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PIA plane crash

Pakistan Airlines and Pakistan Railways have always been {in-}famous for fatal accidents. The unfortunate plane flying from Lahore to Karachi carrying 99 passengers and crew developed technical faults before landing and crashed in residential area of Model Town, Karachi. The national flag carrier resumed flights after a hiatus of nearly two months. PIA has just over 30 operational planes, a very small number as compared to other international airlines but a rich history of fatalities.
Sadly, every time the facts are shrouded in mystery after the accidents, Many times questions have been raised by various stakeholders about the fitness of these planes. The performance of PIA is no secret for anybody as the airline has not furnished its financial reports to SEC for past two years. Bail-out packages have been given to PIA every now and then. Risking the lives of crew and passenger is a criminal act and must be avoided in all circumstances. The ethos of working in the airline must be changed and the safety first principle should be applied. Commiserations with the bereaved families.

Eid and lockdown

I want to draw attention of your readers towards an issue which we are coming across in a day or two. As we celebrate Eid with traditional zeal and fervour every year but due to COVID-19, this year people will be limited to their homes. They will not be allowed to go to parks, hotels and other refreshment places because of critical situation. Therefore, this is good for all of us to stay at our homes and enjoy Eid without going anywhere.
It merits pertinent to mention that if we don’t follow the SOPs, then we have to pay for this and we will be in a big loss and the wounds will take years to heal. So please help yourself and your family by following SOPs during Eid days and spread message of love, unity and peace.

Must stop abductions of activists

It is pathetic and disturbing that the level of abductions and disgusting ill-treatments and torture of opposition members and activists continues rampantly in Zimbabwe. Recently, Movement for Democratic Change activists Cecilia Chembiri, Joana Mamombe MP and Netsai Marova were abducted and tortured by ZANU PF thugs just because they were demonstrating against hunger in Zimbabwe. This is the same abduction and torture which happened to trade unionist Doctor Peter.
The world should seriously condemn, voice their concerns to President Mnangagwa about these abductions in Zimbabwe before we start seeing another wave of mass migration of Zimbabweans fleeing to other countries such as South Africa, USA, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada because of the climate of fear in Zimbabwe and mass abductions.
United Kingdom

Covid-19 and human psyche

As the brain is the headquarters of each human and individuals join each other to be a team and deal with every discipline. These actions are decided by the brain so the brain is called the global headquarters. We need to take care of its health. As we are facing this crucial time of COVID-19 pandemic, in which everyone is afraid of others. Instead of teamwork, we prefer going individually. Hug, handshake and some other gestures are for greeting, but now we stay at distance just for the sake of each other’s health, but it seems that human is afraid of human. We are destined to survive in this world. This behaviour will have grave effects on our mental health and psychology, especially in children and teenagers, which are the future builders.
It is a time to play a role, WHO as collectively, and the governments individually, as the pandemic seems about to downfall, make ready the psychologist and psychiatrist to cover this aspect of the pandemic. Responsibility is also upon the infotainment, entertainment industries, writers, media, prominent speakers, teachers, and social dignitaries to play a role to improve the mental health of society. By using all these tools, we have to combat the psychological effects to make ready the next generation to meet upcoming global challenge.

World Obestetric Fistula Day

Yesterday, 23rd May was observed as International Day To End Obstetric Fistula. The Day was first observed by the UN in 2013. Fistula has been a silent death for millions of girls and women in developing countries. In Pakistan, every year 3,500 women develop fistula according to estimates by the United Nations Population Fund, this rate is increasing yearly because the issue is not under the attention which it deserves and many policy makers haven’t even heard of the issue.
Additionally, Pakistan continues to have one of the highest maternal mortality rates in South Asia. Out of every 100,000 live births, 178 result in death. These ground realities only further underscore the importance of lady health workers in providing basic health-care and assistance to millions of women in the country. However, Obstetric Fistula is one of the most devastating injuries to occur during childbirth. It is preventable if authorities raise awareness among general masses and provide health facilities in every remote area of Pakistan. But sadly, this problem is discussed only once every year when the International Day To End Obstetric Fistula is observed.
Malir Karachi