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Rising economic inequality

Since the PTI-led coalition government of Prime Minister Imran Khan has come into power, the economic inequality is rising in Pakistani society. Economic inequality entails unequal distribution or access to the common wealth and thus leading to the emergence of “the rich and the poor”. The rising economic inequality, coupled with income inequality in Naya Pakistan is making community development well-nigh difficult if not impossible.
It is a common knowledge that the gap between the haves and the haves not affect their respective level of participation both in utterances and actions. There is usually low participation from the poor group due largely to their low financial strength and thus a constraint to effective community development, but who cares in this society of deep injustice and inequality.

Govt schools in Pakistan

In Pakistan, government schools have always been worst. There isn’t a single rule which has ever been implemented. The teachers are always engrossed with mobiles and never attend the classes. If they take any class, it is just a formality. The capability and ability of the students are spoiled by encouraging them for cramming and cheating.
Millions are spent by the government for the betterment of governmental schools, yet no change has ever been observed. In addition, the structures of these schools are very dilapidated. Walls are broken, classes are dirty even the furniture looks decades old. They get money from the students for the books even though these are free.
Government schools are the only source for the poor, yet they hesitate in admitting their children there because they know that their children won’t be taught and they will demand money. Thereupon; thousands of children are out of school. It is government’s responsibility to see what is going on in these schools.

Better health

Undoubtedly, with better health one can perform, contribute and play the part in socio-economic progress and advancement of the country. It is disheartening that the quality healthcare in Pakistan is a pipedream. Almost all public hospitals lack very basic facilities. Every health centre is facing acute shortage of beds, experienced doctors, quality medicines etc.
Pakistan, being an underdeveloped country, is beset with a number of flaws proceeded in health sector. Although medical field has been targeted as process of quick earning from the sick blood of poor patients. Through all the channels of social life, from government to the private hospitals, we find health being sold.
Nevertheless, government is spending billions of yearly budget on health sector, yet we only get poor infrastructure in hospitals led by poor management. One can rarely finds cleanliness, punctuality and proper use of equipment in so-called government hospitals. On the other hand, private clinics provide better environment and healthy medication {only to those who can afford it}.

Education policy

It is important that the Government of Pakistan establishes certain educational policies, aiming specifically at the rural areas of Pakistan such as parts of Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan. It is stated that education is a crucial need for the betterment of the future of Pakistan as the current population consists of 64% of youth. Therefore the current government should adopt certain policies which help develop schools, colleges and other academic institutes with fully functioning capabilities and abundant resources in order to reduce the risk of illiteracy.
Both the private and the public sectors should take this issue under serious consideration and aid the children of these areas in terms of providing them with quality education. This will not only increase Pakistan’s literacy rate rapidly at the national level but will also bring advancement in Pakistan’s soft power projection internationally while at the same time changing the future of the children living in these rural areas.

Greater Afghanistan

The map of the Greater Afghanistan movement or “Loy Afghanistan Tehreek” shows Baluchistan and some areas of the KP as its part. This map was issued in the past. Now a new map, calendar and a propaganda video have been launched. This New Year (Hijri) calendar is displayed in the government offices.
In these calendars, the picture of Pashtun Tahafuz Movement leader, Manzoor Pashteen, is also printed on the calendar. The portraits of Ahmad Shah Abdali and Manzoor Pashteen conspicuously show that Afghans consider Manzoor Pashteen as their leader as well. Not only this, death dates of Arman Lumani, formation date of PTM and incidents against Pakistan are also mentioned in this calendar. The PTM and Manzoor Pashteen are protesting for missing persons. It was discovered later that among many of the missing persons have left Pakistan wilfully. These persons mostly left for the training of conducting terrorist activities. Mostly terrorists who have been used against Pakistan were trained either in Afghanistan or India. The display of these calendars in government offices is clear evidence that Afghanistan is supporting PTM. This is also evident that the Government of Afghanistan completely supports and propagates the cause of Greater Afghanistan.
Discussing more! Afghanistan soil is being used against Pakistan. Now, this propaganda in which government offices are involved has been started. Giving Manzor Pashteen an important place in the propaganda shows that he is also not working for the betterment of Baluchistan. Concluding more! Those who are supporting PTM and Manzoor Pashteen should open their eyes. They cannot be termed as Pakistani patriots. Although Afghanistan is a Muslim country, yet the top-level Ministers and the Government of Afghanistan have joined hands with India against Pakistan. This is eye-opening time for those who acted as an instrument in the hands of those who use them for their benefit.


Sacrificing animals such as cow, camel, buffalos, goats and sheep on Eid-ul-Azha is an Islamic festival observed to commemorate the willingness of the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and his son Ismail (AS) to follow Allah’s command to sacrifice his son Hazrat Ismaili (A.S). However, over the years, I feel that there are some aspects to this religious obligation that have been completely forgotten.
Many people get rid of the sacrificial animals’ offal by simply leaving them on roadside. Not only does this create an unhealthy environment, it is horrifying to look at. There should be a proper disposal method. KMC should better look into this issue and take steps to immediately clean all such sites.
I feel that if someone is sacrificing an animal, they should also make arrangements to clean the place and KMC should announce telephone number(s) where people can call for help in this regard. A few years ago, authorities had banned setting up cattle markets inside city’s limits as they cause traffic jams, unbearable stench and this creates an unhygienic environment. But every year small cattle markets pop up around the city, it entertains children but at the same time also exposes them to disease such as Cango Fever.
The main cattle market at Super Highway remains the prime focus for youngsters and has been categorised for expensive buys, while small markets inside the city are far more economical. Eid-ul-Azha is a grand holy festival and is celebrated with high spirits, but we should not forget that Islam is a religion that lays emphasis on outmost care for others.

Independence Day

14th of August 1947 was the date when our lovely country ‘Pakistan’ came on the map of the world and the Muslims of the sub-continent took a sigh of relief. It was the day when Quaid-a-Azam’s struggle bore fruit and the Muslims became able to choose their culture to follow. One cannot find words to express gratitude which we, as a nation, owe to the Quaid for his relentless efforts for the creation of Pakistan. Though he is not with us to celebrate freedom , yet his name is in heart of every Pakistani. He gave Muslims a unique place to live a life on their own choosing.
Quaid-a-Azam was a man who followed the ideology of the Last Prophet (PBUH) and practised utmost tolerance and patience. Therefore, we ought to follow his traits to make Pakistan great in the comity of nations. We should celebrate Independence Day in such a manner that everyone should know that there is a nation which is not only a nuclear power but united and educated.

Create beautiful culture

More than 30 people have been killed in two terrible shooting incidents in the United States. As for America, it is back to square one when it comes to the flourishing gun culture. Given the frequent shooting incidents in America, Donald Trump government cannot do anything to immediately stop the gun culture. But there are ways to do so. There have been various reasons quoted for such sad incidents that are almost quite common in the USA.
Quite interestingly, social factors like jobs, immigration policy are now being dragged to these sad stories. Trump should be very careful of his action against the backdrops of gun menace. More than anything else, it is also about cultivating the minds and hearts of the American youth. To start with, the American educational system should be moulded to instil a sense of responsibility into American students at their budding stages. Consequently, these stringent and careful steps will lead America to a new path sooner or later.
Besides, the culture needs to be protected at all costs for social harmony. America has been having the beautiful culture and coherent environments in terms of history, knowledge, wealth and technology. With more attention to such social activities, America will be changing from the current difficult situation to a calm and beautiful environment sometime hence.
Maharashtra, India

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