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Academia-industry linkages

President of Pakistan Dr Arif Alvi recently visited the Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI) where he urged women’s participation in the workforce in Industries by ensuring women friendly conducive and secure environment as well as maintaining a diffirently-abled quota for differently-abled persons.

He also emphasized that the academia-industry linkage to be strengthened. Well, President has rightly pointed out much-needed academia-industry linkages to be strengthened and for that we need to design and develop competency-based curricula.

Such curricula must be designed and developed with the consensus of industry persons as well as relevant expert teachers and trainers so that fresh graduates may be hired by relevant industries soon after graduation.

The irony of our education system is that what is taught in academic institutions is not applied in industries where graduates are employed.

need to update our old curricula and examination process and should come out of a pass-and-fail concept of examination instead should introduce a competency-based curricula methodology where assessment is made as highly competent, competent and not that competent which means pupils need more hard work and time to be either highly competent or competent but not incompetent.



Growing concerns about CSS-22 check

Undeniably, FPSC has been maintaining its credibility since its inception. But unfortunately, CSS 2022 examination is raising concerns over checking the criteria of the Federal Public Service Commission FPSC.

Many unsuccessful candidates are angry and dejected, questioning the paper’s marking criteria and questioning whether the examiners have any guidance on how to complete the task.

Such an attitude is brutal. It is also believed that examiners cannot check such a large number of papers and seek help in this regard either from their students or colleagues. The Federal Public Service Commission should not play with the future of hardworking aspirants and improve checking criteria.

This attitude of targeting a paper shatters the trust of the candidates in the commission, and many may go into depression. I have seen many serious candidates who suffered psychologically after unexpected CSS results.



The smog saga

As the winter has set in so has the age-old saga of smog also arrived with its complete might and magnitude.

It has almost blanketed many parts of the country and resultantly held hostage the life and flow of traffic.

Cities such as Lahore are reeling under the clutches of smog. This month, Lahore ranked as the metropolis with the most polluted air with 334 AQI, which is reportedly 34.8 times higher than the annual air quality value set by the WHO. Karachi and Peshawar followed suit with 2nd and 3rd positions respectively.

It is indeed ironic that though Pakistan is not a major carbon emitter nation yet it is coping with this deadly climate phenomenon of smog. The saga of smog first emerged in northern Punjab some 20 years ago and since then it has only gained more might and magnitude thanks to the neglect of the rulers.

Deforestation, vehicle emissions, industrial pollution, fossil-fuel-fired power stations, waste-burning and coal burned by thousands of brick kilns spread over the region are some of the contributors of smog. Nevertheless, the government still can play its part by devising and implementing some practical and pragmatic measures.

It should keep a check on deforestation, encourage the use of zigzag technology in brick kilns, ensure the reduction of crop burning, issue tickets to owners of smoke-emitting vehicles and last but not the least take to task the real culprits of smog; the industrial sector and the ever sprawling mafia of housing societies.

It is high time that the government of the day must come forward to save the people of this country from this existential challenge and ensure the smooth flow of life, progress and prosperity of this hapless nation.


Dokri, Sindh

The misery of flood victims

The unabated trauma and tribulation of the flood victims paint a bleak picture across the country. As the severity of winter has increased so has also increased suffering of flood affectees. The water level may have receded but the misery and worries of flood affectees refuse to die down.

In the surrounding villages of Dokri city, thousands of people are forced to spend their nights and days under the open sky. The plight of these wretched ones is indeed hair-raising. But alas, it hasn’t pricked the conscience of our rulers who continue to remain indifferent to their unfortunate condition.

People still remain deprived of winter clothes, food and shelter despite repeated promises and assurances of assistance given by the local and provincial governments.

The federal and provincial governments are requested to have mercy on the plight of flood affectees and provide them immediate relief in this harsh winter.


Dokri, Sindh

Heartily welcome!

NY advice to our societal youth?

“New year 2023 debuts with bitterest econo-political challenges to everyone who feels about national affairs humanely.

Especially the literate and unliterate youth have to demonstrate strenuous strength to meet the incoming rafts of challenges.

It does not look logical to see youth future captive to hollow sloganeerings. Please prick the hollowness imposed on you by misplanners and half hearted executives, race forward to catch up with struggling spirit of world youth force.”

Hameed Shaheen