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Heat stroke

To avoid your body reaching such a situation, there are a few things you can do to avoid heat stroke. Drink lots of water and keep your body hydrated. Experts have asked people to have summer drinks like coconut water, mint water, lemon water, fresh fruit juices and buttermilk. Save your skin from severe sunburns by generously applying broad-spectrum sunscreen every 2-3 hours. Wear light, loose, cotton clothing to remain cool and to cover your head from direct sunlight.

Use an umbrella when out in the sun and avoid direct sunlight whenever possible. Have fresh fruit and vegetable juices with your meals and consume a plant-based diet. Keep the windows and curtains of your house closed during the day, especially on the sunny side of your house.

Open them up at night to let cooler air in. Talking about why a person should not have high protein foods in the current weather, Dr Komal Malik, Head dietician, Asian Hospital, Faridabad, earlier told India Today in that a typical non-vegetarian diet causes dehydration during a heat-wave since food takes time to digest.

A longer digestion process increases heat in the body, triggering dehydration. To help ease your stomach from pain or increase body heat, have foods like lemon water, coconut water, buttermilk and fluids rich in electrolytes instead of having tea and coffee. Spicy foods should be avoided as well.



Ethics in hotel management

Ethics in hotel management have become increasingly important as the hospitality industry continues to grow rapidly. This post will explain how ethical behaviour helps in satisfying customers, fostering a positive workplace culture and increasing long-term profitability. Guest satisfaction, which is at the heart of the hospitality industry, relies on ethical practices in hotel management. Hospitality managers have the responsibility of providing excellent service, ensuring guest satisfaction and achieving a good return on investment.

However, they often face ethical problems such as internal relationships, pricing strategies, guest rights, employee empowerment, vendor partnerships, equal opportunities and public relations.

Personal qualities like honesty, loyalty, trustworthiness, fairness, respect for others, leadership, accountability, reputation, and commitment to excellence should be reflected in their actions.Hotel management ethics should be seen as both a strategic business decision and a moral commitment. By reducing costs associated with staff turnover, customer complaints and legal disputes, ethical business practices contribute to long-term profitability.

Additionally, moral behaviour boosts employee productivity and customer loyalty which directly impact a hotel’s financial performance.

Morality should guide all decision-making in this field as it allows us to improve long-term profitability, foster a positive work environment and ensure guest satisfaction. Acting ethically presents an opportunity to enhance future of the industry and the well-being of those who work in and interact with it.



Sanctity of institutions


The political fuss seems to surge with each passing day not to mention its unprecedented and traumatic impressions being abandoned on national integrity. That is to say, the efficacy of almost every institution of the state is hurtling down brutally. Both the government and opposition stakeholders are stifling the legacy of these institutions by dragging them into a vicious political cycle. It would not be out of place to mention here that there has been no let up in blaming the branches of the states by both incumbents.

In the best-case scenario it would have been prudent had they come together to put the things right in place. Sadly, it has not been the case and seems nowhere in sight at the moment. In lieu of that by their lukewarm utterances, they are provoking and driving the populace on vested agenda to cause calamities and sprinkle stains on the sanctity of the institutions which is the blatant purpose of our rivals and adversaries.

Having said that, shunning this national and institutional catastrophe will demand compromise and political will from both sides otherwise the aftermaths could be more horrific than speculation.



Box letter

High inflation rate

The effects of inflation can be felt across all sectors of the economy, including housing, food, transportation and healthcare. However, what concerns me most is the impact that high inflation has on low-income families and individuals who are struggling to make both ends meet. The rise in the cost of basic necessities such as food and rent has made it increasingly difficult for these individuals to afford even the most basic needs. I believe that it is the responsibility of the government to take necessary measures to address the issue of inflation and ensure that the economy remains stable. The central bank should focus on implementing effective monetary policies to curb the rise in prices and maintain price stability. Additionally, I urge businesses to take a more socially responsible approach by reducing their profit margins and ensuring that their products and services remain affordable for all segments of the population. It is essential that we work together as a society to address the issue of inflation and ensure that everyone has access to basic necessities. We cannot afford to ignore the impact of high inflation on the most vulnerable members of our community.