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Share vaccine formula

A global effort is in process to rid the world from the scourge of COVID. Over two million people have died while over 725,000 daily cases are being reported.
A few pharmaceutical companies have succeeded in developing the Vaccine in a relatively short period of time. However, they do not have capacity to produce and widely distribute Vaccine nor do many countries have resources to procure the Vaccine.
This is the time for these pharmaceutical companies to offer the Vaccine’s formula to other pharmaceutical companies in order to speed up the process of production, distribution, and affordable utilization of the Vaccine worldwide.
Pharmaceutical companies must support, help and work in unison. Together they can play a pivotal role to defeat COVID. This is certainly not the time for few pharmaceutical companies to make windfall profits. It is morally and ethically not desirable. The future of humanity is at stake.
Via email

was good CM

Former CM of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadanavis belonging to the BJP party was a very good CM unlike Uddhav Thackeray of Shiv Sena, the present-ruling party. The only bad thing Devendra Fadanavis was that he had banned beef in the state, thus putting a leg on the stomach of beef-eaters like me.
Mumbai, India

Digital fraud

This refers to the editorial “Digital Fraud” published on 25 January, by Zaib Baloch. I bemoaned of the fraudulent loss of your money and felt guilty for the ignorance of concerned Company. On 21 January 2020, I too received the same message informing myself about my account blockage soon, but I did not follow its instructions and directly called high officials of the company; they ensured me for my money safety and suggested me not to accept and follow any instructions in mobile.
Taking it seriously and not visiting franchise led you to fell into his trap sir. I want to inform you, such fraudulent messages and calls will always come because our concerned authorities are not able and dare to chase hackers.
Malir Karachi

Say no to fairness creams

In Pakistan, media and cosmetic industry seems to have convinced people that dark skin is no more acceptable. Girls usually buy fairness creams and soaps in effort to change their skin complexion so they can fit in the society.
Fairness creams have harmful chemicals such as hydroquinone, mercury and other steroids which lead to patchy, rough and spotty skin, and premature ageing. Hydroquinone is a severely toxic and powerful chemical that is used in photo processing, manufacturing of rubber and is also used as an active ingredient in hair dying.
When people use such beauty products in an attempt to change their complexion, temporarily they may work, but not in the long term, because usually people don’t find satisfactory results and sometimes it also leads them to depression and frustration. Unfortunately this culture of having fair complexion is rising high in Pakistan. But now there is a need to change this stereotype by stopping to use inappropriate products for having fair complexion. Because some fairness products also have side-effects as some of them can damages our natural skin and colour tone of our skin.
Racism on the basis of colour discrimination is a source of generating feeling of hatred and jealousy among people in Pakistan. This can only be eradicated if our society’s perception changes. As India has taken positive steps for this and has started “ Dark is Beautiful “ campaign, in an effort to change attitude towards skin colour. Pakistan should also need to start some kind of such campaign to aware people about side effects of beauty products. Our media and celebrities are one of the major reasons that this epidemic is on the rise in Pakistan.

Unfortunate violence

The violence that had erupted during the tractor rally in New Delhi by farmers protesting certain farm laws on Indian Republic Day is very unfortunate and yet could have been stopped through much more strong strategies. Various reports say that at least one farmer died in an accident that had taken place at that time and that many police officials were injured.
Positively observing, there have been many and many more interesting points to be noted down here. Here the full freedom constituted through the law had been granted to the farmers to proceed with their tractor rally even on Republic Day. Just see the greatness and real responsibility shown by the powers that be in doing so!
Coming from an agriculture background, I have been aware of the activities and complexities involved in farming. Many years down the road and down/all through those years from my 1990s schooldays, I have been watching many peaceful farmer protests for their needs in my native areas like Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu.
Having recapped this, many media houses worldwide have been writing about and observing the farmer protests in Delhi. Symbols of farming activities, there is no need using tractors at all for a rally for the solid reasons of accident, vulnerability and so on. A long, peaceful walk down the permitted route will do the magic then.
Putting all these serious things into observation, it is time for all the parties concerned like farmers, leaders to calm down the situation and to put their detailed concerns again to the government which would do well in order to stop further escalation immediately now.

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