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Waves of terror


The recent spots of terrorism that transpired at Tank and Bannu have shaken out the state from lethargy. Premier Shehbaz Sharif stated that the federal government will be on the frontline to clampdown the elements responsible for the revival of terror attacks across the country. It seems unfair that CTD, which is meant to counter terrorism, has failed to identify the root of terror in KP. As incipient terrorism is affecting the peace in tribal areas, fuelled mainly by TTP, a new National Action Plan (NAP) pledged by the federal government is gesturing a reasonable initiative to eradicate the waves of terror.

Considering the NAP, it appears as if the government went into hibernation after the restoration of peace. However, the tragedy of terrorism is yet to be addressed as recent happenings have initiated fears among natives of the province. In addition, due to our sins of omission and commission, we have failed to diminish the root and stems of terrorism in our country.

To put it in another accurate manner, the aforementioned terror attacks were expected due to the takeover of control by the Afghan Taliban in Kabul. In other words, TTP has notched confidence with the stage back of the Taliban Government in Afghanistan. Succinctly, NAP must be implemented effectively to ensure the revival of peace. The Counter-terrorism Department should be active to enforce kinetic goals.



New Year

or nowhere?


This refers to the article ‘Happy New Year…?’(2023 – 01-04). No matter how far the year pushes us but still our situation is going to be stuck between problems of the past. How can one get into the New Year with a new beginning if the society and the entire nation are still immersed in old problems?

Keeping cyber bullying, increasing harassment, violence, gender gaps, at one side still public is suffering through other dilemmas like rising inflation, unemployment and illiteracy. An ordinary individual would only celebrate New Year if the rising problems would not be that harsh. One way or another, the public has passed 2022 but they just seek for aid in the corner of all leading problems towards the government and all concerning authorities.


Turbat, Kech

Mental health

There is a strong stigma surrounding mental health in Pakistan, which leads to discrimination against people who suffer from mental health issues. Many people view mental illness as a sign of weakness or as a shameful thing to be hidden. There is a lack of awareness about mental health and mental illness in Pakistan.

Many people do not understand the nature and causes of mental health issues, and do not know how to recognize the signs or how to seek help. There are very few mental health facilities and services available in Pakistan, which makes it difficult for people to access the help they need. This can be particularly challenging in rural areas where there are few mental health professionals.

Many people in Pakistan believe that mental health issues are caused by supernatural or spiritual factors, and that traditional remedies and faith can cure them. This can prevent people from seeking professional help and can lead to a lack of understanding about the true nature of mental health issues.

Poverty, lack of education, and lack of access to healthcare can all contribute to the taboo surrounding mental health in Pakistan. People who are struggling with mental health issues may not have the resources or support they need to seek help, which can further compound the problem.



Advent of global recession

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned all world nations of the advent of another Global Recession, mere, at the beginning of year 2023. However, 1/3rd of the world economy may collapse this time and Europe, this time, is not out of it. Mighty economies like the USA and China have witnessed reluctant fall or below average growth in the fiscal market.

If developed countries are suffering this recession, then conditions of South Asian countries might be terrible and unpredictable. Last year, Sri Lanka went bankrupt, which caused high interest rates, cost of living crisis and a demolished currency that finally led to political turmoil. But soon, it stood and qualified for an extended fund facility of 2.9 billion dollars from IMF.

For Pakistan which is already at the verge of default, it is an alarming situation. The country has to intensify loose bonds with neighbouring states, adamant policies in favour of national interest solely, legal projects with mutual coordination, no border tussle replacing it with table talk can be elixir in such ghastly turmoil.

Pakistan’s putative organization has to be professional now, act collectively. A separate organization should be founded whose target would be educating local masses to utilize national products and evade major imports, implications on austerity measures can be pivotal too. Otherwise, the country might sink in the coming catastrophe.


Khairpur Nathan Shah