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Wake up Muslim countries

Muslim world should now awake before it is too late after the harsh statement by Mr. Donald Trump who has categorically stated that both India and USA determined to tackle Islamic radicalism as they reckon it terrorism.
Gen Pervaiz Musharaf once clarified in one of UN speeches during his tenure as President that the West should differentiate between terrorism and Jihad. Well, it is really hard to differentiate between these two as non-Muslims consider fights by civilian religious Muslims as terrorism while Muslims consider it Jihad which is one of Islam’s sacred deed. Fights in Kashmir, Palestine, Afghanistan and other Islamic countries are whether Jihad or not may be ascertained by world’s renowned clerics and jurists but Muslims are fighting for their due rights.
Apart from this argument, need of the hour for Muslim countries is to unite to tackle non-Islamic radical state sponsored terrorism and without unity it is out of question to tackle such terrorism by worlds’ superpower i.e. the US and others. Muslim countries should gather on a platform and decide future line of action as it is eminent by Trump’s statement that they are now united against Muslims. Muslim countries’ unity has now become indispensable.

Justice for Namrata

Namrata Chandani, a final year student at Bibi Aseefa Dental College in Larkana, was found mysteriously dead in her hostel room a week ago. In the start, the cause of her death was said to be suicide but then family of the deceased termed the death a murder.
The death of a young doctor triggered a widespread outrage across Sindh. People from all walks of life held protests in cities of Sindh, such as Larkana, Shikarpur, Ghotki, Hyderabad and Karachi to show solidarity with the bereaved family and demanded culprits be brought to book. Dr Nimrita’s death has created fresh ripples of fear and concern in the Hindu community in the light of recent turmoil in Ghotki and much talked about forced conversions.
Besides, a new development in Namrata’s case has taken place, in which an under probe classmate has attributed Namrata’s death to an unrequited love. This has rather amplified deceased’s family’s apprehensions. Amidst the whole situation, it is incumbent upon the Sindh Government to ensure transparent and thorough investigation to provide speedy justice to the bereaved family. Besides, the greater responsibility also falls upon the university administration to fully cooperate with the concerned authorities to facilitate the smooth investigation to ascertain the actual cause of Dr Namrata’s death.

So many ifs and buts

The Brexit proposal has been encountering a lot of obstacles and challenges. Seriously enough, British PM Boris Johnson is now finding it difficult to deal with the entire political hullabaloo. When it comes to the Constitution and law, the United Kingdom has made paradigm shifts, even inspiring countries like the USA. Maybe, there has been the political vacuum in the UK compared with its past that had seen numerous legal experts and great political leaders.
Cooperation is the key to making deals. In my areas like Tuticorin, Tiruchendur, Korkai, Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari, people and local authorities have been in the habit of resolving issues through cooperation and negotiations. Johnson should probably get advice from or should consult prominent political figures from within the country and the international community in order to come out of the current political crises.
Maharashtra, India

in institution

There is dire need of psychologist doctor in our institutions because our people suffer from depression and hyper pressure due to tense and hectic environment which is created due to external and internal bad circumstances around us. Our people are very badly victim of this environment. The psychologist doctor shall play his role to treat the people who have become deviant and act unconventionally.
This condition is also hovering over our educational as well as in other social and public institutions. The psychologist doctor is nowhere in such institutions and people are suffering because of his absence. This is very discouraging because that we lack the occupancy of psychologist doctor in our institutions. The truth is this that our government is ignorant of this fact that people are suffering on account of multiple issues. The poverty, inflation and less perks and privileges also are a cause of depression and pessimism. This issue is rapidly increasing and is devouring the people day by day.
The psychologist doctor is also needed in educational institutions because our students are suffering from depression and phobia of being failure. If we have the psychologist doctor then he will treat the vulnerable and patients of depression that will be the positive act towards the progress.

Remembering Bhagat Singh

Shahid Bhagat Singh was an Indian freedom fighter who was born in a Sikh Jat family in Khatkar Kalan, Punjab on 28 September 1907. His father Kishan Singh, grandfather Arjan Singh, and uncle Ajit Singh were actively involved in the struggle for India’s Independence. His family members inspired him immensely and the feeling of patriotism was instilled in him from the very beginning. It seemed like the quality ran in his blood.
Bhagat Singh was known to be one of the most influential revolutionary socialists. It was two of his acts of violence against the British government and his consequent execution that made him a household name. He was just 23 years old when he was put to death by the British government which ruled India during those days. His heroic acts inspire the youth even today.
Mumbai, India

Taking care of business

British travel company Thomas Cook has been reportedly in a serious financial mess as its lenders have been putting pressure for debts and other financial deals. Numerous holidaymakers from this travel firm are surely in trouble now. As for doing business, hard work, strong financial backup and trustworthy clientele network are all crucial, especially against the backdrop of the volatile business environment.
Several people including my brother have long been doing big businesses like wholesale dealings in Mumbai. Only through tireless work and strong financial support have they been able to do their business in big cities like Mumbai to date. So corporate companies and all business houses should be careful of their business ventures and they should always keep an eye on their financial structure.

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