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Education system

The outdated curriculum and difference between the curriculum of public and private educational institutions are two main issues, when it comes to our country’s education system. But there are so many more problems which require attention.
Teachers are not properly trained to teach, most of them are not even close to being the “role model” as teachers are supposed to be. Instead of appreciating the efforts made by students, they destroy their self-confidence. There is no system to determine if they are even eligible to take on the responsibility of guiding the future of our nation.
The condition of Board Examination Centres is bad enough to make students suffocate. Most of the exams are conducted during summer season in congested rooms with uncomfortable furniture and then there is load shedding during exam timings, making the situation even worse.
Until higher secondary school level, students are only taught to memorize everything written in their books. Self-expression is not encouraged. Extra-curricular activities are not given any importance. Career counselling is almost non-existent. It is impossible for students to bring any change in society when they are educated this way. Government needs to pay serious attention towards the numerous problems in the education sector, for a better future of our country.

Water scarcity

Pakistan is currently mired in multifarious crises, with the water being the most pressing one. As the burgeoning population of Pakistan is proliferating at an exponential rate, within no time masses will cry for even brackish or insalubrious water to quench their thirst.
The people of Karachi are mostly affected by this irredeemable and incessant issue having almost little to no access to clean drinking water, coercing them to fall pray to scourge of water-borne disease— already pullulating in the city.
Pakistan, as an agrarian country, sans any judicious policy to redress this issue forthwith, crossed the “water stress line” in 1990 and “water scarcity line” in 2015. One individual after having a rigorous introspection could only get an answer that successive governments of this country were thwarted in taking timely steps concerning “scarcity of water” aiming to curb it’s deleterious effect of it in imminent future.
Pertinently, Pakistan as agricultural country contributing 19% of GDP, urgently needs some remedial measures supporting our agricultural segments. There is an exigent need for relevant bodies to pay heed to this inexorable issue. As this dilatory handled issue would not only bring our agriculture on the brink of precipice, but also open windows of opportunities putting our food security at risk, thrusting people to dwell in miserable state of affairs. Expressly, officialdom should take this serious issue into account and put their heads together to combat this perennial issue.

Nepotism is a term used to describe a concept that has been deeply rooted in our nation and can be seen in all scales or any class. These malaises need to be addressed strictly as people sitting on the higher positions are giving favours to their blood relations and their family members just to satisfy their ego and superiority of power. Recommending a person least deserving for a job and favour has become part of our tribal culture, ethos and to satisfy one‘s self-pride.
This culture not only affects the person more deserving for a job and opportunity by snatching his right and putting it in someone else‘s pocket but also strongly affects the organization itself. It will affect its productivity, its fame and the trust of customers as less competent people are working as employees.

In the dirty political system of Pakistan, we have seen nepotism in administration officials as well. In democracy and judiciary, many bureaucrats and judges are appointed in the endorsement of sitting Government‘s minister just to insure their benefits and to hide their lack of intellectual ability as a Government, and to conceal their corruption. so, they (The one they have appointed) can‘t dare to speak a word against their benevolent.
It is affecting our country badly as unemployment is a source of depression among our educated youths. It has led them to commit crime(s) and to pursue abhorred means to make their both ends meet. In politics, nepotism is affecting our performance as a nation and also causing difficulty in eradicating corruption from our society. Nepotism should be discouraged but to date, we haven‘t found anyone who can put his country and nation above his relations.