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Inordinate delay in pension payment

According to the reports, Radio Pakistan’s retired employees have not been paid pension till mid-November 2022 whereas the serving employees were paid their salaries only last week. No explanation is forthcoming from official quarters for this inordinate delay in the payment of pension and salaries instead of at the start of every month.

During visit to Radio Pakistan Lahore, this scribe was told by some serving and retired employees, who happened to be there to find out about payment of their pensions, that this inordinate delay in the payment of pension this month is consecutively for the second month following the arrival from abroad of Federal Finance Minister with the magic wand for setting the down sliding national economy on the right path at the earliest.

Radio Pakistan’s serving and retired employees are also very anxiously waiting for a positive welcome response from the federal government to the recently submitted proposal that Rs 15 be added to Rs 35 making it Rs 50 which the electricity consumers are paying with their electricity bills as PTV Fee for quite some time. This would generate some resources also for Radio Pakistan facing miserable financial crisis as it has no source of income of its own for quite some time. The resources so generated will also reduce the burden on the federal government to some extent at least.

The Federal Information Minister, Mohtarma Marriyum Aurangzeb, should personally look into the matter and get the feasible and workable proposal approved by the quarters concerned expeditiously and earn prays of the large number of Radio Pakistan’s serving and retired employees currently suffering due to the organization’s acute financial crisis due to lack of priority by the succeeding civil and military governments over the years in the country.



Violation of women’s rights

Gender equality is a myth because women are not equal to men in Pakistan. There are a number of factors that contribute to gender inequality. The first and foremost is poor implementation of laws regarding women protection.

Many people violate laws concerning women but they are rarely punished. Secondly, less say of women in decision-making. Thirdly, conservative mindset. Fourthly, illiteracy and feudalism. Fifthly, cruel customs and traditions. Sixthly, misinterpretation of religion.

Last, but not the least, economic dependence of women on men. Basic and fundamental rights are not given to women. Women in Pakistan are leading the most difficult life. They face violence and harassment. Pakistani women are more than half of the total population, but women are treated cold-heartedly within their homes by their partners or leading males through different ways like domestic violence, karo kari, killing based on honour, acid throwing, forced marriages. The plight of women in rural areas is so critical. Gender discrimination is deeply rooted in our culture. Domestic violence has become the norm of the day.

People feel proud after beating their own women. Gender discrimination is also deeply fixed in Pakistani society in education and employment areas. Mostly women are deprived of their needs and rights. The family honour is related with women and their actions.

Women face harassment and criticism from people. Lack of family support and narrow mindset make it the worst. The founding father of the nation Muhammad Ali Jinnah once said. “No nation can rise the highest of glory unless your women are side by side with you.” Development of Pakistan without emancipation of women is out of question.

Gender equality can be improved through various ways. Gaining equal value in society, from home to workplace, and having equal representation and protection of women’s needs and rights in policies and laws are all components necessary for gender equality.



Panadol shortage

Panadol shortage in the country has put many people in trouble. Panadol tablets provide fast, effective and cheap relief from all kinds off aches and pains.

It is the most used medicine for Pakistanis and is a common feature in our household. The concerned authorities should take the necessary steps about this shortage.




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