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Will Pak default?

Former Finance Minister, Mifta Ismail¡ seems pretty perturbed about Pakistan’s current profoundly abysmal financial situation. While he is awfully worried, the government in the saddles continues to say all is well on the economic front.

Mifta Ismail, in one of his recent tweets, has urged the government to go to the IMF and seek urgent release of its next tranche of IMF assistance. This, he said, is profoundly essential for saving Pakistan from going into possible default.

If the situation is that bad, and if the picture painted by Mifta Ismail is true, why is the government being so obdurate? Why doesn’t it take immediate cognizance of the issue in question, and take measures inevitably required to save the country from a foreseeable economic catastrophe? Please, please act on this issue of immense national concern and significance without undue delay.




of Covid-19

As the country faces multiple complex challenges ranging from a worsening economic crisis to rising terrorism, all in a highly volatile political climate, a new yet familiar threat seems to be on the horizon; the resurgence of a new covid-19 variant. Although the new variants have so far only been detected and are spreading at a rapid pace in China, the USA and neighboring India, there is no room for complacency that would allow a similar wave of the deadly virus to hit Pakistan.

While it is encouraging to see the NDMA finally address the possibility of a Covid-19 resurgence, asking the National Institute of Health to take stock of vaccine availability and making adequate arrangements in hospitals, more needs to be done. Perhaps a more proactive approach that involves screening or restricting entry of passengers travelling from countries with high infection rate should be applied. It is understandable that any aggressive expansive countrywide testing or closing down of public places would be premature and a largely unpopular move at this point, yet there are measures that the government should start taking, at least to be prepared for any possibility.

An awareness campaign that explains basic preventative measures against Covid-19 such as mask wearing, avoiding crowded public spaces and maintaining better hygiene, is necessary. A fresh vaccination drive is also essential at this point as many who got their first doses would not have bothered with booster shots given how the virus has gone into the background over the past six months.

One hopes that there is no procrastination on the part of the PDM government in dealing with the threat of another Covid-19 wave. The sooner it acts, the less severe the possible impact may be. The federal government knows very well that it neither has the time or money to deal with a nationwide outbreak.



What is syndrome of this country?

World had changed its dynamics after 15th century — renaissance (belle epoque). The left-over chunk had been changed by an industrial revolution! In the third-world country i.e Pakistan where life is so fossilized that employment is success not the business or creativity! Youth idealise and glamorise ready-made status-quo jobs and governmental structure, administration and luxurious at the cost of their intellect! However, it is socially imposed burden and geographical, historical and colonial impacts that added fuel to the fire! The peak of life is to get not to enhance, create and do the modern or different things! Social insecurities are termites to the life of the people of third-wolrd countries. Here, everything is fixed and based on mimicry— even life! There is no change and more ironical is: no efforts to change! This nation is producing thousands of clerks every year except their skills but having certificates to find aforementioned fixed-robotic luxuries!

The system had not ruined the talent of the youth but governmental, administrative structure— how could a man pass through different papers be a or having a mastery over everything? Seven and half decades are apt-evidence that they had destroyed every department! Moreover, drained the resources of this poor country! Complete shift in education and specialist-based cadre could heal the wounds.



Disappearance of mother tongue

Language is known to be first identity of every nation. What shocks is that considering English an international language every individual practices it whereas it is heartening to mention, in consideration and practice of international language people have differed their own language. Undoubtedly, there is nothing bad in practicing other languages but one should always prefer native language when there is no restriction.

To promote the native language of a nation the educational institutions play a vital role whereas in real other languages are taught in the institutions but not the native language. Being a Baloch, I must know writing and speaking proper Balochi but as it was never given importance so I have no Idea about Balochi writing. I request all to practice Balochi as practicing English and others.