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Food affects mood

If you’ve ever found yourself mindlessly digging ice cream out of a container after a bad day, you understand that mood and food sometimes go hand in hand.

Food affects how we feel in numerous ways, just as how we feel effects what foods we eat. It is likely that a lot of mood/food effects are due to existing associations of certain foods with pleasure, reward or deprivation.

In order for your brain to concentrate and focus, it needs sufficient energy which is supplied by blood glucose.

Our bodies get glucose from the carbohydrates we eat, such as fruit, vegetable, bread, rice, etc. According to the British Dietetics Association (BDA), having too little glucose in your blood can leave you feeling tired, weak and confused. Our mood and perception are improved by a chemical called serotonin in our brain.

When we consume carbohydrate-rich foods, tryptophan, a part of the protein in our diet that produces serotonin, may reach our brains more effectively. Foods high in protein like fish, beef, chicken, tofu, beans, eggs are associated with higher levels of dopamine and norepinephrine.

These brain chemicals influence your mood, motivation and concentration.
Similarly, fruit and vegetable are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which nourish your body and boost happiness.

You may also feel tired, have mood swings or have trouble with your brain if you don’t consume enough vitamins and minerals. To summarize, the best meal to boost your mood is one with complex carbohydrates, lean proteins and colourful vegetables.

FIFA upsets

If Saudi Arabia beats 2-times World Cup winners Messi — enriched Argentina, Japan beats 4-times World Cup winner football superpower Germany; if Iran comes up with demolition of 2016 Euro semi-finalist Wales, South Korea is ending the match with a draw against twice World Champion Uruguay! Moving to Africa, we see Morocco and Tunisia ending its match with goalless draw against reigning World runners-up Croatia and last Euro semi-finalist Denmark respectively!

From the Americas, if USA draws with past World Champion England; Ecuador produces the same result against 2010 World Cup runners-up Netherlands! It is not known how many of these “unfancied” teams would reach the higher echelons of knock-out stages in this version; but it has become crystal clear that not only have they ceased to be “push-overs” any more who were much bullied by the global powers of the game previously, rather the “unglamorous” outfits of the game have acquired potential enough to upset applecart of the overhyped teams of the world!

While “snob” brigade might feel “nauseating” in upcoming of the “proletariat”; but true connoisseurs of game feel overjoyed in this comparative democratisation of football with the erstwhile “dictatorship” of handful of superpowers from Western Europe and South America having been called into question!

Surely this positive change has arrived due to the “globalisation” of the game thanks to the “import” and “export” of football players and coaches all across the world! If talented players from Japan or Senegal are trading their skills in the best of the clubs of Spain, Germany, Italy, France or England; coaches from Brazil, Argentina or Uruguay are guiding the upcoming footballers of Asia or Africa! This continuous intermingling of skills, knowledge and experience are indeed playing a major role behind emergence of a new global order in soccer arena!
Kolkata, India

Jeopardised future

We are already familiar with the malignant educational standards of Pakistan, especially in Sindh and Balochistan— these are the very two provinces that are the most educationally asphyxiated parts of Pakistan.

At the very same time, to add more woes to its appalling situation the recent flash floods have devastated educational activities to a greater extent.

There are still areas where the government has been ineffective to galvanize educational activities in schools due to stagnant flood water therein.

People from humble back already suffer out-of-school owing to indolent towards education and this flood has surely added nothing but discouragement to their families to make their children stay out of school due to the long closure of schools institutions.

Poverty has already beleaguered their passion so the authority concerned should not jeopardize their future to a further extent and take immediate steps toward this grave matter.

The government should pay heed and galvanize educational activities as soon as possible to save the dystopian future of innocent children and youths.

Modern approach

Constructing buildings with a responsibly futuristic approach is the need of the time; it is to develop trendy and edgy designs with solid foundations for the future to be solid and productive, not for just a few but for all.

The need is to become socially and environmentally responsible organizations, contributing to the growth of the economy and sustainability of the earth we all call home.

Construction for the contemporary world involves not just the basics of shelter and safety but many modern facets with design, quality assurance, comfort and luxury. Lifestyle is ingrained in building construction projects

. Construction can achieve marvels in the evolution of infrastructure and homes creating a lifestyle for everyone where they become a part of a world with solid foundations and majestic zenith.

There are entities that deliver a myriad of chic, stylish, luxurious and extravagant projects with futuristic design, functionality and comfort.

The efficiency with a pragmatic and proficient team and quality assurance with effective measurement approaches to understanding the needs of consumers and society are at the core of modern building pursuits.

In our building endeavours, we need to be mindful of our practices ensuring environment-friendly methods, imaginative and inventive ways to be socially responsible and rise on the ladder of success by taking others along with us.