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Sino-India war

Nations will go to war if dialogues bring insignificant outcomes. This goes very apt for the nations that yearn to be superpower. It is not for the first time in history that two major neighbouring countries in Asia – China and India – have engaged in a standoff in the shape of “Ladakh Crisis” along the Line of Actual Control (LAC)—de facto border between two world’s most populous countries. History bears myriad of hurdles between two neighbours. Limited war in 1962, Cho La clashed in 1967, Tulung La killings in 1975, Sino-India skirmishes in 1987, Daulat Beg incident in 2013 and Doklam military standoff in 2017, suggest that a perpetual problem remains between China and India.
There are two basic schools of thought that reveal the hostile nature of two nuclear powers. One school of thought believes that the current crisis at Galwan valley is the result of India’s illegal construction of infrastructure in the bordering areas. Whereas, the other relevant thought states that the root cause of the clash is unilateral move of India in repealing the article 370 of Indian Constitution. Such a blunder by Modi’s government has triggered the skirmish. It is also estimated that any miscalculation may turn into full-fledged war that will surely wreak havoc in Asia, particularly in South Asia. The present Sino-India conflict is not the replay of 1962. For now both have evolved into nuclear arms states, and it is a huge threat for peace of the whole globe. South Asia has become insecure owing to the presence of extensive power of nuclear weapons of its states.
However, numerous attempts are being made to normalise the heightened tension between two giant countries and both the countries have signed an agreement to reduce the tension. But India may not be silent after conceding the deaths of its 20 soldiers. Indian government knows well that China will be a tough nut to crack.

Ghabrana nahi hai

It is heartbreaking to note that none of pre-poll promises made by {PM} Imran Khan has turned into reality so far. Since the very day of his oath taking ceremony, it has added miseries to the life of poor masses. Inflation, fluctuation in dollar rates and budget reforms have added fuel to the fire.
In initial time he promised to have an ideal system of Pakistan within 100 days. He further claimed to make Pakistan a state of Madina, but as of now he seems fail to do so. He is addressing to nation “Not to worry (Ghabrana nahii hai); I am not taunting but the current scenario speaks itself.
In fact, previous governments were corrupt but they didn’t let the burden felt to nation. For any nation relief to masses is a prerequisite on the way towards prosperity. I request the Prime minister to formulate the modus operandi to run the government.

child abuse

Recently, a child abuse scandal in Thari Mirwah, Sindh surfaced on social media which has once again shaken the heart of many and has simultaneously caused anger among masses. As per reports, a video went viral on social media in which a retired school teacher at his tuition centre in Khairpur sexually assaulted a 10-year-old boy and has been allegedly involved in serial rapes and filming child pornography.
The alleged teacher is believed to have been an influential person in the area. Reportedly, his past scandals were suppressed through his influence. It is being reported that the teacher accused of rape used to silence the innocent children by blackmailing them to post their videos on social media, if resisted. There are also fears that many child abuse videos can be in possession of the accused and few others may also be found involved in child pornography if matter is seriously investigated. Some believe that such cases may be a part of child pornography racket and sold to “dark web” as child pornography is widely watched and demanded online. Immediate investigation should be made that for how long the accused culprit have been making films of child pornography and for what purposes.
Naturally, many questions arise here: why such crimes happen or how can it be stopped? In order to control such crimes it is suggested to appoint female teachers, installing CCTVs in every school class and tuition centres. There should not be a communication gap between child and parents. There are several laws on child protection and culprits often walk scot free owing to weak criminal judicial system. Such cases speak volumes of incompetency of police and local media on their failure to report and take action under political pressure.

Street crimes and social media

Our country is facing a lot of problems and one of them is street crimes. But our social media is quite busy in discussing the break up story of Hania Amir and Asim Azhar or wedding ceremony of Sarah Khan and Falak Shabbir. To feel sorry for someone or to feel happy and sending well wishes for someone’s wedding is good but make it trending all the time is very unfair. In fact we have so many problems that we can highlight through social media and create awareness among masses.
Street crimes such as snatching of mobile phones, cars, jewellery etc are very common nowadays especially in Karachi. In cities like Karachi, you cannot find a person who never witnessed street crimes like snatching a cell phone or whooping cash. Mostly citizens in Karachi have either been held up at gunpoint themselves, or have friends or family members who have gone through this terrifying nightmare. We have lost many lives for not handing over a mobile phone or wallet.
Everyday street crimes headlines appear in news, but, sadly, no efforts have been made to overcome this disgusting issue. According to some researches, the people who commit such crimes are simple native looking souls who are tired of prolonged poverty or joblessness and do spoil in such activities. And we all know that due to this pandemic period many more people got unemployed despite the fact these people are not getting rid of such street criminals.

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