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Pak economy

The Baluchistan Government is failing to provide basic commodities to the people though Pakistan is a very rich country in terms of resources like natural gas, but contributes to 0.8% in the global production. Not only this, there is a surge in the gas demand even within the country but inefficient distribution of this resource has led to domestic disparity as well. Despite having huge reserves of natural gas, Pakistan has been facing a colossal gas shortfall since very long.

According to Dr. Asim Hussain, the county’s former Minister for Petroleum, the situation of our country clearly shows that there will be a severe shortage in the supply of natural gas in coming times.

The citizens of Pakistan are complaining of no gas. They even don’t have enough access to cook two times meal properly. Illegal activities like gas theft and lack of attention over further discovery of new reserves has aggravated the problems related to this sector.

Balochistan is a province known to have a number of untapped gas reservoirs, but the security factor has put an obstacle for the investors to work there. Our economy is paralysed, our people are suffering and no one is ready to work with us. It won’t be erroneous to say that corrupt practices have paralysed the economy of our country. Unfortunately, we are facing the severe aftermath of the deeds of the black sheep. We are enmeshed in a puddle of problems. This is the right time to think for the integrity and prosperity of country. Further procrastination will result in severe consequences for us as well as for the posterity.


Mirpur Mathelo

Road accidents

I would like to draw the attention of authorities concerned towards an important issue i.e. road accidents in Baluchistan. Over the past two decades, several road accidents have taken place due to lack of highways, speeding traffic, poor safety and proper roads. Roads are the basic needs, but unfortunately, due to the unavailability of facilities thousands of people have lost their precious lives.

However, this issue deserves praiseworthy attention to be solved with immediate action. This is always bringing challenges for the people of Balochistan because of this dangerous issue many students, professors, engineers and others passed away yet the government is asleep to construct proper roads. The government of Balochistan should go for early construction of roads so that the travellers are saved.





I would like to draw the attention of the higher authorities concerned through your esteemed newspaper to the unemployment in the country. Unemployment in Pakistan is one of the most prevalent problems. Pakistan has 6.65 million people unemployed.

The rate of unemployment is three times higher among degree holders than all the other unemployed people. In fact, it is the nightmare of every university student and every fresh graduate. The number of students passing out of universities every year is so high while jobs in their relevant fields are less.

Due to unemployment, people are left with less money. If an individual is highly qualified, but is unable to find a reasonable job, tension can drain him. The brain gets affected the most. Long-term effects of stress lead to depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and many other mental health problems which are not good for the country as these students are the future of the country. Also if the rate of unemployed people is high, the economy will suffer and the unemployment rate will increase with the downfall of the economy. I strongly hope that the higher authorities will take some prompt/tangible action to solve this monster.



Basic needs


Foodstuff, petroleum products, gas and electricity are the abundant gifts of nature that make the wheel of life run. Flour, which is the main food ingredient, has become so expensive that the poor man cannot afford it, and those who can afford it, do not get it due to scarcity and dearth.

If found, there is no gas for cooking or other sources of fuel readily available. In such a case, this will cause trouble for the poor and middle class. I look forward, at least, to the present Government should pay special heed to resolve the issue of these basic needs.



No political role for technocrats

Ever since 1952, when the British Raj-trained civil and uniformed technocrats connived to derail Jinnah’s vision of Pakistan into a Client State, serving global strategic interests of foreign powers, the economy has gradually deteriorated. Whilst India adopted democracy and invest in developing human resources (Indian Institute of Technology etc.), the nexus of Ghulam Mohd, Iskandar Mirza and Ayub Khan connived to destroy Jinnah’s legacy and become a client state, ignoring the need to develop human resources. Ayub’s economic team, comprising technocrats serving in international financial institutions, framed policies to serve their paymasters.

Today we are reaping the harvest and suffer insecurity from terrorism, food shortage with financial bankruptcy haunting us. The Raj legacy of allotting lands and titles to buy loyalties of paid native’s employees was shed by India in 1947, whilst their trained technocrats in Pakistan revived it by 1956. When Sir Fazal-e-Hussain, a prominent politician and founder of Punjab Unionist Party died on 9 July 1936, the Raj chose a serving bureaucrat Sikandar Hayat, who had served in British Indian Army as a Captain, laterally inducted into civil service as Member Revenue Punjab to replace him.

Pakistan, self-sufficient in agriculture and exporting surplus, has been reduced to a country which today is importing basic food items. Millions of trees have been chopped to convert green agriculture land into concrete jungles for the benefit of real estate cartels, destroying the environment. Whilst population has expanded, the green agriculture land is shrinking. It is not just food scarcity but toxic air is destroying their health. Classic example is Lahore, where agriculture land on south already wiped out by powerful land cartel and now thousands of acres of green pastures, supplying food and fruit located in the north, in the vicinity of Shahdara are being demolished, making Lahore the world’s most polluted city since 2019.