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Governance issue in
mega city

Karachi, which is the world’s 8th largest city and Pakistan’s ‘jewel in the crown’, and contributes 60% of the country’s revenue, is in a shambles. Neither the federal nor the Sindh government depicts any ownership to the city’s ordeals. The city government blames the Centre and the Sindh governments for step-motherly treating Karachi by constantly neglecting issues which may cause a serious outbreak of violence in this megacity.
Why has the issue of governance in Karachi been allowed to take a dangerous course by federal and provincial governments? Why does the SC have to periodically intervene and issue warnings to both governments when it’s their responsibility to resume the KCR and put things in order what will the government’s alternative strategy be and why was it unable to mobilise local resources?” The breakdown of Karachi’s infrastructure, particularly during the monsoon rains, is a reality. In the absence of a proper sewage system, the city collapses under a heavy rain spell. Governance is the main issue as far as Karachi’s transport, water, sewage, roads and other thorny issues are concerned.
There are two major reasons to analyse why Karachi’s governance issue is becoming serious and can cause lethal damage to the city’s peace, stability and productivity. The main reason for these problems is the lack of ownership by the wielders of power. It is high time that the Government played their role for the revival of Karachi because if this heart of Pakistan collapses, it will put the survival of the country at stake.

Polio vaccination

On 31 January an article was published about the Polio Vaccination, that three kids died as a result of this vaccination. I am writing to express my concern about such statements which harass the parents. Such news are putting bad impact upon the parents especially those who are really concerned about the vaccination course of their kids as they found the vaccine safe, effective and is an essential tool to protect their kids against polio.
What I think media should not promote or publish unauthentic news. They should better to investigate the root cause. As this vaccine have side effects if not given at a right time (terms and conditions). Such conditions and situations occur with those kids who are allergic reaction with polio vaccine which is very rare i.e. low blood pressure, trouble in breathing, fainting or blue colour skin. Thus it is necessary for the polio vaccination team to inquire before injecting the dose. I request you to collect and publish the complete information. Such unauthentic and incomplete news help in spreading rumours and are enough to scare the parents and avoiding their kids to be vaccinated. We should play a proper role to support such campaigns. I also request the authorities concerned to arrange publication of a special report about the Vaccination to make people aware of the campaign.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

You can’t just sit back, relax, and expect everything to fall into place automatically. People who are willing to take the risk, no matter the cost, will achieve their goal eventually. If you have dreams, you have to put efforts to accomplish them because no one is going to serve them in your plate.
A family in Rawalpindi has set a unique record after the fifth daughter Zohra Malik aced the CSS examination in the year-2019. Zoha’s four sisters Laila, Shireen, Sassi and Marvi also passed the CSS examination with flying colours in 2008, 2010 and 2017 respectively and are already serving at various government posts.
In an interview with BBC Urdu, their father said, “When my daughters were born people console me rather than congratulating me. But I always knew that they will make me proud more than any son. “Their success has served as slap in the face of those people who once consoled their father for having five daughters. They not only made their father proud but also shattered the stereotypes and set new gender roles.

We reject the world map

A new hash tag has been created on twitter like viral information which sounds like “we reject the world map”. The Google and apple map officially removes the word Palestine from their map these statements are giving by using the residents of the one of a kind country. The residents are using unique hash tags like #we stand with Palestine #we want Palestine #Palestine #to add the word Palestine once more in the world map. Citizens are saying that nowadays Palestine has been removed from the map. Tomorrow they will eliminate it from the world. We demand justice from them. While on the other aspect however as far as Google Maps is concerned, it really had now not been. There has by no means been a ‘Palestine’ label on Google Maps, alternatively we observed a malicious program that eliminated the labels for ‘West Bank’ and ‘Gaza Strip,’ ” the enterprise said in a statement. “We’re working rapidly to bring these labels back to the area.”
After analyzing many hash tags and official feedback on twitter, I get at the factor that the going for walks department of Google is telling a lie to all the citizens. So I also stand with Palestine as Palestine has faced many difficulties in their lifestyles but after eliminating it from a map it is truly unfair to them. They do not deserve this. So I am here to be their voice so that the complete world can stand with them.

Incompetence of K-Electric

Shortage of electricity is one of the most important problems of Karachi and since corona virus has nowadays affected the world badly due to which we are having lockdown everywhere. In such a situation, educational institutions are also closed. Therefore, students are forced to study at home through online classes. But this unannounced loadshedding has made it very difficult for them to pursue their online education.
Most students are not being able to attend their classes on time. Recently, PM Imran Khan took notice and in this regard he met the Governor of Sindh and management of K-Electric but so far no result has come out. I request the higher authorities to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Eid, sanitisation and Covid-19

As Eid-ul-Azha is just round the corner and on this occasion, Muslims perform the act of sacrifice following the Sunnah of Hazrat Ibrahim A.S. But according to the current situation, security measures are necessary to fulfil this act. So the rainy season has just begun and we are also fighting Coronavirus, if the sacrificial animal is not disposed off properly after sacrifice, it will be tantamount to promoting Corona as well as other diseases.
While collective sacrifice has a lot of religious significance, to reduce the hovering threats of corona virus second wave and other disease. Slaughtering in neighbourhood should be regulated to make sure that the offal or sacrificial animal is properly disposed off instead of being thrown out in the streets.

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