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Khan’s fearless speech at UNGA

There is no gain saying the fact that Prime Minister Imran Khan is a born leader and an outstanding speaker. Mr Khan must be given credit for his hard-hitting and impressive speech delivered on 27 Sep 2019 at the United Nations General Assembly. Khan’s emphatic speech made the world sit up and think.
His speech proves that he is a strong, courageous and fearless leader. He made it clear to the world community that Muslims are one of the greatest supporters of human values. We have seen in the past that when a leader is to speak at the global forum, he has some points on paper which are referred to during speech. At UNGA our PM speak extempore for 45 minutes without a single fumble. Khan also very intelligently exposed Modi mind-set on Kashmir.
During his speech, Imran Khan drew the world’s attention about Indian brutality and Indian atrocities in Occupied Kashmir. Mr. Khan did his best for millions of Kashmiris living under siege. More than 55 days have passed; still Kashmiris are facing difficulties and passing their lives under curfew. PM has delivered, now it is time for the whole Muslim Ummah to awake and gather on one platform, and urge UN and world community to resolve the long- standing Kashmir issue according to the UN Security Council resolutions.

PM needs security

Well, talk of the world has become Imran Khan’s speech in UNGA these days which has undoubtedly won the hearts of Muslims across the globe. Imran Khan has bluntly talked in UNGA about issues being faced by Muslims all over the world especially in the West where Muslims are being marginalized and inhuman curfew in Kashmir which has lasted back-to-back 55 days. He reiterated that what would happen once curfew is lifted and expressed his apprehension of bloodbath in Kashmir?
History proves that whosoever has talked so bluntly in UNGA ultimately got killed like Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Gen. Zia ul Haq. Need of the hour is to beef up the security of our bold and brave Prime Minister Imran Khan so that any eventuality may be prevented because his presence in the world is not only necessary for Pakistan but for the Muslim world.

A Muslim Ambassador

Imran Khan has been warmly received by a huge crowd at Islamabad airport. His reception is a true evidence of his popularity. It seemed as if he has again won a World Cup for Pakistan. But this time his popularity has gone beyond Pakistan and he has emerged as an ambassador of entire Muslim world. His speech at the General Assembly of United Nations has unveiled India’s unpardonable insularity, brutality on Kashmiris by imposing a consistent curfew for eight weeks. He raised the voice of Kashmiris with such a strong, appealing and touching words that his speech has turned into a milestone in the way of Kashmir revolution.
His extemporaneous speech supported with Islamic references effectively narrated the Muslims plight and clarified the Islamophobia in the western world. None of Pakistani leaders have ever been seen speaking with such a confidence, ease and grace, harmonized with a fine body language at an international forum. It is hoped that his words will wake up the sleepy conscience of the world community. May Allah keep him determine on the right path and award him success. Ameen

United Nations

On the 27th of September 2019, Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, addressed the United Nations General Assembly. It was a great speech by Imran Khan. The address of our Prime Minister discussed the Kashmir issue on high and told the other countries that we all need to focus on this issue with honesty. He showed the real face of India to the entire world. The eight million people in Kashmir are treated like animals. Imran Khan said that we must not leave alone Kashmiri people in this situation. India must lift curfew from Kashmir and free all restrictions. Everyone has right to freedom of speech and right to live free.
More than 57 days have passed, Kashmir is under curfew and still no solution has been found. There are no facilities in Kashmir due to curfew, no medicine, no internet, no food, no light, no cable etc. Everything is off and Kashmiri people are in hope the world conscience would help them against the oppression of India. Especially, the European countries can contribute their efforts to end brutalities of India ensuring freedom to the Kashmiri people.
Moreover, Imran Khan sent a clear message that Pakistan stands with Kashmiri people in their freedom struggle. He appealed to the world that India may be forced to lift curfew from Kashmir. Hope that the Kashmir issue will be resolved at the earliest and peace prevails once again in this beautiful Valley of Kashmir.

Zimbabwe misplaced priorities

I am totally disappointed by the Zimbabwean ZANU PF government which is failing to prioritise things in Zimbabwe and show strong and effective leadership. Zimbabwe has many resources like minerals, wildlife, agriculture and timber plantations. The government is dismally failing to unlock these resources to revive the country’s economy which is in quagmire.
The Zimbabwean government wanted to waste money on building a mausoleum for the late Robert Mugabe who ruined the country by grabbing productive white farmers and giving them to lazy, unproductive friends and cronies who can’t even produce a quarter of what the former white farmers used to produce. The burial arrangements for the late Mugabe caused a lot of confusion and diverted attention which should not have been a priority. The Zimbabwean President should get the priorities right and focus on reviving the country’s economy, reforming the judiciary system and changing Zimbabwe into a democratic nation.

Airline passenger

Almost every civil airport in Pakistan is today on Red List of Unsafe Airfields, because large birds like eagles and vultures pose a threat to commercial aviation flights. Having compromised passenger safety at existing airports, where even today such irregular construction continues in Lahore, it was hoped that the new Islamabad airport built at a cost exceeding Rs 100 Billion located over 30 miles from outskirts of Islamabad would be free from such potent violations.
Almost daily, new housing societies are being advertised for sale in vicinity of New Islamabad Airport. It seems profits and commercial interests of real estate developers matter more than lives of airline passengers. Why should CAA and local administration remain muted until such time these constructions are finalized and then Third Party Interest be cited to seek regularization.
Can Pakistan, already under microscopic scan of hostile countries, afford that circumstances are allowed to exist for major aviation crashes or accidents to occur. Are profits of a few more important than lives of thousands taxpaying innocent who pay to travel? It is taxes from airline passengers and aviation companies which fund Civil Aviation Authority and its executives and workforce to ensure that ICAO Safety rules are enforced. ICAO mandates and CAA rules do incorporate Rule of Mandatory Sterile Zone of 15 KM around periphery of active runways.
It is unfortunate that vested interests of corrupt executives within CAA in collaboration with district or cantonment administration have been giving NOC allowing construction of Housing Societies, Clubs, Marriage Halls, Butcheries, Restaurants and Hotels. The waste from them attract birds large enough to cause severe damage to aircraft in approach or take-off configuration, which can lead to fatal crashes and accidents involving hundreds of innocent passengers.
Malik Tariq Ali

Karachi rain — its issues and solutions

One of the biggest problems that are being faced in Pakistan right now is the monsoon rain and the unwarranted deaths that happened because of electrocution and other reasons. Recent reports form August’s rains have shown that more than 20 people have died because of electrocution. Dozens of animals were also electrocuted because of these rains. The Karachi Mayor, Waseem Akhtar was critical of the Electric Board K-Electric and Pakistani government and was open with his offer to accompany people who wanted to file a first information report against K-Electric.
Mr. Akhtar shed light on this issue caused by the rain and criticised the provincial government of Pakistan. He demanded that the city should be declared as “disaster-struck” so that NDMA and PDMA can extend their support to aid the authorities in tackling the damages that happened because of rain. A major solution that can start with resolving such issues of deaths after rain that has increased over the past few years in Karachi and other parts of Pakistan is to work on the infrastructure. Karachi, especially, is in dire need of infrastructure improvement as the lack of government control has seen K-Electric become lenient in their efforts to make their wiring secure.
As a result, these deaths that could have been easily avoided, happens. It is recommended that a key solution that can help resolve this challenge in the long run is the strengthening of the Disaster Management Authorities (DMAs). In view of the recent disasters because of rain, DMAs – once strengthened – can tackle this with Sindh government in Karachi and other districts.

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