyone wondered how to tackle this awesome situation. However, from time to time people started implementing new tactics to overcome this catastrophic situation.

Besides it, every strategy that was imposed in this unpleasant situation that was proved to be admirable towards facing the hazardous situation, virtual learning also demonstrates a substantial remarks as adopting it as a second option other than studying through live classes which was in fact not possible in such a pandemic situation.

Since, virtual learning has not only assisted students to be in touch of their studies in the pandemic but also is establishing more opportunities for the people after post pandemic.

Studying virtually has now eased the life of many people like many students can easily study from their home more conveniently without taking pains of going out. And even it has also generated loads of golden opportunities for the teachers as they can execute their skills and earn a suitable earning. Thus, studying is now propelling forward towards online learning.


Operational effectiveness vs strategy

Before getting admission in university, I always thought why businesses failed to sustain the efficiency of a company? However, Apple, Gul Ahmad textile, Nestle, LU and many other companies are getting success.

Why is Nokia unable to reach a better position? Basically, more than half companies are not able to distinguish between operational effectiveness and strategy.

Doing something better than competitors is the operational efficiency but doing unique things is the strategy. Most of the businesses think innovation is just related to technology but this is not always the case. Doing improvement in your product is also an innovation. Nokia was not capable of innovating their product efficiently. On the other hand, Samsung, VIVO and iPhone fulfil the current requirements of customers.

Instead of enhancing the number of operations identifying the core competencies of business is a complex challenge especially in the era of customization. My surroundings always make me surprised when I hear new entrants replace the existing company.

Business owners are putting all types of efficiencies, but they are neglecting minor errors and focusing on higher costs. Remember a thing, a collection of one rupee makes the notes. Similarly considering minor things may improve your business transactions.

Therefore, business should understand the differences among each plan instead of considering enhancing the working procedures. I am not saying to change your business formulas although you are better than us.

However, today’s generation expects more. As new graduates are going to become a part of society with highly unexpected ideas which may create higher differentiation.

Existing businesses must sustain in the market. It may develop a positive impact on economic conditions in terms of unemployment and GDP growth rate.
Daharki, Sindh

Child labour

“The Employment of Children Act, 1991” received the assent of the President of Pakistan on 2nd April, 1991. It is an act to prohibit the employment of children in certain occupations and to regulate the conditions of work of children.

“The Punjab Restriction on Employment of Children Act, 2016” is another step in this regard. Despite of these Acts more than 12.5 million children are involved in child labour in Pakistan.

Forced labour, slavery, dept bondage, child trafficking, children in armed conflict and children working in illegal activities are some forms of child labour.

Low literacy and poverty are its major causes. Authorities should take action in order to eradicate the causes of child labour in order to reduce the rate of child labour in our country.