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1986 Mexico World Cup

It was the tournament of Diego Maradona and Argentina! What magic displayed by him and his team! So in 1990, I got excited about the World Cup with special attractions being Maradona and Argentina! But the reigning champion got vanquished in the first match itself, that too at the hands of “pedigree-less” African Cameroon!

An absolutely unknown “old” person of 38 years, Roger Milla, became an overnight sensation by scoring as many as 4 goals and helping Cameroon to emerge as the first African team to reach the World Cup quarter final!

Promptly I devoted my love, respect, affection towards the faceless fameless marginal players and teams who attain success through sheer honest fight despite limited resources and constraints. So Cameroon and Milla became the cynosure of my eyes throughout the 1990 and 1994 versions of the World Cup.

At the age of 42(1994), Milla(against Russia) registered himself as the oldest goal scorer in World Cup history! The team might not have reached the semi-final stage; but Cameroon and Milla stole my soul through sheer magic by foot defeating their much higher adversaries in terms of name fame, experience and media-imposed glamour!

Since my temperament is always for the weak, spirited and the fighters; flag of Ecuador to Morocco, Iran to Wales will be borne by me as enthusiastically as home fans of the respective countries in this World Cup.

So my earnest desire remains that the comparatively unknown faces and marginalised teams shock their mighty adversaries and reach greater heights through knock out stages in this World Cup which will not only guarantee diversities in the global game dominated too long by a few selected countries of Latin America and Western Europe; but will also encourage and boost the confidence of the “laggard” ones.


Kolkata India

Toilets are unfit for purpose

As population increases each day in the city centre the need for public toilets also increases. Toilets located in most busy or rather crowded streets are often vacant due to sewer bursting pipes hence unfit for use. Now the danger comes in when the public opt for the alleys as the toilets are too dirty and too smelly. Water shortage makes it even worse as people will just use the toilets one after the other and not flushing.

Difficult for women as they need to sit, now it’s no longer hygienic as germs can easily breed in there. The poor water supply, sewer system and sanitation has increasingly exposed citizens to risky conditions.

Also, a high rate of vendors is selling fresh fruit and snacks right in front of the toilets which is a threat to public health with possible diseases. With no intervention from the government the country is on the verge of turning into a cesspit of undesirable sights and unexpected smells all over.



Tribute to Sipah Salar

The 16th Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan, General Qamar Javed Bajwa, is scheduled to retire on 29 November 2022. Therefore, it is time to look into some of the milestone achievements made under his tenure. The role of the Sipah Salar remained exemplary in managing hardcore professional tasks as well as helping Pakistan to navigate choppy waters during the last six years. His ideology “Bajwa Doctrine” is extensively commended for serving as the blueprint for his vision of Pakistan. In 2018, he was ranked 68th in Forbes list of the World’s Most Powerful People.

General Bajwa proved himself a person having real leadership qualities let it be the diplomatic front or military diplomacy. The list of the Sipah Salar’s remarkable achievements includes Operation Raad-ul-Fasaad (Feb 2017) to uproot terrorist elements from across Pakistan, the Reko Diq agreement was a result of COAS’ personal efforts, opening of Kartarpur Corridor, Pak-Afghan border fencing, operationalization of China-Pakistan Joint Committee of Corporation, enhancement of military-to-military corporation with China and establishment of 2+2 Forum in 2018, revival of Counter-Terrorism forum and International Military Education and Training IMET with US, commencement of army level staff talks with China, Turkey, KSA, Russia, Indonesia and Malaysia and establishment of first hotline mechanism between Pakistan & Chinese PLA.

But, above all, the Sipah Salar’s biggest achievement was to push better ties with India. He initiated talks with India and negotiated a ceasefire agreement on the LoC. It was his efforts that helped Pakistan’s gradual removal from the grey list of the Financial Action Task Force, making it easy to float sovereign bonds and secure loans in the international debt market. His efforts for peace and stability would always be remembered by the people of Pakistan.





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