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PDM resignations

It is said that by December 31, opposition lawmakers from national and provincial assemblies will hand over their resignations to their respective party heads. May I remind that normally members submit resignations to the Speaker. But the wonder fleet of leaders around the Maulana do not correct him. According to constitution, If IK has 172 seats in NA, he will remain PM, even a quorum of 84 will keep the government intact. So, with this hoax the PDM is living in fool’s paradise.
There is a big divide regarding resignations in the PDM. The PPP has difference of opinion over MNS’ proposal to hand over the resignations to the Maulana. PPP suggestion that resignations should be collected by the party heads shows internal rift. It seems that decisions are being made by Maryam not the PDM. She seems to have hijacked the Movement which is bothering other PDM leaders.
On the other hand, Bilawal says he will find the constitutional efforts rather resigning. It is clear that PPP is not ready to resign both from NA and Sindh Assembly. The PPP has a stake in the power structure and is not ready to take risk. But MNS and Maulana are desperate to bring down the current setup. They know once Senate elections are held, IK will be good for the rest of 30 months at the helm.

Major progress in CPEC

China acknowledges a major progress especially in the infrastructure and energy projects, being completed under CPEC framework. The CPEC Authority Chairman, Lt Gen Asim Saleem Bajwa addressed the 11th International Infrastructure Investment and Construction Forum in Macao Special Administrative Region where the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson Hua Chunying said: “CPEC is an important pilot program in China and Pakistan’s joint efforts to build the BRI and there has been a major progress. Many roads were built, creating job opportunities and boosting economic development in relevant areas and benefiting the people there. It has been applauded by people in Pakistan.” This is despite the Covid-19 breakout the CPEC projects went on as usual.
The recent meeting of 14th Five Year Plan blueprinted the future development. The two sides have given due importance to this project and joint efforts are underway to complete the projects.
Rojhan Jamali
Water crisis
in Karachi
Karachi is one of the beautiful cities of Pakistan. It is also the largest city of the province Sindh.
Doubtlessly, Karachi is the backbone of the economy of Pakistan. Consequently, there are thousands of issues in Karachi regarding bad governance, street crimes, target killing, undue clashes over language, electricity problem, peace and the major problem that still couldn’t be solved out and out that is “ water crisis “ portable drinking water and water for use.
Moreover, people are suffering more due to shortage of water. The second half of Karachi is deprived of water connections. Nevertheless, every individual helps himself and go to those areas where water is available, to travel the distance over wheels, bikes, rickshaws and cargos they pour some drums and other pots to lead their life.
However, (impure) water which they fetch is not safe to drink and is also injurious to health.  Nevertheless due to poverty everyone drinks for the sake of survival. In short, whenever it is about politics, every politician is the heir of Karachi but when it is about to solve its problems, then nobody is going to accept it by heart.

Online classes

I would like to draw the kind attention of the authorities concerned towards the issue of online classes which all students are facing in Pakistan. With no common standards for that learning, however, the results have varied wildly. Teachers have experimented with apps and formats — live streams, pre-recorded lessons or a mix. Many teachers are holding web classes now but plan to go over the same material a second time when normal classes restart.
“It’s a big mess, that’s all I can say,” For students the disruption has been profound. Students are facing a lot of problems, especially the students who belong to backward areas. It’s not possible for them to take their lectures online because they are facing internet issues. Overall this is the problem of all departments but especially the students who belong to the math department, physics, engineering and computer sciences.
We, the students, humbly request the government to sort out this issue soon because this is not the way to impart education to the students. It is hoped that our government will take a positive step towards the solution of this issue.

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