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Al-Nakba (Palestinian narrative)

The Arabic word “Nakba” means catastrophe, and so does the word “Holocaust,” which is also known as “Shoah” in Hebrew. In 1948, Israeli Zionists began the Nakba by forcibly removing over 750,000 Palestinians from their homeland and destroying over 500 villages and approximately 13,000 Palestinians were brutally killed. Until now, more than seven million refugees have sought shelter in neighbouring Arab countries. The holocaust ended in 1945, and the Nakba seems endless, which is why it’s sometimes pronounced “ongoing Nakba.”

Zionism is the cause of Palestinians’ sufferings. It promotes the expansion of Israeli State and this ideology is the leading cause for Israelis to behave ruthlessly toward Palestinians. Zionism is spreading prejudice against Palestinians, just like how Nazism once did it to Jews.

The hypocrisy of the West is not new. They pose unconditional support for Israel, knowing Israel is stealing Palestinian land and committing unprovoked killings and detentions. It’s also surprising that more than seven decades later, the West still condemns Nazi Germany but ignores Israeli war crimes against Palestinians. Likewise, every western nation swears to prevent another Holocaust from ever happening but chooses to disregard Nakba. Western media has grown unsympathetic towards Palestinians’ misery. The issue appears to be a war of narratives; whoever explains it better will win.

The Jewish narrative seems to be working in the West. It has come to this that when someone famous publicly shows support for Palestine, they’re accused of being anti-Semitic. When expressing their despair, Palestinians are being gaslighted into reaping the consequences of their flawed decisions. The unequivocal mass support of Pakistan’s enormous population is not unknown, but Pakistan should also look at the Palestinian cause from a humanitarian perspective rather than a religious one. It is needed to be done without promoting anti-Semitism.


Sukkur, Sindh

Be careful

Gas and LPG heaters emit carbon monoxide and can cause unconsciousness or death. Eventually, it is the root cause of many fatal incidents. In the winter season, use safe and alternative means to keep yourself warm and be careful with gas and LPG heaters.

Necessary precautions can be taken while using gas, LPG heaters, get your heater serviced regularly. Provide proper ventilation. This is very important as it helps fresh air in and smoke out. Keep all flammable material at least one meter away from the heater. Never leave a gas heater burning before going to bed.



Mismanagement of power

Pakistan, a state with vast dimensions of crises, is wheeling towards energy insecurity. Devaluation of the Pakistani rupee, the struggling economy and the unsatisfying financial infrastructure have taken a devastating pathway, in other words, not matching what they meant to be. It’s time to remake the script for power drivers. Despite knowing, there is a hard fight ahead for the country.

Accessibility, availability, and affordability of energy or natural resources are almost on their dying edge in energy-rich Pakistan. It is disheartening for a nation living with the weight of shouldered hope. It’s not just an economic problem, our whole existences rely on what we use, maintain and distribute with a justifiable setup among the nation. Now, being buried in the coffin of natural resources needs a peak of accountability. Whether it’s Reko diq’s copper and gold, the Sui’s gas, or Toot’s oil, all need an accurate check and balance to preserve what we have lost in the last few decades.



Magnanimous Pele

In the eyes of the world, Pele might mean a great/the greatest footballer of the world; but in my dictionary, Pele was a man of gallant heart possessing a brilliant worldview.

During his childhood days plagued by acute poverty, Pele’s family didn’t know where their next meal would come from. Yet, somehow his mother managed to garner a piece of bread with a slice of banana to feed the family. Still, Pele used to think himself extremely fortunate as unlike millions of Brazilians, at least he never went hungry!

When lesser souls would have landed in extreme frustration and depression or deviated from the right path due to abject poverty; Pele used to remain content and continue to pursue his football skills. And the end result of his emergence as a legend is known to all of us. Indeed what a magnanimous, humble and noble personality! Great player, Much Greater Human Being. May his soul rest in eternal peace.


Kolkata, India

Winter vacation

Winter has been my favourite season due to some exciting reasons. Winter vacation is one of them. This vacation is not long like summer vacation, but it’s quite interesting.

In this winter vacation, most of the time we need to remain busy with study, for the upcoming final examination. Today I will share my winter vacation experience that I did on my last vacation in winter. I maintained a really tight routine to take preparation for my upcoming examination.

Winter vacation is not that long or full of fun because of a few problems. But after all, it’s a vacation that comes with so much excitement. In my tight school schedule, I feel really bored and I don’t get enough time to meet my cousins.

Winter vacation gives an opportunity every year to spend some quality time. Winter mornings are very special. We wake up early in the morning. And then we go for a morning walk. There are so many beautiful gardens; it’s amazing to walk there. Food is one of the most interesting things in the vacation.