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Misery of PSL matches

It is delighted to see that Pakistan has finally succeeded to host a number of PSL matches on its own soil. All the matches have been scheduled to be played in Karachi that has brought happiness on the faces of Karachities. On the other hand, Karachities are also dealing with the misery of worst traffic jams because some roads have been blocked leading to stadium owing to which traffic is diverted to other roads that cause traffic jams. It becomes really miserable in the evening when office going officials and businessmen leave their workplace to reach home.
Patrons of PSL could have scheduled matches at noon or night or could have organised in Bahria Town cricket ground so that people belonging to all walks of life could equally enjoy PSL. Last but not the least, traffic jams could cause misadventure while smooth flow of traffic can’t and if we claim that Pakistan is a safe place to play cricket then beefing up so much security and blocking roads send a wrong message to foreign cricketers and media officials who have accompanied them.

Cricket in India

People in India appear to be inordinately enthusiastic and passionate about cricket. As a result of this, other sports are neglected; hence, India has not achieved much in the field of other sports. In football, athletics, gymnastics, badminton, lawn tennis, hockey and boxing, our players have not been able to achieve much.
If similar attention is paid to other sports as well, our players can do equally well in other sports too. Hence, I would like to appeal to the Government and the people to look into it and promote other sports as well. More facilities must be provided for all the sports.
Mumbai, India

Waiting for health cards

Pakistan is facing a health crisis with rising rates of heart diseases, diabetes, obesity and other non-communicable diseases (NCDs) which disproportionately affect poor families. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported 4 million cases of diarrhoea, pneumonia, malaria and skin conditions that had largely resulted from the flood conditions, cholera outbreaks have also been affected from the flood affected areas.
From October 15 to 22, WHO reported about 258000 cases of pneumonia, diarrhoea, malaria and fatal diseases such as dengue and crimean congo. I humbly request the Government of Pakistan to kindly provide Sehat Insaf Card as soon as possible.

Health problem

Health is a very critical issue in all over the world especially in underdeveloped countries like Pakistan. Most people in underdeveloped countries have no access to adequate health facilities. Majority of countries spend only a percent on less of their budget on health. About 840 million people in underdeveloped countries are still undernourished.
As we know malaria, hepatitis, pregnancy and HIV/aids are such diseases which lead to many deaths. And the number of hospitals and doctors is very low in ratio to the size of pollution. Actually Pakistan’s hospitals are open for business and are treating the patients like animal. But the government isn’t taking any action! Therefore the government, NGOs, private sector {everyone} should work to solve the health problem in Pakistan. In this way several lives could be saved.

LTE: Being tech savvy

Technology must be used in a constructive manner in order to extract its maximum advantages, but it is so unfortunate to observe over all in the society that we have become so irresponsible as users of technology without even realizing it. Being “TECH SAVVY” is considered as just being good at social media handles or having multiple social media accounts. Usage of smart phone has just been confined to involve ourselves in non-productive unending activities throughout day on social media platforms and that’s it!
We must get out of the state of delusion and should be highly sensitised regarding the fact that time is money and we, as citizens of a developing country, can’t afford to waste it like that. We all must have an uber-sensitive approach towards the rapid socio-economic growth worldwide. It’s high time!!! As if we look at our neighbouring countries like India & Bangladesh they are standing tall at the first and second positions in the row of Int’l freelancing Market, despite having 3G/4G, easy access to internet and smart phones in Pakistan, we are at 4th place in that row; this is indeed, a point to ponder for all of us.
There are many constructive and positive opportunities available online to navigate our attention and time, we just need to have an intention not to just explore but pursue them in order to achieve efficient usage of our time, energies and technology. We can learn and make our earnings right through our smart phone, sitting on a couch, with the help of online distant learning programs and freelancing. It’s all there for us, I think we just need to get rid of purpose-less online activities from our routine life and must go beyond “like, comment and share”.

Oversized bags

Carrying heavy school bags causes a lot of disorders and weakens the backbones and damages the spinal code. As a result of carrying heavy school bags, a growing number of children are having back pain and spinal abnormalities, conditions that can be permanent for the rest of their lives. Most of the students are seen carrying heavy school bags which are full of notebooks, books, dictionaries and food.
Why children have to carry so many books? Why do we feel the need to burden their little shoulders with so heavy bags? It is high time teachers and parents sit together to find a solution to the issue. I hope that our government will take serious and sincere steps for the solution of this issue.