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Selection of Army Chief

I have no doubt in my mind that a strong army is always required to protect the sovereignty of a nation and frontiers of a country. The valiant soldiers of Pak army have performed wonders. This was proved in the Indian invasion of 1965, but lately the position of Chief of Army Staff has been under a lot of public discussion.

Pakistan follows a practice for the appointment of *Chiefs of defence forces* . The Prime Minister appoints one out of a few names forwarded to him for final appointment of new Chiefs of Staff. He usually does not possess expertise in the field of military science and cannot exercise his decision independently. It sometimes raises the doubt of lobbying which cannot be taken as a healthy practice.

However, the Prime Minister and the President of Pakistan may perform their constitutional functions for formal approval of the name of Service Chiefs. I suggest that the procedure adopted in the Superior Judiciary for automatic appointment of Chief Justice may be considered as a viable option for the appointment of the Chiefs of defence forces including Pak Army. It is but natural that the senior most Lieutenant General, Vice Admiral or Air Marshall rise to this position through a highly professional and merit-based process.

Thus, the senior most officer would have equally achieved competence for selection to next higher rank. It would also be in the fitness of things if all the state institutions and government departments apply a uniform policy for extension of service of their employees. If the current process of appointment of Chief of Staff is inevitable, then the superseded senior most or second senior most officer be elevated to the next higher rank and stand retired if he doesn’t want to continue to serve in a subordinate position.



Timely raining

Raining has started in almost all parts of the country after long dry spell. This has not only turned the weather cold and pleasant but the farmers’ community has also taken a sigh of relief to witness a considerable growth in their seasonal crops. Besides, the pace of seasonal and allergic deceases will also witness downward trend in the backdrop of pleasant environment.

The common people particularly of south regions of KP where water reservoirs are not sufficient to irrigate their barren lands have welcomed the timely raining as a gift of nature for the growth in their cultivation.

It has been also known that the fruit growers have also termed it a blessing of Allah for reasonable growth in their fruit products. It is anticipated that fruit growers will witness a considerable increase in their fruit products after getting sufficient water for irrigation. The people of Swat, Buner, Dir, Chitral and Malakand divisions have expected upward trend in their fruit products in particular.

However, it should also be kept in mind that the government must play its role to keep vigilance on the hardships of the flood affected people as they are languishing in open air without any shelter or safe abodes. We all should keep proper care of them. Let us pledge and join hands together to extend help to the already suffering and downtrodden segment of our society as well.


Chinglai Buner

A unique graveyard

Recently I was passing through a graveyard in village Baghicha Derai of district Mardan. This graveyard is, no doubt, a unique in the sense that all graves built there were almost cemented and marbled. This scribe found not a single grave made of clay in this unique graveyard.

According to an unscrupulous source, all the dead bodies buried there are mainly of army/ civilian officers including generals, bureaucrats, journalists and others. The name of the graveyard is Muqbara Burhanya, which in local dialect is known as Miaganu Muqbara or Kaka Khel Muqbara in village Baghicha.

It was known from the local dwellers that proper care is taken about by the guardians of this unique Muqbara. All graves are properly cleaned, washed and protected by the watchmen deployed for this graveyard and looks like a city of silence or Shehre Khamusha in real sense.

A rest house has also been built nearby the graveyard for the living and staying of the relatives and guardians of the buried people. They often visit and stay here to pay tribute to their buried kins. Often they come here from the nook and corners of the country and abroad.

It was also known that people of this village who permanently reside abroad visit here along with the coffins of their relatives to burry them here. A local teacher told me a fact that during this interval they used to stay here in this rest house and take part in the rituals of burial. To conclude the graves should also be given proper attention, as these are the sign or a lesson for the living people of the existing world.


Chinglai Buner

Destination weddings

A destination wedding is one where a wedding is hosted, often in a vacation-like place, where most of the invited guests have to travel and stay for several days. This could be a beach ceremony in the tropics, a lavish event in a metropolitan village, a simple ceremony at the home of a friend or a distant relative or a palace or a hotel.

In the era of fashion and compensation, a lot of people tend to splendid and luxurious wedding ceremonies. Presently, people are becoming better off, and they spend their money to celebrate their weddings in a lavish way to make their status powerful in society. Destination wedding is the first choice of today’s youth. Banks also provide loans to celebrate such marriages.

Wealthy people arrange mega wedding ceremonies at the natural beauty places and ancient palaces. Such huge wedding causes serious harm to the environment by leaving behind footprints. It also produces bulk waste. To adorn the place, people use artificial and plastic products. Humans leave their footprint where they go. However, people enjoy food, hospitality and custom in the expensive weddings, but there are many options to make your weddings simple, enjoyable and eco-friendly.


Mumbai, India


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