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COP 27 and Pakistan

The latest 27th Conference of the Parties (COP) at the Egyptian city – Sharm al Sheikh served as the vital platform for the Pakistan leadership to highlight the plight of the Pakistan people from the earlier climate-induced biblical rains causing death and destruction of the great magnitude. The UN chief was right, when he declared these rains as ‘climate carnage’ on Pakistan.

To confirm the observation of the UN chief, the Post Disaster Needs Assessment presents some harrowing numbers where some 1600 people died and some 32 billion dollars worth property destroyed.

The miseries of the people did not end there as in consequence of record breaking rain, many social and health issues also surfaced. It is the irony of the fact that Pakistan’s Carbon dioxide (CO2) contribution at the global level is less the one percent, however, on the contrary, Pakistan is one of the most vulnerable countries from the climate disasters.

Earlier PM Shehbaz Sharif has rightly brought the issue of loss and damage, where the advance industrial countries are asked to pay for the damages in compensation to the climate-hit countries. To cap this up, all the developed and developing countries must opt the ways and means for clean and renewable energy paving the way for global green economy.



Expectations from Babar

No doubt Babar Azam is the number one batter of Pakistan. His class has no match even in the entire cricketing world. He has countless fans in the world of cricket. Most of the cricket lovers want him to play good game all the time.

But cricket is a game by chance and it is uncertain to show good results all the time. Ups and down is the essence of this game. One cannot ensure same result every time. In the same way Babar Azam has also witnessed rise and fall in this game and could not show the desired results on several occasions as per people expectations. Recently he did not perform well to fulfil his fans expectations. In my mind his batting causes a great concern in the cricketing world. For example in all the matches except new Zealand in semi-final, he carelessly played

Unwanted shots and catches at the boundary line caused a great loss to Pakistan. So it is suggested to the legendary batter to avoid lofty hitting in today’s final against England and focus more on his natural hitting in the game. Only in this way he can avoid pressure and give solid opening start to Pakistan. Let’s hope for the best.


Chinglai Buner

Pakistan should avoid pressure

I suggest Pakistan should play aggressive game in final against England. Secondly in case of winning the toss Pakistan should chase and opt to field first, because English batting is very stronger than Pakistan nowadays. No doubt, Pakistan will mostly depend on its pace battery but our cream batters particularly Babar and Rizwan should show their worth to manipulate the power-play.

As such the middle order batters should also play their natural game and avoid any pressure in case of early loss of wickets In short, the Green Shirts should play their natural game and may not come under pressure at any cost. They should take it a light match instead of a crucial one.


Chinglai Buner

Problems faced by the Karachites

Karachi is one of the world’s fastest growing cities but its problems are also growing in the same manner. Pollution, traffic, water, electricity are the major issues being faced by the Karachites. The bad conditions of the roads cause a lot of inconvenience to the people, causing traffic jams and frequent accidents. In recent times of 2022, Karachi faced huge destruction due to the heavy monsoon rains. There was no proper system of sewerage, roads were flooded terribly. The authorities proved to be a total failure for the residents of Karachi. The awful conditions of public transport make the journey more exhausting. They are often operated by the reckless drivers who don’t even follow the traffic rules. With such a big population there is no proper means of transportation. Garbage and rubbish can be seen everywhere, making the environment polluted. The massive electricity crisis has crippled life in Karachi.

The power breakdown of 10-12 hours is faced mostly without being announced to the residents. Especially in summers load shedding is to be considered as a habitual issue. Water is also not provided properly to every citizen. There are a lot of water mafias, who charge so much money for water which is directed to be supplied to the citizens without payment. The concerned authorities are therefore requested to look into these matters without any further delay and take suitable steps to solve these problems.




lessons from

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka was subjected to disastrous path for various reasons. Among them, political turmoil, economic mismanagement and absence of a strong and long-term fiscal policy can be cited. However, Sri Lanka ignored two basic things – exports and agriculture. It failed to produce tradable goods and wreaked havoc with its agricultural crops by putting ban on the import of fertilizers.

Pakistan has also the same trajectory. It has failed to be self-reliant in manufacturing and agriculture sectors. It spends more than it exports. The politicians also fail to understand that their myopic policies for petty gains are putting the state at high stake. Their egos and self-interests weigh heavier than the life of millions. The incumbent government is handcuffed and faces a catch-22 situation. Therefore, we need a strong government with long-term and visionary policies that can promote and protect agriculture sector and bring country towards path of development.





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