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Articles and letters may be edited for the purposes of clarity and space. They are published in good faith with a view to enlightening all the stakeholders. However, the contents of these writings may not necessarily match the views of the newspaper.

Indian media versus Pakistani media

In civilized and true democratic societies of the world, all the institutions perform their duties with utmost professionalism and responsibility by being objective and focused. Media is also one of such institutions. Now globally, media (especially electronic medium) has acquired a great importance and significance for objectively and professionally conveying one’s message nationally and internationally. Throughout the world, it has generally been observed that media (both print and electronic) behave in a sensible and professional manner. But, unfortunately, Indian media has never remained to be an objective, professional and true whenever there comes the question of discussing and reporting its issues about Pakistan.
Indian media always propagate hate and venom against Pakistan, its government and armed forces. Even in the current scenario, the Indian media has been adding fuel to the fire. As usual, the Pakistani media, on the other hand, has been very responsible and professional in dealing with the current situation with India. It has remained very objective and purposeful without being jingoistic.
Instead of pacifying the situation and being objective and professional, Indian media has continuously been playing an irresponsible and unprofessional role by talking against Pakistan and its armed forces. India claims itself to be the largest democratic country of the world besides having a claim of being a secular country. But, its actions have always been contrary to such claims. It is time India really turned towards being true democratic and secular country and its institutions too (especially electronic medium) started behaving in a professional manner.

Toshakhana expensive gifts case

This is with reference to report published in a section of media, including your newspaper (Jan 17/2020), about alleged illegal act of former PM Yusaf Raza Gillani allowing retention of expensive vehicles gifted by different foreign heads of states, instead of being retained by Central Pool of Cars. We must set record straight that this irregularity being depicted as most expensive is not factual.
According to international practice, gifts given by one state to another are for their respective governments and not for specific individual. To set record straight this malpractice and irregularity started in 1963 when US Government gifted Ghandhara Motors which was retained by family of former President Ayub Khan. This was the most expensive gift ever given by any foreign government to Pakistan. It was perhaps a coincidence that this followed Ayub Khan’s decision not to intervene in 1962 on advice of China to liberate IoK. There is no record of numerous gifts given to both civil political elite and uniformed elite who frequently visit Gulf and Middle East kingdoms and sheikdoms who are known for giving such lavish gifts.
The irregularity involving Asif Zardari and Nawaz Sharif, were armoured vehicles BMW750Li, Lexus Jeep, BMW760 Li gifted by UAE and Libya to Pakistan. The report further suggests that these expensive gifts were retained by former VVIPs after paying nominal retention fee of 15%. We must also not forget that Musharraf himself has accepted that he was gifted almost $25 million by Saudi royalty.

Shopping frenzy grips

Like many other parts of the country, shopping frenzy in an utter disregard of what they call the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) continues in the federal capital, Islamabad. As the markets, malls and shops reopened, crowds of people – Eid shoppers – flocked to shopping hubs of the twin cities – Rawalpindi and Islamabad – akin to other cities and towns, “Social distancing’ measure is not in place in reality in the twin cities..
From an irresponsible and reckless attitude of the citizens, one can assume that the people of Pakistan have defeated the deadliest virus and now they are in celebration mood. As the confirmed deaths and cases keep rising unabated, experts do not see any prospects for fall in it in the coming days and if this frenzy of the Eid-shoppers grips our markets and malls till the Eid, the situation can be volatile.
The WHO and pandemic experts together with healthcare personnel dealing with the Covid-19 havoc in the country must be watching possible developments with premonition. Their fear is not without basis. The country is set to witness a worrying situation. Dealing with a deadly COVID-19 efficiently with this non-serious attitude of crowds and commuters might emerge as a daunting task for the authorities. Let’s see what happens in the days ahead but we can only pray for this country and countrymen.


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