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The Govt
has to go?

People’s duly selected and elected Prime Minister Imran Khan’s federal government has to go because the combined opposition including two former ruling parties are demanding so. Opposition parties and their leaders have so many reasons to demand this and even to march on to Islamabad under the religious cover on the initiative of former National Kashmir Committee Chairman who is more keen and desirous to tread the corridors of power in Islamabad than anyone else.
This is so because PM Imran Khan and his government have and continue to highlight lingering Kashmir issue and apprising the comity of nations and their leaders about the brutalities, suppression and oppression which the Indian occupation forces are committing to the Kashmiris demanding their fundamental right of self-determination. This is so because the incumbent government had averted financial default after the friendly countries had come out with generous assistance and help in response to pressing requests made by the PM.
This is so because the federal government has been and continues to take unwelcome, unpleasant and tough decisions to overcome the serious economic crisis and put the country on the path of economic stability, progress and prosperity. This is so because the incumbent government is determined and committed to eliminating menace of corruption, conduct ruthless accountability to create corruption-free Pakistan at earliest.
This is so because the civil and military leadership are on one page and determinedly and quite successfully chasing out terrorists, militants and extremists to cleans the sacred soil of the motherland from their evil presence and heinous anti-human activities. There are many other reasons like the government and its leadership enhancing and improving Pakistan relations with foreign countries through frequent interaction with the world leaders besides trying to improve situation internally for which the Opposition is demanding the incumbent govt has to go.

India’s reluctance
on Kashmir

India is reluctant to accept mediation on Kashmir. On the other hand, history shows India herself rushed to the United Nations for mediation on Kashmir. In 1962, battered by Chinese troops at North-Eastern Frontier Agency (Arunachal Pradesh), New Delhi rushed to the President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, for “12 squadrons of B-47 bombers” fighters manned by American crew “ (Herald, Karachi, March 1, 2019).
Unable to remove Pakistani fighters from Kargil heights, including Tiger Hill, India again approached the United States with a muffled request for help during the Kargil crisis. Rundown journalist Barkha Dutt, in her book, This Unquiet Land: Stories from India’s Fault Lines, says, “The former Indian National Security Advisor Brajesh Misra, during an interview to NDTV, revealed that a letter given to President Clinton by PM Vajpayee had hinted that India was contemplating crossing the LoC as well as using nuclear weapons if Pakistan did not pull out the fighters from Kargil.”
This is also quoted in Foreign Policy Journal (July 31, 2016). After the latest perfidy of annexing the territory of occupied Kashmir will Indian again sprint to Washington DC when the Kashmiri people’s uprising goes out of Delhi’s control?

Making peace by mending fences

I hope peace will [soon] return to both India and Pakistan at last [bloodbaths have been posing serious threats to the human race and the world at large]. While talking about peace, it is also very important to care about negotiations. In world history so far, there have been so many issues resolved through great negotiation. This is/has been the fact. Any quick reference to history books and other interesting books on world events will make this point/fact very clear to all.
Aligned with my better judgment, I really appreciate the US President Donald Trump offering help on resolving issues between India and Pakistan. If I am not wrong, this is what the internationally renowned institutions like the United Nations have long been doing for the sake of world peace.
There is nothing wrong seeking help whatsoever. In fact, this is something having been proved true. Recently, I saw a beautiful article through one of the American media houses and the article was clearly talking about human love and our beautiful environment around. One more point, I had visited the website of one of China’s educational/research institutes. On their institute website, I could see a separate and beautiful world altogether reading some interesting articles and going through their events held. I was quite spellbound with interesting facets of education in China that has often been considered differently at the world stage.
In my native places like Korkai, Tuticorin, Tirunelveli, Nagercoil, Tiruchendur, Marthandam, Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu [most of which have been known for their excellence in education], parents have been constantly encouraging their children to study well and complete their education in order to ensure a beautiful and peaceful life in future. Countries should try to cultivate the world in a profound manner through education, peace and wealth.

In a state of ruin

Reference to article ‘Karachi in a state of ruin’ by Asif Murad. Karachi is also backbone of Pakistan’s economy with contribution of 5% in its total GDP. Karachi, once a clean and illuminated city, is now in a total shambles and deserves attention to improve its image.
After recent heavy rains, Water and Sewerage Board, Karachi, is perhaps in its worst condition. Moreover, industries and vehicles have badly marred air quality in the city and now every corner of the city is polluted. Land mafia supported by political bosses is enjoying piece-of-cake and no one dare to touch them.
Now as a last resort the Federal Government must pay its role to show sincerity to masses and find solution to these problems for the last many decades.

World is interconnected

According to reports from the international media houses, the world’s biggest oil facilities in Saudi Arabia have been damaged in the alleged brutal attacks. Various stories have been doing the rounds and the US and President Donald Trump are pointing the finger at Iran. Consequently, there have been rumors with different hues and colors and also volatile oil prices have been reported from across the world.
Saudi Arabia has been an eye-catching country in the world and even countries like the USA have long been making a beeline for Saudi Arabia for various factors like Saudi’s rich heritage and above all its gigantic oil resources. This apart, there have long been internal conflicts in Saudi Arabia, posed by so many fringe elements and other radical groups from within, only forcing this beautiful country to seek nothing short of serious help from other countries.
Therefore, the fact is that the international community is interconnected and countries have been dependent on one another. Any tweak to this situation will affect the status quo, creating bigger problems for the whole world. Countries should always insist on peaceful existence and work in the direction of making the whole world wealthy.

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