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CPEC was formally established in 2013, originally valued at $46 Billion and by 2017 it rose to $62 Billion, comprising a series of infrastructure projects, beneficial economically to both countries. Ever-since its inception it has been a sore for American and Indian lobbies, who have openly opposed it, because it creates hurdles in their designs to dominate this region for their sole benefit.
CPEC faces threats and intrigues from its known foreign opponents and also from a few within this country, who have been cultivated and granted favours by powerful American lobbies. A few amongst them are captive to their conflicts of interest, slave to vast assets they own in foreign countries, especially the USA, UK, Canada where their families live, having acquired immigration status, seeking citizenship and willing to pledge on oath, or have already done so, revoking all previous loyalties that they may have held as citizens of Pakistan.
Ever-since the 50s, the Chinese were motivated to build a corridor gaining access to Pakistan’s deep-water harbour at Gwadar which they started building jointly with us in 2002. Construction of Karakoram Highway in 1959 was part of their vision to develop common strategic interests, strengthened by economic cooperation with Pakistan. Unfortunately, those who held power in Pakistan, lacking both in vision and capacity to comprehend, were captive to their own political ambitions and preferred to be part of joint military pacts fighting proxy wars for America.
These one-sided defence treaties were for the benefit of American global interests, with absolutely no long-term benefit for security of Pakistan, except military hardware after Korean War. Individuals benefited from American largesse and a few going from Rags To Riches pilfering CIA billions during the 80s.

A delayed move in right direction

It is good to note and appreciate that the NAB Chairman has taken notice of reports about art napping from the PNCA and has ordered NAB Rawalpindi to conduct inquiry and submit initial report within a fortnight. This is apparently a delayed move by any agency though in the right direction as the findings, if taken to their logical conclusion, will save the only national institution of its kind from further depletion or thefts of precious national art treasure preserved by PNCA for years together. While appreciating this move which appears to be in the national interest, the worthy NAB Chairman is requested to expand the scope of the inquiry by NAB Rawalpindi to also probe the appointments made during the last few years in PNCA, National Art Gallery, Shakir Ali Museum Lahore and Central Board of Film Censors to say the least.
There are reports that sheer nepotism, favouritism and obliging close relatives in flagrant violations of the rules and regulations were demonstrated while making the appointments.

Justice for accused media mogul

This is with reference to the note “No bail for media mogul” of the national English daily the other day. Every right thinking person like this scribe will certainly and surely endorse your point of view and appreciate it also.
As an old media man myself, having not much knowledge about laws, I say that there is no doubt Mir Shakilur Rehman sought due or undue favour more than three decades back from then Punjab Chief Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif and got number of plots allotted in Jauhar Town, Lahore duly making the required payment.
This is for the lawyers to opine whether a person seeking favour from a person in authority is a main culprit or the person in power who acceded to his request? But in my views as a lay man, none else but Mian Nawaz Sharif is the main culprit who acceded to the request obviously for securing maximum coverage by Mir Shakilur Rehman’s owned media group.
While the media group owner is in custody for almost six months now, the NAB has secured only last Thursday non-bailable arrest warrants for former Punjab Chief Minister Nawaz Sharif who is abroad for months together for treatment of his ailments. Till the main accused returns and faces the charges or is nabbed by the national accountability, it is in the interest of justice and fairness that the media group chief be granted bail which as quite rightly opined is usually considered the right of a person under probe.

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