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Is govt sleeping?

RECENTLY, an eight years old girl was victim of gang rape by six cruel men in Chiniot, Punjab. Prior to this incident another minor was gang-raped and later filmed by those beasts. As per report of NGO Sahil, during this year 2022, January to June a total number of 2,211 cases of child abuse were reported across Pakistan. Per day 12 children are subjected to sexual abuse on an average. Now a question arises here, what are government and police doing? Why they aren’t taking immediate actions? Due to such cruel acts in our society, everyone is afraid to send their daughter to school, college or other cities for education or other purposes. No girl is safe in her own city. The government need to take immediate actions against them and to control rapid increase of child abuse.


urbat, Balochistan

Lack of basic necessities

A responsible state provides all basic necessities of life to the citizens. But unfortunately we are living in a country where corruption is at peak and mafias are ruling the country. Therefore we are facing the problem of electricity, water, gas before arrival of winters and much more. The government should realise responsibilities and provide us basic necessities, as guaranteed in our constitution.



High fuel rates

The inrease in fuel price is a nightmare for most of us. Not because, we are owners of luxurious vehicles where fuel becomes mandatory. We fear that with rapid increase in fuel price, the right of living is snatched from poor people. Because, it’s not petrol price that increases alone but all things used in daily life touch new heights.

Don’t deprive poor people of two times food. By doing so, authorities actually snatch lives from us. The rulers are requested that allow us to survive and live so as you may rule us. Have pity on poor classes. Live and let others live.


Karachi, Sindh

Dengue outbreak

The outbreak of dengue cases seems out of control particularly in floods affected areas. The calamity-hit areas have been submerged in water further increasing the dengue generation. According to a warning issued by health department current weather conditions in the country mean that a dengue outbreak is on the horizon, specially in Balochistan, Sindh and KP where still floods water has stored.The government also failed in past to control dengue outbreak because of our creaky health sector which has not improved yet. It is time to prepare before it jumps into an epidemic. Finally, I urge government to control the dengue cases in floods affected areas and improve our poor health sector.


Kech, Balochistan

No college building

Balnigwar is a sub-tehsil of district Kech located in the eastern direction of district kech and is 90 kms from ketch. In order to provide an inter-college building for students, provisional government allocated about Rs 40m for the scheme in 2010. Eventually college blocks exist but there are no rooms. It was noted in the file that Rs 30m had been utilised while remaining is available and 72% of the work is done but in reality the work is 10%. From this, we can guess correctly that all developed projects of Balochistan are confined to files. Importance of education is defined so that educated individuals with skills and knowledge take part in the workforce and contribute to society. However according to the constitution of 1973, state shall provide free and compulsory education to all children of the age of five to sixteen years in such manner as may be determined by law. But unfortunately, Balnigwar being a part of the country is deprived of its basic education rights.


Kech, Balochistan

Spread of Dengue, Malaria

Dengue and Malaria fever is spreading. In many cities people have become victims of dengue and malaria fever. Many precious lives have vanished. Many have been affected by dengue and malaria. Because of stagnant water growth of mosquitoes has multiplied. Some of the affected people are victims of flood. Because of flood they were displaced and don’t have clean water for drinking. They use contaminated water due to which they have become victims of water born disease. Sukkur civil hospital is packed with patients who are suffering from water born disease such as, cholera, diarrhoea, typhoid, hepatitis, gastroenteritis and worm infections due to non-availability of hygienic food and water. Sindh’s health minister must increase surveillance of facilities being provided for treatment.


Via email

Breast cancer

I would like to draw attention of authorities towards a serious issue which is breast cancer. According to reports, approximately 100,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in the country. With this, annually 40,000 women die due to this chronic disease. About 1 among the every 8 women becomes its victims. Though it is curable if early diagnosed; the women don’t want to share certain condition with their family either due to fear of being ignored or financially weak. Last year despite clear direction by Supreme Court in the wake of its high prevalence for provision of timely mammography facilities in all federal and provincial hospitals that must be run by government, till date no certain measures are undertaken to contain the breast cancer.




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