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Environment of fear

Pakistan’s societies operated in an environment of fear that hindered attention from exploitations by both government security forces and extremist armed groups. A freelancer whose name is Muhammad Bilal khan ran a YouTube channel related with politics discussions was killed in Islamabad. Not only freelancers but Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority banded three channels Capital TV, 24News HD, and Abbtakk News network without providing and hearing any kind of details.
Another person Rizwan-ur-Rehman Razi worked on Pakistan’s Cyber Crimes laws and spoke about illegal things was arrested by FIA. Gohar Wazir, a journalist, was also arrested when he reported certain objections by subgroup Pashtuns. Cases of harassment, destroying human rights without accurate verification can harm future of the country.
Recently a tik-tok girl along with three other male members was killed in Karachi. No one knows what happened and who committed their murder. Blackmailing, robbery, and rape cases are on the increase. Federal and provincial governments first step should be public safety otherwise higher rates of criminal activities will destroy future of our country and people.
Daharki, Sindh

Gwadar stadium

Pictures of Gwadar Stadium went viral a week ago, even International Cricket Council (ICC) tweeted its picture and termed it the most beautiful cricket ground of the world. This Stadium is between rocky mountains covered by open desert area. Gwadar deep sea port which is back bone of CPEC project, picture of stadium definitely caught attention of world. Meanwhile Baloch nation and locals of Gwadar suffered from this picture. They also demand to share their picture of grief and address it. Habitants of the city face scarcity of water, they are prohibited to fish in their own sea which is their main source of earning.
There is a visible threat of demographic change, as soon as CPEC is completed foreigners and locals of other provinces would settle in Gwadar. Another major concern of people is fencing of Gwadar. If movement of local people were being restricted in early days it would be extended vigorously in future. Major issues of local people if not heard and highlighted can blur the beautiful picture of Gwadar in reality.
Our media highlights beautiful picture of Gwadar stadium yet does not highlight depressing pictures of people living in Gwadar. Giving importance to land over the people should end now.

in India!

We Christians have decided not to vote for Uddhav Thackeray in next elections because he has ruined our Christmas and New Year celebrations. He put a stop to celebration of Mass on these two festivals and has not even allowed us to visit the church for personal prayer. He has also limited our Sunday Masses to only 50 people per Mass.
Moreover, he has told us that not more than 20 people can attend a funeral and not more than 50 people can attend a marriage ceremony. What is he up to? We Christians don’t need a CM like him who doesn’t know how to run the state and how to take care of the people during the pandemic. According to him, Coronavirus only spreads in crowded trains and in empty churches, not in crowded buses and in crowded malls.
Mumbai, India

Judging parameters

How will you decide who is a traitor and who is a patriot? I mean what are the parameters of judging one’s loyalty to his/her country? Are there any definite traits or is it just the deeds and words that determine your adherence? If the latter is the scale of measurement then shouldn’t we all be labelled as traitors because of what we said or did at some point in time.
We have been constitutionally gifted with freedom of speech and it is totally justified to have contrary opinions, sceptical eye, critical perspective, and concerns and say on country’s matter, as long as it is not hurting the sentiments of others. If is it all Ok, then why there is a persistent need of being on the same page, why every critique is treason, why a discussion about elephant in the room is totally unacceptable, if not banned and why our institutions are on the witch hunt of those who are not pliant with boots? These are few of the unanswered questions for decades.
We need to talk about this. We along with our officeholders need to realise that it is the healthy criticism that keeps you on your toes, which praises you for your good work while reflects on your shortcomings. If someone is unearthing the already known facts then instead of alleging them as rats, either correct them or accept them. We are part of democracy and it is our democratic right to have opposite opinions and statements.

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