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International women’s day

Every year, March 8 is marked as International women’s day.  The day is celebrated to recognise achievements of women in different areas of life and to address vital problems women face worldwide.

Women are epitome of love and compassion and honour us with their presence in every aspect of our lives. They give us strength with their support as mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, and friends. Women are cornerstone of society and families and have always been a source of sacrifice, strength, solidarity, and love. Yet, they remain in a secondary position to men in politics, decision-making, the economy, and education. They face violence and discrimination all over the world.

It has been reported that today, one out of every three women in the world is exposed to different forms of violence, and we are shaken by the news of a murder of a woman, harassment, and rape almost every day. It is therefore imperative to take necessary actions on priority to prevent violence against women.

It is high time to recognize the valuable contributions of women in every sphere of life.  We must ensure the participation of women in political, social, cultural, and economic fields.  Let us congratulate and offer our sincere respect to all women around the world on this special day.



Miseries for Karachiites

The Karachiites are miserably facing atrocities of K-Electric for two decades. Fake, false and excess billings, faulty meters, power breakdown and load shedding is the charming name of customer service. The life of citizens has become a curse. They are passing restless days and sleepless nights. Does K-Electric qualify to get extension or renewal of their license in presence of the performance of the company cited above?

Competition is essentially required for running a private company in corporate sector economy. Private sector monopoly leads to undue profiteering at the cost of consumers. K-Electric is a glaring example of this malpractice. State monopoly can be accepted. In these circumstances, either the state takes over control of power supply in Karachi or engages more electric supply agencies to ensure healthy competition among power suppliers in city of the Quaid.



Economic hardships

The Balochistan government is failing to provide basic commodities to people though Pakistan has resources like natural gas, but contributes to 0.8% in global production. Not only this, there is a surge in gas demand even within the country but inefficient distribution of this resource has led to domestic disparity as well.

Despite having huge reserves of natural gas, Pakistan has been facing a colossal gas shortfall since very long.

According to Dr. Asim Hussain, the county’s former Minister for Petroleum, the situation of our country clearly shows that there will be a severe shortage in the supply of natural gas in coming times. The citizens of Pakistan are complaining of no gas. They even don’t have enough access to cook two times meal properly. Illegal activities like gas theft and lack of attention over further discovery of new reserves has aggravated the problems related to this sector.

Balochistan is a province known to have a number of untapped gas reservoirs, but the security factor has put an obstacle for investors to work there. Our economy is paralysed, our people are suffering and no one is ready to work with us.

It won’t be erroneous to say that corrupt practices have paralysed the economy of our country. Unfortunately, we are facing the severe aftermath of the deeds of black sheep. We are enmeshed in a puddle of problems. This is the right time to think for integrity and prosperity of country. Further procrastination will result in severe consequences for us as well as for posterity.


Mirpur Mathelo, Sindh

Handle gas cylinders with care

It is an established practice that gas cylinders are handled with great care and extra-precautionary measures are taken during its transportation and storage. Pressurized gas cylinders always pose significant risk, if they are handled in a careless manner.

The other day at 4K Chowrangi near Surjani Town, Karachi an untoward incident took place in which a vehicle, transporting liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders caught fire and started to burn. Even one of the filled gas cylinders turned into a projectile and started to move uncontrollably on the busy traffic road. Citizens and commuters who witnessed this ghastly mishap literally became scared. Had there been adequate industrial safety practices followed, this horrible accident may not have transpired in the first place.

In the wake of gas shortage, masses are too worried about making arrangements for domestic fuel. Resultantly, people just focus on carrying empty cylinders and get it filled while safety measures have become of secondary importance! To be sure, unaware masses do not pay required attention for handling disastrous containers and treat them as routine stuff.

In present circumstances, it becomes mandatory for relevant authorities to commence an awareness campaign which furnishes needed information to masses so that such negligent practices on the part of handling gas cylinders could be nipped in the bud.

After passing one or two months of awareness, the Sindh government may impose a moderate fine on individuals who transport filled gas cylinders by not following due protocol. Traffic police and paramilitary forces may also help in this regard, too.



Be careful while flying kites

The kite festival is believed to mark the arrival of spring. The tradition of kite flying is believed to have started amongst kings and royalties. However, over the years, it has become a popular sport and has begun to reach common mass. Kites flown are known to use a strong special string that is made by applying glass powder on it (known as manjha) to provide it a cutting edge. This practice of using an abrasive thread for kite fighting has posed a great threat to birds and even humans. The impact on birds however is much larger. Birds when in flight, fail to notice the fine glass-coated thread, get entangled in it and injure themselves causing fractures, mutilation of wings and nerve injuries. At times, the minute glass pieces used in the manjha get embedded in their bodies adding to the misery and eventual death. Additionally, these strings unlike their cotton counterpart do not lose its strength even after getting wet and hence stays for a long time in the environment, creating potential threat for the birds both local and migratory.


Mumbai, India