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Pakistan has reported more than 1,000,000 Covid-19 cases. In the last two months, the country witnessed a sudden surge in these cases. However, many people argue that the number of cases in our country is smaller than that in other countries, but this isn’t the case. The number of daily tests in our country is not enough. To get the complete image of the situation, the government needs to make tests accessible even for those people who are reluctant to get tested.
It has been a year that the world is fighting to get rid of this virus; however, our government has not been able to create awareness among the people about this deadly virus. The government needs to make the people understand the dangerous effects of the virus so they will take precautionary measures to protect themselves against it.

Girls training

A mother’s lap is believed to be the first institution for every child. She is thought to be an up-bringer of generations. So if she is bestowed with such a huge onus, she is ought to be trained and educated likewise. In Pakistan, female literacy rate is less than 47% contrary to their male counterparts who stand at 71%. A greater part of this disparity can be assigned to our obsolete and loathsome mindsets and cultural practices. Even in this 21st century, a girl is perceived as a liability instead of an asset.
We prioritize spending money on our sons because they are going to be our right hand, for us this is an investment that guarantees us our secure future. Why don’t we instil this same thing in our girls? Why don’t we make them realize that they are not less? Why don’t we invest in their grooming and education? There are girls who aren’t allowed to go to universities, girls who were stopped from pursuing their dreams just because they are going to marry soon, and girls who were sent to government schools while their brothers in private.
One is never sure of what fate has in store for them, so dear readers build your girls strong, coach them, educate them, empower them, teach them that your brother might be my right hand but you are my strength and made them realize that there is nothing in this world that you can’t do. In this already choking environment, let your girl build her own space. You cannot create an ideal condition for her but support her in building what is in her best interest because courage comes from within and this is high time that we stand with each other for each other.

Sikh farmers of India!

Certainly; Shining India is “fading” rapidly due to the lowest economical recession; brutality against weaker sections of society (even low-caste Hindus are suffering badly), social disharmony, genocide and discrimination against minorities, inability for combating corona-virus, farmers protest, terrorism against Kashmiris, tussle with neighbouring states, joint-ventures with Israel & Co., for destruction of Muslim Ummah, even then, Terrorist-Modi is begging for the permanent seat at the UNSC. Is it sense/nonsense (!?).
Unrealistic and so-called economic structural reforms have achieved nothing but widened disparities nation-wide, high ratio of poverty and, above all, farmer’s suicides (40-50 per day). More than 300,000 farmers have killed themselves since 1990. According to official figures, there were nearly 10,300 cases of suicide in 2019 (only). The Indian farmers (especially Sikhs of Punjab-Haryana)… are protesting against Modi & Co’s new Farm Laws, which they {farmers} claim would leave them at mercy of big corporations of – European nations. Thus, ongoing protest has badly converted Indian so-called shining towards de-shining image around the world!
The farmers of Indian-held Punjab (Sikhs especially) rejected the suggested amendments. Even that 18 opposition parties have extended whole-hearted support to agitating farmers. The Kissan Support Protest of UK was managed by the Federation of Sikh Organizations in support of farmers (especially) from Punjab.
This was biggest-ever-protest held in connection with farmer’s agitation after “Golden Temple desecrating & killings protest” during the 80s. Authentic reports are crystal-clear that Terrorist Modi & Co., was/is again planning for massacring of Sikhs in Punjab under the garb of ‘Farmers Act’ to break their “Will” for establishment of Sikh-State which is most matured at present.
But, ‘terrorist Modi’, never-not-at-all is/will be able to stop Sikh community from establishing their separate homeland for which they are struggling since partition. Instead, India will break into many States in near future. Note it Modi & Co – as you sow, so shall you reap!!
Tatrinote, AK

Cleanliness in hospitals

Through this complaint letter, I want to draw attention of the authorities concerned towards the uncleanliness prevailing in hospitals and the staff also not performing their duties well. The nurses hardly attend to their duties and are generally busy in gossiping. The toilets are never found clean. They always emit a very foul smell. The sweepers even leave the rubbish in the corners. Consequently, odour is found everywhere.
I wonder how the staff is so indifferent and working in such unhygienic conditions. Moreover, the electric wiring is lying dangerously uncovered and tubes don’t emit proper light. Also, even the low priced tablets and medicines remain out of stock in the hospital. I hope the authorities will take immediate steps to improve the above condition and make proper arrangements to keep the hospital clean.
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