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Causes of unhappiness

There are many possible causes of unhappiness, and these can vary from person to person. However, some common causes of unhappiness include: Stress and anxiety: Constant stress and anxiety can lead to feelings of unhappiness and can negatively impact both physical and mental health. Trauma and difficult life events: Traumatic experiences such as abuse, neglect, loss of a loved one, or major life changes can cause unhappiness and emotional pain.

Lack of purpose or meaning: Feeling like one’s life lacks direction or purpose can lead to feelings of emptiness and unhappiness. Negative thinking patterns: Chronic negative thinking, such as dwelling on past mistakes or anticipating negative outcomes, can lead to feelings of unhappiness and hopelessness.

Loneliness and social isolation: Feeling disconnected from others or lacking meaningful social relationships can contribute to feelings of unhappiness. Health problems: Chronic illness or pain can cause unhappiness and limit one’s ability to enjoy life. Financial stress: Worrying about money or living in poverty can cause unhappiness and contribute to feelings of hopelessness.

Substance abuse: Using drugs or alcohol to cope with negative emotions can lead to addiction and worsen feelings of unhappiness. Unrealistic expectations: Having unrealistic expectations of oneself or others can lead to disappointment and unhappiness. Lack of self-care: Neglecting self-care, such as exercise, healthy eating and getting enough sleep, can contribute to feelings of unhappiness and low energy



Security of N-defence deterrence

Mere statements about “absolutely no compromise on Nuclear Defence Deterrence” cannot ensure our capacity to face the challenges and declared designs of powerful powers.

An economy in tatters and egoistic pursuit of power in the game of thrones with their private militias is a recipe for disaster. Unless and until we have a functional economy with balanced budget, the threat to our sole defence strategy is a bitter reality. All over the world, revenue is generated by levying direct taxation on all commercial enterprises and indirect taxation levied only after having exhausted all such avenues.

In Pakistan every civil or dictatorial regime, including PTI, PPP, PML-N, etc. has done the exact reverse. Agriculture produces, which formed backbone of our economy has fallen prey to greed of land developers, who are converting fertile green pastures, forests etc., to concrete jungles with the patronage of every government that has been at helm since 1958.

Export and employment generating industries are being shutdown and replaced by shopping malls and plazas, because of minimal taxation on real estate profiteering. There is no rocket science involved that optimum agricultural yields can only be achieved if land is allotted to farmers who till that land

With such abuses of power and insatiable greed of those at helm, the security of our Defence Strategy cannot be assured. The Soviet Union, which once boasted of largest military and nuclear arsenal, collapsed from within because of economic crisis and connivance of men like Gorbachev.

Pakistan seems to have many such individuals with split loyalties, who have already sought foreign immigration, yet hold public offices. Concrete structural economic reforms must be enforced, otherwise our sovereignty and capability to safeguard our Defence Deterrence cannot be assured.



Judicial leniency

Saturday was another unfortunate day with scenes of violence, mayhem, chaos and gross violation of the law seen all the way from Lahore to Islamabad. In what has now become almost routine, PTI Chairman Imran Khan once again could not make it to the Sessions Court hearing his false declaration case.

However, as is also routine now, his non-appearance was treated kindly and he was allowed to ‘mark his appearance’ from the car. This new sort of ‘appearance’ was granted to the former prime minister apparently because PTI supporters and workers were pelting stones at the police inside judicial complex.

The spate of generosity accorded to the former prime minister has not gone unnoticed whether the exemptions from personal appearance in court he has received every single time in this false declaration case or the warrants against him that are issued and then somehow suspended or cancelled. The perception of judicial leniency has led to legal experts and political opponents saying that the PTI chief seems to think the justice system is supposed to accommodate his every whim. It is obvious that Imran is reluctant to physically appear in court as he is disturbed by fear of arrest.

A frightful episode viewed when police conducted a search operation in Zaman Park. The police claim they have recovered weapons, glass bottles used for Molotov cocktails, assault rifles, bullets and other ammunition from his house. Imran Khan and his cases will likely continue but one is forced to ask whether each time the whole country will have to go through crippling anxiety over violence on the roads.

Regardless of police action and reaction by PTI’s activists the daily life of Lahorities is badly affected. That protest is a democratic right but violence and lawlessness should be dealt with iron hand by law enforcing agencies.

A mainstream political party must understand that the power of protest comes with the responsibility to ensure safety of the individual and the state. As Ramazan almost knocks at our door, a politically weary and tired nation must wonder whether anyone fighting this battle for power is really in its corner. Grace would demand the PTI chief to bow down before Law of Land. Trampling over the state’s writ is a dangerous sign for upholding supremacy of law. It is in everyone’s interest to resolve this matter now before it’s too late.



Imagination and creativity

When I think of creativity and imagination, the first thing I think of is the word “different”, not the word “better”. Because, “better” is a value judgement that says hey this is better than this and there is not any better way to do it. Imagination and creativity are two of the most powerful tools we have as human beings. They allow us to explore new ideas, push the boundaries of what is possible and make connections that others might not see.

Without imagination and creativity, we would never have made the discoveries or innovations that have shaped our world today. They can help us to think more deeply about our problems, generate new ideas for solving them and find new and innovative ways of approaching life. By cultivating our imagination and creativity, we can unlock our full potential and make a positive impact on the world.



Public parks

Public parks and other public safe lands are the places to improve water quality, prevent flooding, to improve the quality of air in which we breathe, to provide good vegetables development, to produce good habitat for animals or wildlife, and moreover, to provide a place for children and families entertainments. The biggest problem for it is climate change due to which now people reduced to go to public parks. Moreover, there are safety problem for girls in public parks these days too. We can improve our parks by making them multi-functional.


Toba Tek Singh