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Corona Virus vs newspapers

With the spread of coronavirus Covid-19, a number of rumours and myths have found way into our inboxes, which is as dangerous as the contagion itself because it can potentially lead to panic and hysteria among the people. One such unfounded rumour links the disease to newspapers, claiming that the newspapers can act as carriers of the coronavirus.
Health experts have said there is no known risk of spread of novel Coronavirus through newspapers, busting rumours that have triggered a scare amongst one and many. The World Health Organization (WHO) has categorically confirmed that newspapers are safe and dont pose any kind of danger owing to Coronavirus.

and animals

In the USA, a tiger was showing the symptoms of Coronavirus and tested positive. Not just this, some Malaysian tigers and a lion were ill and the zoo members suspected them suffering from Coronavirus. That’s why, people were not allowed to enter zoo. This shows that animals are also in danger because of this virus. If yes, then it will be more dangerous for humans. Apart from this, our home pets such as dogs or cats can be infected by Coronavirus.
The virus came from animals to human and can be transferred easily from human to animals. The continuous meeting with pets can be dangerous for human beings. If someone is a patient of Coronavirus, he or she should neither sit near humans nor animals. Please maintain social distancing at all possible cost.

Hidden heroes

People are frequently appreciating the efforts of our white coat army i.e. doctors and supportive medical staff. But is it fair with the low waged security staff that is acting as a shield wall to restrict people and limit the spreading of Coronavirus? Nobody is bothering to praise their services. They are hidden heroes who include security guards, local police, rangers, anchors, videographers, journalists and members of DC office.
They equally share the risk of being infected, still there is lack of gratitude and thankfulness. In my opinion, they should be equally respected as we salute our doctors and meanwhile a raise in pay or bonus can act as a valuable recognition. It is the payback time of our super heroes who are standing outside for our safety.

E-risk of supply chain management

Information Technology has mostly transformed the paper-based environment to virtual environment. On one side the exponential growth of information and communication technology has increased the productivity and profitability of a business whereas on other side opened a window in the form of cybercrime or fraud by generating electronic risks (e-risk). The chances of cybercrime i.e. computer-assisted such as hacking, phishing, telemarketing/internet fraud are increasing by the extensive use to information technology in SCM.
The use of barcode for item-level identification, verification of orders at receiving and shipping etc in SCM is a mature automatic identification technology. Barcode does help in reduction in supply chain risk, rising due to manual oversight or fraudulent data entry by insider. By application of biometric authenticity and authorizations the duplicity in barcodes process generates e-risks can be eliminated. Artificial security tags in the RFID plays a significant role.
This tag is integrated with the existing chains and reduce counterfeiting. These unique authenticated tags attached with RFID helps the organization to avoid duplication of items. It can also reduce the chances of fraud generated by manipulation in entry, authorization from the supplier to customer because of cloning become nonexistence.E-procurement is made through an application software that includes features for supplier management and complex auctions with value chain consist of Indent Management, e-tendering. e-auctioning, which is carried out in real time.
The forms of e-procurement are web-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning): Creating and approving purchasing requisitions, placing purchase orders and receiving goods and services by using a software system based on Internet technology. Digital signatures on the documents submitted in electronic form in order to ensure the security and authenticity of the documents filed electronically. This is only secure and authentic way that a document can be submitted electronically.
Syed Ibrahim Shams

Police at risk

Police is performing a crucial job to ensure complete lockdown across the country as per government directives. But they are seen apparently insecure in traditional uniforms. Therefore, the purpose of lockdown to arrest COVID-19 proliferation is somehow compromised.
It is sheer injustice to pose policemen under the direct threat of Covid-19 who work indefatigably for the country’s greater good. Today, the nation is highly indebted to the doctors, nurses and law enforcement agencies predominantly Police. Moreover, the country is facing protective gears crisis. Then how is it possible for us to arrest the COVID-19 since its exponential growth is highly possible among them.
So, I request higher authorities to provide policemen with necessary protective kits as their lives are equally important as ours and their services are very meaningful in this testing time. So we can’t afford to subject our frontline fighters to the COVID-19 contagion. Moreover, they are followed by their beloved families.
Khairpur Mir’s

Easter is meant to forgive our enemies

Easter is a time of giving not just Easter eggs to our loved ones, but also forgiveness to our enemies, tolerance of our opponents, maintaining honour in our relationships, and setting a very good example towards our children.
This is a gentle reminder for our brothers and sisters. May the risen Lord bless you abundantly and bring lots of happiness to you and your family. Happy Easter.
Mumbai, India

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